US Based StartUp – Nuro Builds Driverless Car For Home Deliveries

Nuro, a California-based startup founded by two former Google engineers, introduced a new driverless vehicle that may hit the road soon. The company has joined the ranks of Uber, Waymo, BMW and other tech giants and car manufacturers pushing for autonomous driving. However, Nuro’s prototype car was built for an entirely different reason – Home Deliveries.

Unlike its contemporaries, Nuro is focused on changing the landscape of delivery services rather than cars for personal use. Apparently, the company wants to automate the local delivery system in an effort to accommodate the increasing demand for last-mile deliveries.

Nuro’s driverless car looks like a small box on wheels, which is half the width of a standard sedan. Designed to deliver goods from a local business to a customer, it features a pin pad for user interaction and a sensor array on the roof that includes radar, LiDAR, and optical cameras. It does not have steering wheels, gear shifts, or a driver’s seat.


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