How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

In this post we take a look at How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App.


TabTrader is a one of a kind tool for individuals who find themselves dealing with a number of exchanges on a regular basis. As the brand explains, TabTrader is a “terminal” that connects to various exchanges that one works with. Not only does the system connect one to these exchanges, but it also enables one to analyze prices, data, portfolio performance, and individuals can even buy and sell cryptocurrencies on those exchanges in the process. Further, to ensure that one can log into their various accounts more easily, the system enables users to add accounts to the application. This gives on-the-go control and it mobilizes one’s trading activities all into one simple, quick, and efficient application.

Presently TabTrader has 25 exchanges on board, with a load of benefits that are unique to this exchange aggregator!

Step 1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “TabTrader” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
Step 2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on TabTrader Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on exchange app.
Step 3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
Step 4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
Step 5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.

How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Understanding the Application

TabTrader has 8 different features listed on their menu tab. They are;

  • Accounts
  • Watchlist
  • News
  • Alerts
  • Remove Ads
  • Support
  • Community
  • Settings

In addition to these 8 features, right on the top is something which reads as PRO: [Month] [Year]. In my case its PRO: March 2019. This keeps change according to the various updates that they add to app.


On this page you will come across all the exchanges that are listed on TabTrader. You can add your accounts by scanning the QR code of your account address or you can manually add your account by clicking on the exchange that you have your account on and then later key in the details, such as Client/User ID, Api Key and Secret key. If you don’t have an account registered on a particular exchange you can click on the “Register” option, which will direct you to the Sign Up page of the exchange. In case your exchange is not listed or is missing, you can scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Contact us” option to inform the support team.


 The watchlist is the place where you can see the live market prices of the crypto listed on your exchange. All you have to do is select the exchange that you are using and then choose the desirable price function. It can be BTC/USD or ETH/EUR and so on. The watchlist is created based on the number of tokens that are supported by the exchange. Once you select the conversion, the tab will appear on the watchlist screen. You can create multiple watchlists also by clicking on the ‘+’ option found on the top right corner.


On the News tab, you will see the latest articles and reports related to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. You can select the source of your news articles from the various options that are present on the top. To name a few, there’s Bitcoin Magazine, Blockchain, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph and so on. If there’s a certain article that you want to save for later, you can bookmark the article and later access it from the bookmarked news tab.


Here you can set price alerts for your desired currency pair. First select the currency pair, and then enter the cut off price at which you want to set the alert at. You can also add a note, but its purely optional. You can also set a color to highlight this alert. Finally click on “Save”.

Remove Ads

If you wish to remove the ads shown on the page, you need to purchase the AD-Free App Version of TabTrader. Once you remove the ads, you can get more room on screen for your watch list pairs. The prices charged for this version of the app, will vary by region reflecting the different cost of living.


This is the FAQ section, incase you have any technical issues on the app, you can either initiate a conversation with the customer support team or go through the list of FAQs and solve your problem.


TabTrader has a Telegram group in the following languages – Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese. For regular updates and notifications with regards to application you can join these groups based on your convenience.


On this tab you can tune the application to suit your requirements. There are 4 sets of settings here; General, Account, Security and Info. General settings are related to the sound and notification alerts. Account settings are related to getting Order confirmation dialogues- you can turn on and turn off this setting. You can also set a notification alert for an order price. Security – Set up a 4 digit lock code for the app. Under Info you have all the terms of use, privacy policies and other app details.

How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

How To Add An Account On TabTrader?

To add an account on TabTrader, click on “Accounts”. Next select the exchange on which you have an account. [Here for this example, A Binance account will be added]

How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

On clicking Binance, you will be directed to a new page where you have to enter the “Api Key” and a “Secret Key”. Make sure you have an API key on Binance first. If you do not have one, you have to go back to Binance and create one. Retrieve your keys from Binance and paste them here. Once you’re done with that, click on Save and in a few moments your account will be linked to TabTrader and it will be shown on the app. To add more accounts click on the “+” option found at the bottom of your screen.

So that’s pretty much how you add an exchange onto TabTrader. You can now carry out your BUY and SELL orders from Tabtrader itself rather than going to the exchange itself. This app is very useful when you have accounts on multiple exchanges. Like mentioned earlier, this is an aggregator app that brings all the exchanges onto one platform.

Trading On TabTrader

Trading on TabTrader is pretty simple. Simply follows these steps to execute a trade on the app.

Stage 1

  • Open Watchlist and click on the ‘+’ option.
  • Next, select the exchange on which you want to carry out the trade.How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App
  • After this select the Pair that you want to trade. You can sort the list by Exchange and Pair, Pair and Exchange, 24h Volume and Price.
  • Now this pair will be added to your Watchist, I have added ETH/BTC – Binance.How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Stage 2

  • Click on the pair that you want to make a trade on. A new page will open up with charts and other details with regards to the respective pair that you have chosen.
  • To carry out a trade, click on the basket icon shown on the top right corner.How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App
  • On clicking the basket icon, the order page will open. Here carry out the trades similar to how you would carry out trades on Binance. First select the kind of order you want to make – Limit, Market, Stop Loss, Stop Loss Limit etc. Next enter the order volume (A minimum lot size will be stated below).  The corresponding tab will reflect the amount based on this value that you enter automatically. Then click on BUY / SELL based on your requirement.How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Follow the similar steps to carry out trades on any other exchanges that you are using on the app. Hope you have learnt How To Use TabTrader Cryptocurrency Exchange App. Do post your views and queries in the comments section below, and we will get back to you with solutions for the same at the earliest 🙂

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