How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet App

In this post we take a look at How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet App.

Jaxx wallet is one of the most secure software wallets available and has an excellent reputation among the cryptocurrency community. The wallet is open source for peer review and was developed by a highly reputed company/individual. The most important security aspect to the Jaxx wallet is that, its users fully own and control their private keys. These keys are created on their device itself using an entropy algorithm and this makes it impossible for a centralized or a third party to gain access or control your funds.

Step 1: Open the Play Store / App Store on your mobile phone & type “Jaxx Wallet” in the search bar ( Or visit the official site HERE )
Step 2: In the search results displayed below, Tap on Jaxx Liberty: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Wallet app.
Step 3: Tap on the Install button ( If your mobile prompts with any messages, hit OK ).
Step 4: You will see the app getting downloaded & installed ( will take a few minutes, based on your internet speed ).
Step 5: Once the app is installed, Tap on the Open button.How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet


Now that the first step of the process is done, lets get moving to the next one – The Signing Up process. When you first open the application on your mobile you will see 2 options: 1) Create New Wallet 2) Pair/ Restore Existing Wallet. Now obviously, since you are a first time use click on “Create New Wallet”. But if by any chance you already have gone through this process earlier, restore your wallet by clicking on the “Pair / Restore Existing Wallet” option. (In this post we’re going ahead with the “Create New Wallet”.)

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

Moving ahead, the app next shows you all the Terms of Services, to proceed you need to click the “I agree” option shown at the bottom of the screen. Now thats pretty much everything related to signing up for the application. Your account has been partially created.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

The next page gives you a formal welcome for joing the platform – It reads “Welcome to Jaxx Liberty”. Click on “Continue”.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

Understanding the App!

The homepage of the application, shows you a summary of all the wallets that you have along with your total portfolio value – This refers to the total value of the cryptocurrency that you are holding on Jaxx in terms of USD. Besides these two, on scrolling down in the app you will find a Live Market Table too – Here you will the find the current market prices in terms of USD along with other heads such as 24hr Change, 7d Change, Market Cap (USD), Supply and Volume (USD).

On scrolling further down, you will find something new that’s not found in any of the other wallets! Jaxx has included a “News” section that shows all the latest crypto and blockchain related news articles on the app itself. Clicking on the “News” tab will open up a page that shows news articles published across various forums.

Below the News section, you will find something called “myJAXX“. This is a community program that you can sign up for and unlock/earn rewards. Click on “Start Your Journey” to sign up for the program. Right now, the program has not been launched completly – It is still in its inital phase.

Next is the “Block Explorer“. Jaxx Liberty offers the ability to search for your digital asset transactions, addresses, and block information within the app interface itself. You can find this search engine, right after the Portfolio module. The Block Explorer’s dropdown list allows you to search on assets including BTC, BCH, DASH, Doge, ETC, DGB, BTX, ETH, LTC, SBTC, and ZEC — or on transaction ID, public address, or block hash.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

On the top right corner of the application you find the “Global Settings” ☰  option. Clicking on this feature, will take you to the various settings that are available on the application. There are 4 major heads here;

  • Security
  • Settings
  • Tools
  • About

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet


Under this head, there are 3 options that are available- Back Up Wallet, View Backup Phrase, Security Password.

  • Back Up Wallet – This option is used to back up your wallet. This is safety procedure that is carrried out in case you lose access your device or in the case of any other misshappenings. You will be provided with a 12 phrases in set of 4 each. Kindly note, it is very important to remember these phrases in the same order as shown to you. Therefore it is always advisable for you to write it down in a piece of paper and keep it safely. Once all the 12 phrases are shown to you, in the next step you have to Confirm the Backup Phrase by entering all the phrases in the same order as shown to you. With this your Backup procedure is complete!
  • View Backup Phrase – Clicking on this option will make the Backup Phrase to reappear and you can note it down. A QR Code is also shown in case you shift to a new device for easier access.
  • Security Password – Here you can add a security password. Adding a security password enhances JAxx Liberty’s built in encryption — further securing your on device backup phrase. Check both the boxes found on this page and click on “Set Password”. On the next page page Enter the password of your choice and confirm it again. You can alos enable a Fingerprint Authentication if your phose supports this feature.


Under this head there are 5 options that are available – Manage Wallets, Customize Interface, Native Currency, Language and Mining Fees.

  • Manage Wallets – Under this option you can customize the various wallets that you wish to have. Here you can enable and disable wallets based on your requirement, i.e- Based on the crypto tokens that you are dealing with. By default 12 wallets would be enabled, you can change it according to your desire. Also, for easier access you the search toolbar, found on the top to search for the token.How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Customize Interface – Here you can customize the order of the widgets ( Wallets, Portfolio, Markets, News, myJAXX, Block Explorer) on the homepage by dragging and dropping.
  • Native Currency – Under this option, you can change the base fiat currency according to your desire. By default it would be on USD, you can change it your native currency. The conversion rates for all the fiat will not be shown on the home page.
  • Language –  Change the language on the app. Presently only English is available, we are assuming that Jaxx is planning on adding more languages on the app and so this feature has been included.
  • Mining Fees – Here you can adjust the mining fees according to your desire. There are three options available here – Lower, Typical and Higher.


Under this head 3 options are available – Pair/Restore Existing Wallet, Display Private Keys, Third Part Authentication.

  • Pair/Restore Existing Wallet – Use this option to Pair/Restore an Existing Wallet. You will be taken through the process of rememebring and entering 12 phrases to gain access.
  • Display Private Keys – Here you can view the private keys for all the tokens/coins whose wallets have been enabled on your account. Click on the respective token to view all Public and Private keys to the related wallet. These keys are derived from the backup phrase that you have used.
  • Third Party Authorization – Jaxx is associated with a third party instant digital asset exchange called “Shapeshift”. To use it for asset-to-asset exchanges, you need to: create a ShapeShift account and authorize Jaxx Liberty to interact with it. (The sign up option is available on Jaxx itself.)

Sending, Receiving and Converting tokens On Jaxx

To do any of the above procedures, Open Wallets > Click on the token, that wish to transact with; Here you will find all the 3 options i.e, Send, Receive and Exchange!

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

To Send;

Tap on the “Send” button. Then copy the address of the wallet that you are sending the tokens to, alternatively you can also scan the QR code. Next enter the amount of BTC that you want to transfer. Based on the value that you enter, its live conversion in terms of USD will also be shown below. The transaction fees for conducting this transaction will also be shown along with your available balance. Finally click “Send”.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

To Receive;

To receive tokens into your account, copy the bitcoin address and paste it on the exchange from where you are sending the coins. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code address to send the tokens. A share option is also added at the botto mfor easier access.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

To Exchange;

Using Shapeshift, you can convert one coin to another. Eg- You can convert Bitcoin to Ethereum or any other coin of your choice. Select the amount of BTC that you want to convert/exchange. Next, select the coin that you want to convert your BTC into. Select the value either in terms of coins/ in terms of USD. Confirm the values and then click “Continue”. In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation along with the transaction details.

How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

Hope you have learnt How To Use Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet App. Do post your queries and suggestions in the comments space below and we will get back to you with solutions at the eariest!

As far as software wallets go, the Jaxx wallet is definitely one to consider. It is highly compatible among different operating systems and is available for use on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Jaxx also supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and is continuously adding more. The wallet facilitates app trading as well and has an excellent user interface.

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