How to use Byju’s App?

In this article, you will learn how to use Byjus App in a quick and easy manner.

With the help of Byju’s app, you can learn the basic concepts of your favorite subjects in an effective manner. Byju’s app is an extension of the offline coaching classes that is on offer by Mr. Byju Raveendran, along with few more teachers across different cities in India.

Let us walk you through the app Step by Step so you can start using it right away.

Step 1: The first step is to download the app from your Android’s Play Store or your iPhone’s App Store and the store installs the app for you automatically. Once installed, tap on the Byju’s app icon from your home screen and get started.

Create your account by entering your details and then register. After logging in, you will see the home screen where a variety of topics would be on display, pick up a subject that you need help with!


This is how your home screen will look like once you have logged in. You now have access to various subjects along with the chapters.

Step 2: Tap on the Library tab at the bottom-most part of the app, over here, you have access to a section called Personal library that will feature some recommended videos based on what you’ve watched. Also, you can bookmark and watch videos later through this personal library section.


Step 3: Pick a subject and you can browse through the topics. When you choose a topic, you have various videos offering all the course materials in chronological order, clip by clip.


Start from the first video and continue with each chapter as it explains different concepts easily.

Step 4: Once you’ve started your course, the app shows you a trail of your completed topics through a neat little animation. That trail will show what all topics you have covered and what’s still left of it. This is a very interesting way to know about your progress, it keeps you informed and show you how many chapters are still left for you to complete the course.


Step 5: After you have completed all the chapters on that topic, the app quizes you through tests so you can gauge for yourself how well you have learned. The tests are completely free to take (at the time of writing this).



The Byjus app also shows you updates on the test schedules and marks for a particular topic.

You can invite people to compete with you and get going with the test competition to score the best!

Step 6: You can review your profile with all the stats at one place.

Byjus App:

The Byjus app is useful for kids or anyone who wants to brush up their basics once again to reassess whether they have a solid foundation of the subject. The Byjus app is so easy and simple to use, that you almost forget that you are actually learning concepts.
-Learn from the short videos by some of the best teachers
-Play games and learn concepts side by side
-By amazing videos visualize the concepts of Maths that seem difficult in writing
-Earn brain points and gain more knowledge

From preparation of IAS, CAT, GMAT or any civil services exam, this app is always available for rescue.

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