How to use Eatigo App?

Ordering food has been made easy by Eatigo app majorly operating in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India. So, how to use Eatigo app? Let’s find out.

Eatigo has been considered one of the best-discounted restaurant reservations app in South East Asia, primarily because, Eatigo has set some of the stringent standards when it comes to onboarding a restaurant to offer the best possible food ordering experience for its users.

How to use EATIGO app?

Step 1: You’d need to install the app on your phone. Android use play store and for iOS, use app store. Search for the Eatigo app. Once you find it, register on the app, add your address, phone number and other details. Allow the app to pick your location (you’d need to give permission to locate you), and it will show all the options that lie in and around your area using “Hear & now” option.



Step 2: Once you’ve set your location, you’d see that the app lists out all the available options. From this, you could pick and choose any type of cuisine, budget, and proximity. There are a whole bunch of filters at your disposal to use and narrow down your search. Use it wisely. 🙂


Step 3: Once you choose the category, go for the various restaurants. The restaurants will be lined up with different offer prices for different time slots.


Step 4: Once you’ve narrowed down to a restaurant, you will find various information and offer codes available for all time slots. (Looks interesting! there’s even a 50% off at times). Consider the details mentioned below, before you make your reservation.

– Rating of the restaurant
-How many recent reservations by people have made.
-Discounts for various time slots
-A red tab to select your time and discount
-An itinerary with various special conditions


You can find various restaurants on the list.



This app is already creating a buzz for its promotional strategy. The app helps find the best dining deals out there and has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants that it has on its platform. Just like what’s known as a Bar Exchange, the discounts on offer change by the hour, so users need to watch out the app regularly. This constantly increases the regular app usage by customers as well.

Eatigo has partnered with restaurants & cloud kitchens of all sizes to cater to the growing demand. At present, they have a growing base of 2000+ restaurant partners on their platform. One of the other good thing about Eatigo is that it offers complete control of how the promotional discounts are run for each restaurant to the restaurant owner, if the restaurant owner feels that the restaurant is full at any particular time, they can either reduce the discount or at times when the restaurant is having a lower footfall, they can offer a higher % of discount to woo in more customers. This empowers the restaurant owners in making a good amount of revenue by utilizing the unused time slots and avoiding the rush. They are currently focusing only on South East Asia and make it big by gradually increasing business and making a formidable brand.


How to make bookings?

Once you understand that you have made a choice and made a booking. You will receive a confirmation for the booking made on mail, message and confirmation on app.

  • Go to the restaurant and show the digital booking code to the restaurant.
  • Order from the menu items and your discount will be added.
  • Pay for the bill, it will be already with the deducted discount.

What are the features of Eatigo app?

There are various features that make this app stand out, the best being the various discount offers available on every time slot.

  • Pick and choose from a variety of restaurants.
  • Get great discounts all year round.
  • Easy to search filters
  • Make reservations easily.
  • Currently, they are offering, free reservations on the app.

Can I make a booking for a larger group than allowed?

Yes, you can do that, if possible. In a case like that, all you need to do is mail them on their support, they will check with the restaurant owners and let you know if that’s possible.

How can I cancel a reservation?

You can easily cancel a reservation either by going to “My reservations” and opening your current booking and click on “Cancel reservation”.

Or Click on “Edit/cancel reservation” on the confirmation mail that you receive.

What happens if I don’t cancel and not show up for my reservations?

It is not considered the right way to deal with your reservations. This may cause inconvenience to the restaurant owners in managing their orders and other customers. If your reservation gets canceled by you more than 3 times then your account will be debarred from making any reservation.

Can I make multiple reservations?

Sure, that’s possible, but an individual account may only have a maximum of 3 active bookings at any given time. The app doesn’t allow you to reserve beyond that.

Can I provide feedback and reviews?

Oh yes! Feedback form the backbone of any restaurant and help them serve better in future. Once you are done with your dining, you will receive a mail asking for feedback within 24 hours. You can review and rate the restaurant from a scale of 1(least) to 5(highest)

How to apply for promo codes?

There are 3 simple steps to apply promo codes:

  1. First, you will register for your account and then you will qualify for the promo codes.
    promo code1
  2. Then you can select your promo code and apply code
  3. Once done, it is confirmed and then you can go back to your booking.

promo code2


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