How to use Nice App to shop?

Nice App is the new way for all the shopaholics to pick their styles in a new way! We have all witnessed websites that offer us shopping variations for many products, but Nice has stepped a foot ahead. Now, let us see how can we get our hands on this app:

Step 1: Download the app on your Play Store or App Store- Nice: Watch, Shop, Enjoy! Once Downloaded, start browsing. Pick up your interests that you want to shop for : Fashion, Kitchen, Gadgets, Beauty, Make up or anything weird that you are looking for.


Step 2: So, when you have pinned your interests, you can watch the videos related to the theme. You can see reviews of your favorite products by some of the experts or vloggers who have been hugely followed. Based on the reviews, you can make a choice to buy or not from fashion, Kitchen, Gadgets anywhere.



Step 3: You can open the video and add the product to your cart. The price will be mentioned and you can also view the other reviews that people have given for your reference.


Step 3: If you feel that product has matched your requirements and you really liked it then you can simply click on the Heart icon underneath that product. That will save the item and you can proceed to buy it. You will also be able to see the number of people who have already liked the product that you are looking at.

Step 3: Once you are done with saving of various items that you liked, you can go to the “Saved” Tab and look at the items that you have “Loved”. Before placing the order you can again preview the video from the option PLAY.


Nice App:

A very different concept, Nice app has launched a new definition of shopping. We have seen the traditional ways of shopping online, Nice has launched shopping through videos. So, get into the app, see some reviews by the people in the form of a video. If you like it you can save it as your favorite or add it your cart and proceed to buy it.


Is it available internationally?

No, unfortunately with such a great concept too, it is only offering its services in US currently.

How will the order be shipped or returned?

The order is shipped by the host website. Nice is just a medium that will direct you to the host website that is providing the item or a website that offers the product at reasonable prices. Once done, You will be bound to the website policies of shipping and also for returning. Nice holds no control for shipping or returning of products.

Where should I contact in case of any query?

You can contact the team of Nice here: [email protected] in case of any query or help required.

Can I start reviewing any of the products?

Well, Nice app does give you the freedom for reviewing any product that you may want to boost for. But there is a procedure. As, they believe many customers visit their website for authenticated and reliable reviews, Nice team makes sure that just not anybody stands up to review. If you think you can be a quality provider of videos then you can apply and submit the form.

Can we qualify for Giveaways?

Yes, Giveaways are contests that can make you win different prizes offered by various channels to promote their products. You can avail them and get lucky to have some free stuff!

Where to find Giveaways ?

Giveaways are easy to find. You can browse through the feed on the home screen, the videos that will be offering giveaways will have a label that be displaying that the offer is going on. You can login and gather your offer.

If you have subscribed to few channels, and a giveaway offer is going on for that channel , then that will appear on your profile. Yo can also check the winners and keep participating to make your chances go higher.

Can anyone participate for Giveaways?

Yes, anyone can only if you have invited at least one of your friends to join the giveaway contest via SMS.

What are the chances of Winning?

Well, Boosting can help you in increasing your chances of winning. The algorithm boosts your chance on calculating how effective you are in inviting your friends or using the app.

What is the feature “Interaction”?

Well, this feature enables you to interact with people who might be looking at the same product. You can ask questions about the product or merely share your own views. This can also act good for giving feedback.

Can I add my own Post?

Yes, you can very well add your own post. There is a Post icon visible on the video page, you have to just click on it and you can view the posts that have been put up. You can also add one of your own posts.

What is “Helpful” feature?

Helpful feature is one of the liked features of this app. If you click on this icon, the author of the post knows that you found his/her post useful and your rating helps other people to know that those posts are genuine. You yourself can give helpful answers to people on your own post or other’s post, if people strike helpful for your post too that means your answers were useful. This in turn will also improve your ratings on Nice app.


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