How to use Dote App for Shopping?

Dote app has all your needs sorted. Whether be it shopping clothes, accessories, make up items or anything else, you have all sorted at one place. Well, we think there have been many apps then why should I use Dote? Dote has all the brands covered under one link and is one stop for all your Fashion Needs.

Let’s see how does this app work and what all does it contain?

Step 1:Download the app : Dote-The Mobile Mall on your android as well as IOS phones. Once downloaded you can start the journey to an easy shopping world.


Once you download you can find all your favorite brands under one roof. All the colorful logos will be displayed and you can make a choice!

Step 2: You can click on the logos and pick your favorite brands. All your options will be then under the category of Stores. Whatever you have chosen. This makes it easy for you to choose clothes or shoes from your preferred store.


The brands chosen or not chosen will constantly show you if a new product is added. Like here we can see, Nike has 16 New, Means Nike has 16 new products added so you can probably check them out too!

Step 3: Besides choosing for your store, you can always check for cheap options for your fashion needs! There is a tab “Price Drops” that shows on the header- How many brands have a recent price drop in their products! And when you click on it you will find this:


All the brands that have price drop will be showcased here. You can click on them and get your needs fulfilled in minimal prices and no extra efforts.

Step 4: Once you click on any one of the brand you may see their products and also the price drop that each item has. Every detail from the price of the product to the shipping charges is visible fairly. You can also click on the heart icon in front of a dress and save it in your favorites.



Dote App:

Dote app gives a major competition to the already existing apps like Amazon that has covered a major portion of every need online. Amazon is one of the greatest market for every small need from household items to fashion to food, everything. But there are various people who only like to do fashion shopping. For them, it becomes difficult to download various apps and then make a selection. Dote took up the opportunity and made up an app that only deals with Fashion choices of people from all brands under one screen. Select your brand and get offers with just a single click! With social click they can also show their friends what they are planning to buying. The app is all about you!!


What should I do to return or exchange my items?

You can surely return your items or exchange your items that don’t suit your body or choice. The return policies come along with retailer that you are buying from. If the retailer shows no return policy, you can come to Dote’s order history and then click on Return option.

Some retailers don’t offer returning of items. Items which are customized, under garments or those are under final sale will obviously wont be returned. But all others can be returned depending on the retailer policy.

How will I get my refund?

You can get your refund within 3-4 working days after you have submitted your return form.

How can I contact Dote?

Their support is live on emails. So, you can simply mail them at [email protected]

Mail them your queries and they will get back to you asap.

Does it deliver internationally?

Currently, they deliver only in United States. They are into dealing with products in US but plan to join delivering internationally soon.

What will happen after I place my order?

After placing your order you will be in the right place to wait to get your order delivered to you within few days. The order details are sent immediately to the retailer and the processing of the product starts. Once every thing is done, it it id delivered to you. In case, the item is no longer available, it will be notified to you and you wont be charged a dime.


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