The cab driver’s behavior was rude and unprofessional? Take action immediately!

Had a bad experience in some way with Cab services like UBER / OLA etc.?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  This entire article is focused on answers for various issues passengers face.

Before we dive in there, We all agree that these cab services have made our life extremely easy in many ways. But certain issues with the process, discipline of the drivers etc. leave the passengers perplexed and angry! Lets take each type of scenario & discuss the things that can be done to address it.

Scenario 1: ” After seeing the destination, my UBER / OLA driver denied duty!”

This is a very common thing that happens everyday. UBER / OLA do not seem to take any action on this ( atleast until today ). The prime reason a driver denies duty is because he does not want to drive to that location ( It may be far. The Driver may be in plans to close his day soon. Driver may think that he may not get any trips in that particular location etc. )

But this is not your fault. You Requested a Trip. The Driver accepted it. Upon getting to know the destination – he denies. And that’s frustrating 🙁

So, how to avoid this? or at-least make the driver accountable for this action.

  • If you are booking the Cab in OLA. Only enter the Pickup point & dont enter the destination. Enter the destination only after you get in the cab. ( unfortunately you cant do this in UBER, as you need to enter the Pick-up & Destination to request a trip)
  • If the Driver calls & asks you for the destination. Dont Tell ( or better just act as if you didnt hear his question and cut the call ). Reveal the destination only after the trip starts.
  • Once the cab arrives, Get into the practice of first telling the driver the OTP ( see if he enters it in the mobile and starts trip ) & then tell him the Destination or key it in your app. Many a times drivers are known to ask the destination right before entering the OTP and deny the ride.

Once the Driver enters the OTP and decides to DENY the ride, there is a big loss for him. So most probably he wont do that.

Even if you do the above steps, there is always a possibility the driver may deny the service. At this point NEVER cancel the trip from your side. If you do that, you will be charged a FINE for doing ( The driver will ask you to do it ). Always ask the driver to cancel the trip. If he does not, politely thank him > Get out of the car > Call OLA / UBER complaints number and make a detailed complaint. You may get a FREE ride!

Hack: Have at-least 3 Ride sharing apps installed in your mobile ( Eg: UBER, OLA, LYFT etc. ). If the driver ceases to cancel the trip, just keep the trip going and book another cab from the other app. The driver will eventually need to cancel the trip from his end after a few minutes of waiting…as he needs to accept the next ride.

Scenario 2: ” A UBER / OLA cab hit my vehicle. He has stopped my car and creating a scene on the road & demanding money! “

The fault may be yours -or- the fault may be on the cab driver. No matter what, dont be afraid – its just an accident. Do the following:

  • Dont ever get into any hate speech or argument with the Cab driver ( Even if you are provoked ).
  • Pull over your vehicle. Stop it only where there is a Traffic Police. If you pull over in an isolated area, the driver may take advantage of the situation ( So always try to stop in a spot where there is Police or atleast in a crowded area, so you have public support ). Call the police and ask his advice.
  • Never give money to the Driver then and there. Always handle it only via police.
  • If the Driver creates a scene and tries to man-handle you. Dont argue. Take a snap of him & his car number plate. Call UBER / OLA and file a complaint against him. Go to the nearest police station and file a complaint.

Remember: Be Calm. Dont argue. Dont give money. Take snaps as evidence. Make required complaints. Thats all you can do.

Scenario 3: “My OLA / UBER driver spoke and behaved in a rude manner. What to do?”

  • When Uber / Ola drivers tend to behave rudely, just keep your calm and try reaching out to Ola/Uber Customer Care. You can simply complain on the call to them, and they will take the necessary action.
  • Do not Try to argue back!! This just heats up the situation manifold and you might fall into some other situation which is worthless.
  • Give low ratings and mention the exact reason for the rating ( This is read by the required people ). This in turn affects driver’s business and probably he won’t do it again in future.
  • If it becomes really difficult to handle, you can probably have a one to one conversation in a calm tone and explain the consequences may be! If it fails, ask him politely to stop the car, get down and make the required complaint.

