How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

Its 2020, and Blockchain has now become a household name across the world. With businesses wanting to integrate this technology into their mainstream, blockchain has revolutionized the tech industry. Being dubbed as the “Next big thing, after the internet itself”, Blockchain has shaken off its initial scares to become the most adaptible technology in the recent past. With change and adoption being the key, decentralized apps [DApps] have become the need of the hour.


You must have across the recent news where, Facebook was sued for its breach of data contract and YouTube had issues with demonetization – These problems arise due to the fact that are on a central platform, and are not decentralized. That is where blockchain technology is helping new social media apps such as Steemit to hit the ground running. Yet another application named, Dtube has been doing its rounds on the internet now. Dtube is simple terms is a YouTube alternative, built on a blockchain platform! Lets take a detailed look at what Dtube is all about?

What is D-Tube?

DTube (decentralized tube) is basically a Youtube running on blockchain based mainnet. It is just like Steemit where any one can earn rewards by posting content, engaging with other content creators and actively using the dapp. If you have used Reddit before you will understand it very easily. So, when people create and upload videos, unlike Youtube, here viewers can watch, comment and also VOTE for their favorite videos. If a video is getting too many upvotes, it will get more and more money in the form of Tokens called Steem.

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

How is it different to Youtube?

The website is more or less a copy of  YouTube, having the same interface. This kinda acts as a benefit for users after being accustomed to the YouTube interface for soo long. There’s relatively not much of a difference that you would notice between both these platforms in terms of how they appear.

But behind the scenes there are a lot of things that distinguishes DTube form YouTube.

  1. Since DTube is made on the blockchain, just like Bitcoin, it follows the same rules of secure, decentralized, list of record keeping.
  2. As it is on blockchain platform where data cannot be tempered, a user has to be 100% confident on what he or she is uploading as once the video gets uploaded, it can’t be removed or edited.
  3. Unlike youtube, your videos will not be interrupted with any sort of Ads. This is an ad free platform!
  4. No censorship! It doesn’t matter you are under 18 or living in China, everyone can have access to all the data on Dtube, as there is no one central authority controlling it.
  5. Everyone earns Money! Well, this probably must be the best part of DTube. On Youtube, only a bunch of people make money through Monetization program. But on DTube, content creators and content watchers, everyone will be able to earn rewards in the shape of tokens, that can be later on exchanged in the open market.
  6. You can also see who liked and disliked the video

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

How Much Users Can Earn?

DTube is developed on the STEEM blockchain and operates in a similar way, just like Reddit, as far as posts, upvotes and comments are concerned. Just like Steemit, not only the content creators but everyone participating actively (watching, commenting, giving thumbs up, thumbs down), literally, anyone can make money. Yet there are a few things which differ DTube from both Youtube and Steemit.

Pros compared to Youtube Monetization

Youtube pays you for the number of views you have, higher the number and subscribers, higher the money will be (after meeting their monetization policies). But on Dtube, people upvote your videos and you get steem dollar and steem power based on how popular your videos are.You can easily get a few bucks to a hundred bucks overnight — depending on who upvoted your video.
Let us assume a beginner upvotes your video, then the vote will get you around 0,001$. If you get an upvote from a whale (or any block producer with a lot of steem power and high reputation) a vote can be worth several dollars.

Cons compared to Youtube Monetization

But one drawback compared to Youtube is that on Youtube you can keep on making money untill your video is there and keeps getting traffic. But on Dtube, videos stop being monetized after 7 days. When the seventh day has passed, you will never ever get a penny off your videos.

Getting Started – Creating an Account

To create account on Dtube, go to the website and Click “Login”

If you do not have a Steemit Account already, you will have to create one. If you have one, add your username. Then you will be asked to enter “Private Posting Key”

Here is where you can find it:

  1. Go to your Wallet from the hamburger menu to the top right on Steemit.
  2. Go to Permissions, then locate ” Show Private Key” and click on it to reveal your private key. Copy that key. Almost done!
  3. Go back to the DTube page and input that code along with your username

This should work and you should be logged in! Welcome to DTUBE!

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

Creating A New Steemit Account

Setting up a new, STEEMIT account can seem to be a daunting task, with all the protocols and the queuing process that it follows. If you don’t have a STEEMIT Account, follow these steps to set up a new account;

1. Go to sign up page – CLICK  HERE
2. On the homepage you will that presently [May 2019] Steemit offers you two ways to sign up on the network. You can either choose to “Signup For Free” or “Pay to signup” and get instant access. When you signup for a free account there’s waiting period of 1-2 weeks.

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

3. To signup for a free account, click on “Sign up for free”. On the next page enter your desired username. Click on “Continue” once you’re done

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

4. Next enter you email address and click on “Continue”. You will now receive a mail in your box, to confirm the validity of your email address. Click on the link provided in the mail to validate your account.
5. Next enter your mobile number and country code.

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

6. On the next page, a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile. Enter the code and click on “Proceed”. With this your Steemit account been created and a password would be generated. Make sure you store this password safely and don’t lose access this. Because once you lose your password, then there is no way of recovering it.

Uploading a video:

In order to upload a video, simply click the cloud shape icon on the top bar. Later on drag your video or simply click on the centre of the screen and browse your video. Just make sure that the video is in .mp4 format. Add a snap shot / thumbnail of the video too. [This will surface as the front image for the video.]

Adding description:

Just like youtube videos, you can add a title, upload a custom thumbnail, add description and tags. But one thing to note here is that you can have a maximum of 4 tags.

If you’re uploading an 18+ adult video, you need to check the box which reads “NSFW”. Once you’re done with everything, click on “SUBMIT“. Within a few seconds the video will get uploaded and you will able to view it under the “New Videos” Tab, found on the home screen.

How To Use DTube To Upload Content And Earn Cryptocurrency

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