How to increase the Wi-Fi HotSpot timeout duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Follow the below steps to increase the Wi-Fi hotspot duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Step 1: Login from your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone

Step 2: Tap on Apps Apps icon icon on the home screen  > go to Settings settings icon 

Apps  >  SettingsIncrease the Wi-Fi hotspot duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Tap on top of the screen and swipe it downwards > select Settings settings icon on the top right corner


Step 3: Under Settings menu >  select “More Settings

Apps  >  Settings  >  More Settings

Step 4: Tap on Wireless & networks, in the more settings menu

Step 5: Tap on Tethering and portable hotspot option

Apps  >  Settings  >  More Settings  >  Wireless & networks  >  Tethering and portable hotspotHow to Increase the Wi-Fi hotspot duration in Android Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 6: Select mobile hotspot and tethering > tap on mobile hotspot


Step 8: Toggle it towards right to turn it OnIncrease the Wi-Fi hotspot duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone

Step 9: Tap on More option >  Select Timeout Settings

Increase the Wi-Fi hotspot time duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 10: Customize and increase the wifi hotspot timeout duration in Samsung Galaxy 7 mobile android device according to your requirementChange the Wi-Fi hotspot duration in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


* What are the measures to be taken, before setting up Wi-Fi hotspot?

  • You should review your data plan, to stop heavy data loss.
  • Take care your password and do not share it with anyone

* What is the Wi-Fi hotspot range in Samsung Galaxy S7?

It will be very difficult to connect with to any device, it you are not in the range of Wi-Fi hotspot. Wireless routers and access points are limited to low-power broadcasts to prevent interference with other equipment, limiting their effective range to around 150 feet indoors.

* What is a MiFi?

MiFi refers to “my WiFi”. Manufactured by Novatel, is a brand name in various countries like United States, Canada and Mexico. But, there is an exception in UK where MiFi trademark is owned by a different mobile operator. MiFi is used as hotspot device or routers, in order to get internet access. The advantage of MiFi over other internet connection is that, it can restrict the use of data consumption by a device and make it limited. MiFi  does not have any monthly subscription or charges, you should purchase plans according to your requirement. MiFi can connect upto 11 devices at a time.

The first MiFi device was launched by Novatel in USA.

Important features of MiFi are:

  • Connects to multiple devices like laptop, phones at a time
  • Super fast wireless connectivity: You can browse to HD quality videos, pictures at super fast rate
  • Long Battery Life: You can get upto 6 hours of long battery life
  • Easy to connect
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