How to use Landed App?

Ever stuck when landing to a new city? We have a savior in the face of Landed App, where you get all your needs sorted, where to go the famous monument or to the particular restaurant. As an alien to a new city, this app is like the angel in disguise to meet all your needs.

There are various operations that this app can perform, let’s have a look on some of them:

  1. Once you reach the airport, you are certainly confused and curled up on what to do in a new country where probably everything is different. The first and foremost thing you can check after downloading this app is, how to get to various places that you want to drive in.
    how-to-use-landed-app1This shows all the required information that you may need on the very first step. In case, you have landed at Bangkok airport. Then you have to input the airport name. The app will direct you all the possible options ranging from the temperature to the time it will take to reach city, if any cab is available in the vicinity, language of that country and few phrases to begin you with.
  2. The second biggest problem that an individual faces in a new country is being unaware of the currency conversion. With this app you can simply click on the option of currency converter and get your currency bars converted hand to hand.
  3. Third, and most important part of getting into a new country, is getting to different places. You need to know various ways of transport. So, click on to get to know the
  4. You can also check, the guide to roam around, then you can also:

Landed: Arrivals made Easy

Landed app is the one stop for meeting all your needs when you land in a new country. Their available modes of transport, times for availability of cabs.

Landed tells you the best way to get to the city center and how to get around once you’re there.
– It gives great help on choosing the best sim provider in the respective city.
– Loaded with Currency converter, get easy conversions.
– Not booked a hotel in the country you visiting? Get all last minute deals on Landed app and free yourself from trouble.
– You can easily gather on some of the words that are commonly used in the country. Will help you.
-No worries about whether to carry an umbrella or a cardigan because you will be also guided with weather information by this app.
– With the help of this app, we can get Uber anytime anywhere on your location.
– It works offline and makes it easy for us to access the features even when we don’t have mobile data or Wi-Fi access in vicinity.

So, if this is what you are looking for, then before traveling always trust Landed app and make your travel to a new place hassle free!!


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