How to use glassdoor app for job search?

Looking for a new job? Want to know the fine details of any company you are going to apply for? The solution is Glassdoor. Glassdoor is the ultimate platform for those seeking jobs as freshers and the experienced. Glassdoor provides you a free search on all the companies in the world ( you can call it the Google for company search ). All you need, in one place. So, How to use Glassdoor app for job search? here we go,

Let’s start with downloading the app first.
Step 1: Open Google Play Store(Android) or App Store (for iPhone) & search for “Glassdoor

Step 2: Tap the Download / Get button. ( If your mobile prompts with a list of permissions, like access to photos, etc that your app will be needing, don’t worry, hit OK )

Step 3: The Glassdoor app will start downloading on to your phone. Once downloaded, press “Open”.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

Once you have tapped on ‘Open‘, you’ll see a screen like this. The first thing that you do is to sign up and then confirm the registration.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

How to use glassdoor app for job search

Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation mail. Activate your account using that mail. Once that is done, you are good to go.

Let’s take a look at the options available,

  • The search option: Use the search box on the screen to search Jobs, Companies and anything pertaining to that segment.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

In the above screenshot, We did a company search for’Google‘ (Location CA, US). Similarly, you can search for a company and give your preferred location. Based on your search, you would obtain results. For instance a search for ‘Front End Software Engineer‘. You can tap on the heart to add it to your favorites.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

You can see the job description and if you further scroll down, there are more details. The option ‘Apply On Career Site‘, allows you to go to the official website of the company(Google in this case). One other advantage of this Glassdoor app is you get to find the career website for any company easily.

Now, you can tap on ‘Apply On Career Site‘& you’ll see a screen like below. You can choose to save this screen or use the option ‘Browser‘ to view the page in your browser and then you can apply for the job.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

Now, tap on the next tab that reads COMPANIES, to get a screen like below,

How to use glassdoor app for job search

You can see the companies located in the location that you had previously mentioned in the search box. If you find the company that you were looking for, select that and follow the same procedure as previously mentioned.

The next Tab, is salaries. Some companies do not disclose their salary patterns and policies while there are some which do. Glassdoor app also uses the community contributions and other techniques to give a salary range for the position & company. Its a very useful feature ( infact we used it once to check the average salary of a Financial Tech consultant in Goldman Sachs with an experience of 20+ years ). Scroll down further and there are more interesting information as well.

How to use glassdoor app for job search

Now, lets checkout other options in the Glassdoor app.

  • The Heart icon:

Applying to many jobs one at a time can be tedious. You can create a saved search by uploading your Resume ( to quickly apply for jobs in future )

What is Glassdoor?

Tap on ‘Create‘, and fill out what position in the job that you are seeking and in which place. This is saved as your preference. Every time there is a job opening in the areas you have specified, you will be notified. You can choose the settings as per you requirement as well.

What is Glassdoor app?


  • Tapping on the building like icon on the top, helps you explore different companies. Companies will also be suggested like in the below screenshot.

What is Glassdoor app?

You can choose to follow these companies to receive updates about any job openings. Further on, if you do get selected for the job, you can also post a review later on.

  • Next is your Settings. Beneath is an option Upload resume to apply by phone, for uploading your CV to your account ( follow instructions further on what to do with your resume once you upload it )

How to find Glassdoor company reviews?

You can also choose to be Signed in to your Glassdoor account to receive notifications or you can sign out as well. The Review Us option is for you to give your feedback about the app on Play Store.The Send Feedback option will re-direct you to your e-mail account where you can mail your feedback to the Glassdoor team.And you have the T&C and Privacy Policy.


  • What is Glassdoor?

Glassdoor is the ultimate platform for people seeking jobs. Both freshers and experienced. Using the Glassdoor app, you can search for all the companies & related information in the world for free.The Glassdoor app is both a Job search engine & a job applying platform. Many companies around the world use Glassdoor to hire.

  • How to find Glassdoor company reviews?

Loin to the Glassdoor app > Tap on the Building icon and you should see a list of companies > Select any company and then select the reviews option( should look like the below screenshot ). Glassdoor company reviews are community driven and un-biased (You can see employee reviews as well as employer reviews). The company reviews section in the Glassdoor app is given a lot of importance & layed out in a manner to find required stuff at a glance. You can search for specific companies & read reviews. Like movie reviews, you can find a true critic style company reviews in Glassdoor ( with Pros & Cons of each company )

Who are Glassdoor competitors?

  • Who are Glassdoor competitors?

Glassdoor sits in the Job search vertical. There are a lot of competitors for GLassdoor. To name a few: Monster, Naukri, Vault, Payscale, indeed, LinkedIn etc. But Glassdoor has a unique solution and style that leaves its competitors far behind. While all of Glassdoor competitors focus primarily on just Job search straight forward, Glassdoor also focuses more on the experience and the bells & whistles around Jobs.

  • How to open glassdoor India? How to use it to search for jobs in India?

For the Glassdoor India PC version, you can visit If you would like to reach Glassdoor India on the mobile app, you have to select the location of your job to be any location in India.

Apart from India, Galssdoor has focus on a variety of individual countries like UK, Australia, Canada etc.

  • How to job search using Glassdoor jobs?

Searching for jobs in Glassdoor is simple and straight forward. Once you have installed the app, open it and on your screen you would see a search bar. Enter the company’s name or the job position and the location and you will get all the required information. Glassdoor also provides proactive notifications based on the preferences you have set.

  • How login Glassdoor?

As soon as you open the Glassdoor app, you get a message/notification saying you have to sign up. Once you have done that, from the email address you have provided, select “Confirm Registration” and you will be automatically logged in. Every time you open the Glassdoor app henceforth, you will login automatically.

  • How to goto Glassdoor interview questions section?

One of the unique features of Glassdoor, is the Glassdoor interview questions section. Once you login to Glassdoor, select the Building Option on the top > Select the Company > Select Interviews

  • How to set Glassdoor alert?

You can set Glassdoor alert on important notifications. Once you have applied to a company or selected any company as per your preference, select the option: Turn On Notifications. You will be get alerts and notifications.

  • Where is Glassdoor headquarters?

Glassdoor headquarters is located at Sausalito, California, U.S.

  • Where can I get a good Glassdoor clone script?

We are not sure where you can get a Glassdoor clone script. But doing a bit of reasearch online there are some companies that specialize in creating Clone scripts. You can shoot a mail to: [email protected] ( they can help you )

  • Where can I find the Glassdoor api section online?

Glassdoor provides API for developers to integrate and innovate. You can find the APIs on the Glassdoor official website at:

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