How to use Airport Parking Reservations App?

Airports are the busiest places nowadays. There are numerous people who travel on a regular basis locally or internationally. But apart from the crowd and ticket prices the factor that concerns us the most is getting a proper parking space. Parking at airports has been an issue for many of us. Though we have an app to our rescue for getting us rid of the hefty parking prices and getting a guaranteed spot too. In this post lets learn How to use AirportParkingReservations App.

Step1: This app is only available on App store. So sorry folks using Android phones but this is only for IOS users. So, search for the app and get yourself registered for ease of use of its services.

Step2: After registration, you will be able to see a screen that will ask you which airport do you want to park at. So, simply you have to input the name of the airport.

How to use airportparkingreservations app?

Step3: Once you input your airport, you have to mention the Check in and Check out dates. Sometimes, we require parking spots for few days and this app comes to our rescue by saving us a big chunk of money. After you make the selection of the dates, search for parking spots.

How to use airportparkingreservations app?

Step3: Once done, searching for parking spots is easy. You have many options to select from and you can sort them according to your needs. Most popular one, closest one or the cheapest one.

How to use airportparkingreservations app?

You can ensure your needs are perfectly met, and make one selection.

Step4: Now, when you make a selection of a particular spot you get to see all the details about the spot. By knowing the details you can easily make a wise choice. You will get an idea about the ratings, reviews from other users, opening hours, self-parking availability and many more options.

How to use airportparkingreservations app?

Step5: After all the comparisons when you make a selection, go to the final page for making payments done. For payments just add your cards for an easy payment to be done. How to use airportparkingreservations app?

Review everything once and go ahead for the payment. You can also apply coupon codes if you have any. For first time users anyway, they get $5 off on their booking.

Hope you learnt How to use airportparkingreservations app. Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below.

Also check the best parking app in your city.

AirportParkingReservations Review

The app has been reviewed by thousands of customers on a regular basis. It solves a big problem for us by helping us getting a spot near airport area. There are few glitches when it comes to cancellation and refund policies. Because not every vendor would refund the money so you have to be sure about your booking. When you make a booking via this app you are always making a great deal as you get a lot of offers and a lot cheaper prices than directly with vendors. So have a safe and happy parking spot when at airports!!


What if I decide to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking anytime but you will be eligible for full refunds if you cancel your request before the arrival time/day.

How do I make my payments?

Yes, it is a bit tricky when it comes to payment. For some parking operators, you can pay the whole amount online. But some would require you to pay only a small amount online and the rest when you get there. You can easily get the information about the same when you book a spot. So nothing to worry about.

What if I want to use the parking lot of a hotel?

Well, you can easily use the spot without spending the night there unnecessarily. But sometimes it happens that you have to spend a night as well, so you can do that easily and check out options likewise in

I find the airport I am trying has no parking spot?

Yes, currently they are not serving every airport. They are working currently on the same and will get to access those spots soon.

Do I need a receipt every time?

Well, some of the parking vendors still do ask for a receipt and therefore it is feasible if you carry a copy of the receipt along with you to hand it over to the vendor.

What if I want to come out earlier than the time I booked the slot for?

You can come out earlier and get a refund of money by the vendor at the departure gate if they have a policy for the same. If they don’t then, unfortunately, you wouldn’t receive anything. 

Where can I get airport-parking-reservations Promo code and discount coupon 2017?

All the airport-parking-reservations Promo code and discount coupon for 2017 is used up. We will be getting a new batch of airport-parking-reservations Promo code and discount coupon 2017 in a couple of days. You can subscribe to our news letter ( on the above right ) & we will mail you the codes.

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