How to use Yelp App?

Yelp app gets you the best restaurants, shops or services in your vicinity or any of your preferred locations. Download the app and get yourself some quick relief by choosing your priority easily. If Yelp needs Help to be operated, here we have sorted all the steps for you:

Step 1: Go to your Play Store/App Store, and search for Yelp App. Click on the Download link and wait for the process to complete. Once done you are all free to enjoy the various services at your fingertips.

Step 2: When you open the app, it will ask to locate you. With the help of location detection you will get options near you. It will detect the city, it is your call next as to what do you want to search for. You have to type your need on the search bar like: restaurant, household services or any shop.


You can locate this in Map View or in List View. All possible options will pop up!

When you click on the List View, you can see the list of various restaurants around you. There will be tabs according to which you can filter out your choices: Price, Opening Time, Delivery Free, and many such. You can select multiple tabs at a time.


When you put on Filters, you can see all the options available with all your requirements visible.

Step 3: There are times when we face difficulty in making a proper choice, so click on the Reviews section. You can evaluate the restaurant or service(whatever you have chosen), according to the reviews provided by so many people who might have tried it. You can clearly make an idea and go ahead with it.
It’s not only about the reviews, but if you want to also check out the pictures of the restaurant or the dishes they provide, you can click on the “Photos & Videos”.
how-to-use-yelp-app1You know it , when you see it! So, make yourself at a place where you can enjoy all the delicacies by looking at the pictures and videos.If you feel yes! This is it then make a booking !!

Step 4: There are various other tasks that you can do using Yelp. You can ask dealers for performing your task. You can readily request a quote for their services.


So, as you can see the picture, you can also ask dealers for their prices and send it.

Step 5: With yelp, you also get the information of all the popular events that are happening in your city! You can set a reminder and also invite your friends through the app itself.


Get all the information about the event, and if you feel its your kind of event, then reply with your response. This will help others know that you are interested too!

Yelp App:

With over 100 million reviews, Yelp app is here to abridge your problems by sorting out your day to day needs with a simple click. We have a local guide right in our pockets when we have Yelp. There have been apps for finding restaurants surely, but this app here helps with everything. A sinking problem? Need a plumber? Better than going through Yellow Pages, download the app and help yourself in simple steps. From restaurants to tool shop nearby, from hotels to event planning, Yelp is there to Help! What makes it easy?
The fact that you can look up for reviews from people who have tried and you can probably get a good idea about using it. Not only this, but you can write reviews yourself. Liked a restaurant? Not liked the services? Post a review and be a Y(H)elping hand to others 😀


How can I post a review?

Posting a review isn’t difficult. You need to first have an account to make a review. Once logged in, go to any business page that you would like to write review about. There is an option in the product “Write Review”. Start reviewing.

How to add friends?

Go to your account and go to your profile –> Click on More –> Find Friends from your contacts –> Click Ok and add those contacts to your Yelp account.

How to find some Yelp deals?

You need to always keep an eye on the deals that pop up on Yelp. A green tag will shine if a deal is prompted. Currently, Yelp deals are only available in US, Canada, the UK, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Can we discuss our interests with other people?

Yes! Yelp has an interesting feature Yelp Talks where you can post, share and discuss about a restaurant or service that you may have used.
-Login to your Account
-Click on MORE
-Then click on TALK
-You can either start a new conversation or add your reviews on the existing thread.

How to add payment methods in the app?

Adding payment methods is one of the simplest methods to get your transactions done. For that purpose you need to add your cards to your account.
-Login to your account
-Go to Account Settings
-Then click on Payment Information
-Click on ADD CARD
This way you will be able to add your card.

To delete any existing card
-Login to your account
-Go to Account Settings
-Then click on Payment Information
-Click on the trash icon that displays on the side of the card, click and delete it.

Can I post an event from my side?

Yes you can post an event from your side:
-You can go to Events Section
-Tap on Add an event
-Add description about the event
-And Create Event


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