Scenario 4: ” The Driver is playing a song of his choice. I dont want it. What to do?”

Personal suggestion: The man is probably tired and hearing a song of his liking. Try your best to like it or bear with it ( if the trip is short ).

In most cases the situation might be that you are in a different city & you will see drivers playing music in their own local language which might not amuse you much. Here are the steps to be taken:

  • You may not like this option: Take out your earphones and listen to your own playlist on the phone. Good for all parties.
  • Ask the driver politely to reduce the volume to your liking.
  • Request him to stop the song ( giving an excuse like you are not feeling well etc. & you need some quiet time )
  • If you desperately need a different song. Request him that.

Remember: The key point here is keep things smooth as much as possible. Many a times a kind & polite request gets you what you want. So keep it simple.

Scenario 5: “My UBER / OLA driver drives too fast. Am nervous. What to do?”

This one is a very serious issue and you need to be very strict in this. Not all, but some UBER / OLA drivers tend to drive very fast or rash. The reasons being: he wants to do many trips ASAP, he likes driving fast etc. Whatever be it dont encourage rash driving. It is your right to ask him to drive in the speed you feel safe and comfortable. So if you find a driver driving fast & rashly on roads, remember these points:

  • You can politely ask him to slow down and explain him that it is dangerous for both of them and that he should keep that in concern.
  • If the driver tends to overlook your advice, you can let him know that because of his rash driving skills he might be caught by the police, so be careful about that.
  • Still he does not listen, politely ask him to stop the car and get down. Give a negative rating and mention the reason very clearly.
  • Make him aware of the car conditions, that are generally not that good and that if anything happens it will be an extra toll on him.

Advice: Most of the accidents are caused because of Tyre burst and as a result the car toppling. In most of the cabs, there is not much concern on maintaining a proper tyre condition ( and replacing it as per usage ). Remember that at 80 KMPH speed if a tyre bursts, the driver should be extremely skilled & trained to control the vehicle and bring it to a stop with out an accident. If the burst happens at any speed above 100 KMPH, however skilled and trained you are… a miracle needs to happen to save everyone in the car. 

FAQ’s & Answers:

– Why does UBER / OLA allow drivers to accept a ride even before finishing previous ride?

This is one annoying feature that is present in taxi booking services like UBER / OLA / LYFT etc. that causes a lot of inconvenience for the Passenger & the Driver.

ie. when the driver is nearing the end of the current trip, he starts getting a nearby new request.

What happens here is in most cases the current passenger will ask the driver to drop in some interior region & this will increase the expected wait time of the user who has booked the trip and waiting. Just before booking the cab, the user will see a wait time as 2 mins. Right after the trip is accepted, he will see the expected wait time has increased to 15 mins! as the driver is dropping of the previous ride.

The cab booking companies have their own reasons to have this feature. But its high time they changed it. If you think you cant wait that long, call the driver and ask him politely to cancel the ride. If he does not agree, you cancel & give the exact reason for the action.

– How to cancel ride in UBER / OLA ?

The first important question is: Why you want the trip to be cancelled? If the reason is entirely for your benefit, initiate the process by tapping on the Cancel Ride button & give the actual reason and accept the cancellation fee.

If the reason for cancellation is because of other reasons like: Driver Denying duty, Long wait time etc. do the following:

  • If the driver is too far or is not moving in your direction you can simply cancel the ride stating that the driver is not moving in your direction. In this case you are not charged any fee.
  • You can cancel the booking even if your ride is taking too long to reach your location even when it says that the cab is just 5 minutes away. You can state the reason Cab not moving in my direction and save yourself from any fee.
  • If driver is denying duty for some reason. Ask the driver to cancel the trip from his end. In most cases he wont do that as the fine will be levied on him. One hack is, you book another cab from another service like UBER / LYFT etc. and keep going. The other driver will eventually wait for some time and cancel it from his side.

– In what language to converse with the drivers?

