How to test the Wallet feature in a UBER CLONE SCRIPT ?

Looking for a perfect Uber clone script ? Well, one of the most important features of an uber clone script is the wallet. Let’s take a look on how to use this feature on the software you are planning to use.

First you need to install the Uber clone script in your mobile phone. You can ask your software vendor to provide you with an .apk file for your Android device or an ipa file for your iPhone. Some vendors have the demo already hosted on the Play store and the App store, so you can easily download and install them. If you need help on the installation, check this post.

Step 1: Locate the app on your smartphone and tap on the icon to fire up the app.

uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 2: Once the app is loaded a welcome screen appears which is similar to the one displayed below.

uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 3: Go to the navigation drawer by tapping on the hamburger button which appears on the top left hand side corner of the screen. Here the user can find a lot of options. The user can select the Wallet option to go to the wallet menu.

uber clone script, wallet feature


uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 4: Once the wallet window opens, the user can check the available balance in the wallet which is displayed on top. To add money to the wallet the user can either select one of the three options provided or can enter the desired amount. After the user enters the amount, a tap on the Add Amount button begins the transaction.

uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 5: In the next window the user can choose one out of the three payment gateways to make the payment. The user then has to tap on the desired mode of payment to complete the transaction.

uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 6: To make the payment from a debit card, the user can choose the Stripe option. Immediately a window appears which asks the user to enter the card details. In this window the user should enter the card number followed by the date of expiry and cvv code. Once all the credentials are entered the payment is done.

uber clone script, wallet feature


uber clone script, wallet feature

Step 7: After the payment is made, the available balance is immediately reflected in the wallet.

uber clone script, wallet feature



Why do i need a wallet ?

As the digital world is exploding with enormous amount of options for the potential consumers. One of the most important utility is to provide your customers a cashless mode of payment. A wallet serves this very purpose. By using the wallet your customer can have a hassle free, cashless and secure mode of payment. In the age of demonetization the digital mode of payment is a boon to the consumers.

What type of payment options is supported by the app ?

Your customer can make the payment by Paypal, Paygate and Debit card. This app is integrated with 3 payment options right now as this is a demo, more options will soon be added in the subsequent versions.

Is the mode of adding money to the wallet a secure one ?

The payment gateways that are provided in the app are among the most widely used ones in the digital community. They provide state of the art security and encryption features. Your customers can make a payment, without worrying about the security, these data security and banking platforms are secure.

Does it value your customer’s privacy ?

The app is designed keeping your customer’s privacy as the primary concern. Every measure has been taken to keep your customers private information as secured as possible.

Is it required to have a smartphone to use this app ?

Yes, as this app is designed to be used on a Android device or an iPhone smartphone is required to install and use the app.

What version of Android does it support ?

Any version of Android higher than 5 is good to use the app.

What version of iOS does it support ?

Any version of iOS greater than 8 is good to use the app.

What else can be done with the help of this wallet ?

Right now, the app is programmed to make only payments for the ride with this wallet. A lot more options for your customers will soon be made available in the upcoming versions.

Would you like to test out the Wallet feature in the Uber Clone Script app?

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