What is Wireless Charging? And how does it work?

Four or Five years ago we hadn’t even heard of anything wireless but the technology grows and so does the innovations of human beings.Now the technology has advanced and now we can charge our electronic device(s) without using any wire. Let’s discuss what really is wireless Charging.

What is Wireless charging?

It is a very effective, efficient, convenient, reliable and safe way to charge up your electric & electronic appliances. Wire less Charging has an advantage of charging any electronic device at Home and/or at work place.

It eliminates any kind of physical wire, connector and Cables. This Charging technique provides various advantages like less cost, efficiency and other safety advantages over the traditional charging techniques.

Wireless Charger covers all the Electrical & Electronic appliances from Smartphones, Hand held Devices to Heavy duty Electrical devices.

Technically wireless charging is a wireless transfer of electrical power which uses electromagnetic fields to transfer electricity from a transmitting source to a device in which the power is absorbed in order to charge the battery.

All this process actually happens without the use of any existing wires or cables.

What is “Resonant” Wireless charging?

Resonant charging works just similar to normal wireless charging but with a different principle.

Resonant Wireless charging is about inductive and resonant technology with regard to wireless charging.

Inductive power transfer achieves coupling of the transmitter and receiving coil with respect to use of resonance in order. What really happens is it achieve when the transmitter and receiver coils both resonate at the same frequency. An object naturally vibrates or rings with the help of resonant frequency.

Advantages of Resonant Wireless Charging:

Can Power Up Multiple Devices simultaneously – Resonant charging technology can charge more than one electronic device at a time. This process depends on the coil geometry of the system or device. All and all it proves to be very convenient to a larger transmitter surface like the tables and benches.

Greater Spatial Freedom – Greater Spatial Freedom refers to achieving of power transfer with a better alignment for the transmitter coil and the receiver along with the x, y and z axis.

In Simple words, basically Greater spatial freedom refers to not to really having to align your smartphone or hand held device precisely on the top of the transmitter to begin the charging ( so its not required for you to place the mobile phone exactly in a particular position for charging to happen )

Speed of charging – Normally wireless charging speed is not that fast. It is a major disadvantage in adoption of this charging technique. The speed at which wired devices get charged is better than wireless ones. Inductive charging rate is low and it will charge your electronic device slower than wired ones. But resonant wireless charging will develop and increase the speed of charging. It will improve the efficiency of power transfer from a transmitter coil and the receiver coil. The resonance will significantly improve the speed of charging up your battery.

How wireless charging works?

Wireless charging is the process of transferring electrical current from the transmitter coil to the receiver. The Electric current transfers between two objects through the use of transmitter coil to induce the electromagnetic field. Wireless Charging is basically based on the principle of the resonance of magnetic and IPT (Inductive Power Transfer).

wireless charging

Steps involved in the process of wireless charging

  1. First the main voltage is converted into high frequency alternating current (AC).
  2. The High frequency alternating current is then sent to the transmitter coil by the circuit. The Alternating current then induces a time varying electromagnetic field in the transmitter coil.
  3. The transmitter coil in which the alternate current is flowing induces an electromagnetic field that will extend to the receiver coil within the respective range.
  4. The electromagnetic field generates the alternate current within the transmitter and the receiver coil of the electronic appliance. The energy that is transmitted between the transmitter coil and the receiver coil is referred to as resonant coupling and it is achieved at the same frequency in both coils resonant.
  5. The alternate current is converted into direct current (DC) with the receiver coil by the respective circuit. Then this direct current can charge up the battery.

The electric current supply rate must be stable and the transfer of power must be safe through the air gaps. The things that should be avoided are any non metal object such as wood, plastic, rubber or granite that might exist between the coils.

Future of wireless Charging

Although wireless charging is yet to improve a lot but it is very convenient and efficient than the traditional charging techniques.

The Physical existence of wire is not that convenient as it gets messed up easily and tangles especially if the wire is pretty long.

Wireless Charging is mostly seen used in mobile devices – so the future of wireless charging must be significantly amazing ( as the market for smartphones are swelling day by day ). There are number of manufacturers working on producing more smartphones that has wireless charging capability. Although at present there are not much smartphones that support wireless charging available, in near future almost every smartphone will have wireless charging capability. Not only smartphones but also other electrical & electronic devices like Smart watches, Vehicles, tablets etc. would be able to charge itself wireless!

The current wireless charging technology enables safe and consistent charging of a device if put accurately on the transmitter and it will charge up the battery over time.

Soon wireless charging will available in all varieties. The range of wireless charging devices will get wider and the rate of the flow of electric current will also get significantly better( due to improvements in technology )

Ever since the concept of wireless charging was introduced to the world, it has made the life of people easy and more reliable with their electrical & electronic equipment’s, as it provides a safe, continuous and a very effective way to charge different devices.

You can also get detailed information on how wireless power transfer occurs here

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