How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Earn has been making the news for all the good reasons now. With Coinbase officially acquiring the website, both the companies are now on a mission to revolutionize the paid email space. As of today, Earn is one of the fastest-growing, cash-flow positive business with a multimillion dollar revenue run rate. Hundreds of thousands of users have signed up to earn free cryptocurrency by answering emails and completing tasks. And thousands of senders have used Earn to send out paid emails and surveys to large audiences.


It’s fair to say that it’s one of the first truly useful blockchain-based applications, where users can earn money in their spare time while senders can pay people to actually reply to their emails and fill out their surveys.

Setting up your Earn account

Stage 1

Earn is available across all the three platforms – Windows, Android and iOS. Click here to sign up. Before you sign up, make sure that you have a valid LinkedIn account too. Te sign up process is pretty simple; Enter your details such as fullname, work/school email address, password and a username. Next upload a recent phototgraph of yours and later check the small captcha box at the bottom, which verifies that you are not a robot.

Make sure that you enter an email address that is under a valid private domain – Eg; School/Work. Entering a free public domain such as gmail, yahoo etc will not validate your profile and thereby you will not be able to carry you your tasks on Earn.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency


Stage 2

Now the initial phase of setting up your account is done, next comes the integral part. On filling your basic details you’ll be direct to a new page which is the homepage of your account. Here you will see all the tasks that have been assigned to you along with the history of the all the tasks that you have completed in the past. You will also come across all the coins that you have earned during the period of time.

Under the “Available” section, you’ll see the first task that has been assigned to you. Click on “Start”.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Stage 3

Clearing the verification stage

On clicking start, Earn will create a public profile for you. Your profile will then be reviewed by Earn and if your profile passes the review you will get a verification badge. This badge will, replace the question mark which you will see on your profile picture. Click on “Start” to initiate the verification process. The first thing you hav do here is to connect your LinkedIn profile. Earn will use the data that is available on your LinkedIn account to validate your profile.

Like mentioned under Stage 1, make sure that you enter a qualified work/school email address. Entering a domain which is not qualified, will lead to your account not being verified.

Examples of qualified domains include:

  • Educational domains (.edu)
  • Prominent corporate domains

Does not include:

  • Free domains (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook)
  • Smaller personal domains

You will then be sent a verification mail, from the support team at Earn to your registered email address. Open you inbox and click on “Activate” to enable your account.

Next link your social media accounts to your profile. You can link your accounts such as Facebook, GitHub etc. It is ideal to link atleast one of your social media accounts. This way, you can gain more visibility. Click on “Verify” once you are done. With this your first task is completed. On returning to your homepage you’ll find your next task awaiting you.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Getting Started

To get started on your second task, click on “Start”. The second task is all about setting your price to reply to a certain email that is sent across to you. You can set your price ranging from $1 – $100. Set higher prices based on the level of experience and if time is a constraint for you, and viceversa for lower prices. Click on “Next”, once you are done.

The next page, is about donating a certain portion of your earnings to charity. At present there are 4 charities that are listed namely;

  • Folding at Home
  • Code to Inspire
  • Black Girls Code
  • Blockchain Education Network

The logo of the charity will appear on your profile, based on your selection. You can choose to not select any of the mentioned charities too. Click on verify once you’re done. With this your account is fully functional and you can share your profile on other social media accounts to recieve tasks from people – Visitors can now pay for your attention! Promote you Earn public profile by adding the link on your homepage and in your LinkedIn and Twitter bios.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Adding New Layers To Your Profile

Incase you want to make any changes to your profile, click on your photo – shown on the top right corner and click on “Edit Profile”. Here you can make all the modifications to your profile. You can even set up your Airdrops account, to receive free airdrops – This is on an Ethereum platform.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Next, under the “Financial” tab, set up your payment process. Make sure you have a valid Coinbase account. This helps you to withdraw the money that you receive easily. You can also link/enter you credit card details to directly receive your money there. You will also require an ERC-20 wallet address.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Next under the “Security” tab, set up the 2FA. This adds a secondary layer of protection to your account and therefore you account details or your money will not be hacked or stolen. Click on “Enable” to activate the process. For this you would require your mobile on which you have to download any one of the authenticator applications and follow the procedures mentioned on the page – step by step. A good authenticator app would be the Google Authenticator App.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

Your Expertise

The next step is to broadcast yourself and make people know that you’re available to take on tasks and reply to people’s queries. For this you need to join various groups on the website and be a part of the community to grow and share your expertise for monetary benefits. To do this, click on the “Lists” option found on the top left side of the homepage. Thereon, you can either choose to create your own list or join an already exisiting one. As a newbie, it is always good to start off, by joining the exisiting ones rather than creating your own list.

Click on “Browse Lists” to see a number of exisiting lists that are present on the page. On the top you can select the lists based on the tags that they are classified under for convenience. Click on the lists that you would like to join and follow the instructions provided inside the list to join/contact the users on the list. Every list has a separate set of requirements that you need to have inorder to join the list. If you just want to receive a reply, click on “Contact” and select the type of task that you would like to allot – Surveys, Replies or Get Assistance. Next select your budget and initiate the process.

How To Use To Earn Cryptocurrency

How to Earn Free BitCoins?

To start off, make sure your that LinkedIn profile and a Coinbase account is connected. From thereon, you will be able to join the airdrops from the settings above, and lists where you can contribute to the community. It is advisable to join as many lists as you can, as long as you understand what they are talking about. Try to be honest when asking to join the lists and you will get approved.

On being approved, Earn will send you an email every time there is an airdrop event that you can participate in! There will be a message on your inbox icon on top of the website. Open the message and Read the project purpose and click on next, all you have to do is to join their telegram group or follow them on twit ter and sometimes creating a free account to participate in the airdrops.

How To Cash Out The Bitcoins That You Have Earned?

When you complete the task you will instantly earn $1 worth of bitcoin or more! These are real money but to put them in your bank as a real currency like USD or EUR you will need to have a Coinbase Account. If you have a Coinbase account you will be able to transfer the money from Earn directly to your coinbase account with one click.Alternatively you can also send money to another BTC address, for example if you want to buy an altcoin on Binance, you can send the bitcoins you’ve earned to a binance BTC wallet and then purchase whatever coin you want from there.

Superpowers You Get From Earn [Features Of Earn]

  • Monetize/Filter your Gmail inbox with Earn
  • Earn’s Airdrop Programme
  • Access To Premium List
  • Contact Only Relevant Leads
  • Monetize Your Email List By Creating New List
  • Hire Engineers
  • Join Lists To Receive Paid Emails & Tasks along with Coinbase, has made it possible for the masses to use digital currencies such as BTC to send and receive targeted, paid microtasks. Earn was formerly known as and was founded by Balaji S. Srinivasan who later sold it to Coinbase this year which created a lot of buzz in the cryptosphere.

Hope you have learnt how to use Earn. Do post you comments and queries in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you at the earliset. Happy Trading 🙂


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