This issue has come up often when you tend to visit another city rather than your language speaking native. Specially if it is Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. It becomes difficult to acknowledge the situation.

  • Try to always converse in English. May be try saying just phrases. Drivers tend to understand the normal phrases of English.
  • Don’t piss off the driver by communicating in your own language when he speaks his own. It is going to only worsen the situation. Simply ask him what is comfortable for him, and communicate in the same medium.

– Why can’t UBER / OLA drivers come to pickup by seeing the location on map. Why do they call and ask?

This is a very common issue faced by the passengers when cab drivers constantly make calls to ask your location instead of simply using maps. In most cases the device might be damaged or not working. Anyway follow these steps:

  • Maximum try to guide him. But never reveal the drop location ( as sometimes, this entire drama maybe to ask you your drop location )
  • Ask the driver to follow the directions according to the maps. You also check to see if your pickup location is correct and tap on the current location pointer on maps to auto correct to correct location.
  • You can probably help him once by mentioning a landmark near your location.
  • You can complain to Ola customer care as this issue has been raised often by Ola customers rather than Uber. Uber has a great Google map setting and the booking is always accurate to location rather than Ola. So, we can mention to Ola care to take this in concern.

What to do when the expected wait time in UBER / OLA changes?

If while booking the cab you see waiting time that changes when the ride is booked, what can you possibly do?

  • It frustrates our minds when we see that the arrival time of the cab while booking shows some 5 mins but after the booking is made it changes to 10 mins. You can probably call the customer care then and there and get your issue resolved
  • You can even call the driver to cancel the ride as you were not expecting such a long wait.

– I forget my luggage in the cab. What needs to be done?

Often passengers forget their belongings in UBER / OLA. It is your fault. So, after you remember, make a call to the driver by looking into the messages and explain him the situation. Ask his location and try to go and collect it. Or request him if its possible to meet at a common place & get your stuff. Or ask him to hand it over to the OLA / UBER office & you can claim it. In rare situations, the driver does not attend the call or probably might deny giving your belongings, you can report the issue stating that you have forgotten your luggage and call customer care. They will connect you with the driver and may be that can solve the problem.

– Things to keep in mind when doing a UBER/ OLA Pool trip.

Sharing a cab is one of the latest feature & is a hit as it saves a lot of money. These are some pointers and tips to keep in mind when sharing a trip.

  • When in sharing cab, keep in concern the fellow passenger’s comfort as well.
  • Do not make the cab wait for you for longer period of time. It is a share cab and people may get really pissed
  • If a fellow passenger behaves rudely, there is an option after completing the ride to mention it or even during the ride.
  • In share cab, keep your luggage in the back side of the car as seats are meant to be filled by people.
  • Try to not speak loud on your phone, as it may irritate your fellow passenger ( who likes someone screaming near your ears ).
  • Dont tussle to get the front seat.

– How to offer ratings and reviews to UBER / OLA drivers?

If your driver was kind, pleasant, courteous and you were pleased, do give a 5 star rating and very good comment to encourage him to be like that always.

But, Many times we would see that people tend to simply click on the 5 star rating and don’t think much. But this in turn makes the driver more care free and doesn’t look on to customer services.

  • Acknowledge various factors like, if the cab driver had switched on the AC without you pestering or asking. If the driver was driving in moderate speed keeping all safety measures in mind, he complies for a good rating.
  • Wearing seat belts, a polite behavior and understanding the scenarios are factors that qualify for a good rating.
  • He should be able to take optimized routes and not generate any kind of unpleasant conversation.

If any of the factors mentioned above are not fulfilled, make yourself sure to give a rating looking at the intensity of the behavior that caused you any kind of problem.

What is best? Pay using Ola Money / UBER wallet or Pay with Cash?

There is no right or wrong in such situation. But invariably the best mode to be chosen for the payment is Ola Money/Uber Wallet. Why so?

  • The payment has already been done, you save yourself time and the frustration of getting small change.
  • The driver won’t hassle you for not paying the exact amount.
  • When the payment is already done, he won’t bother you by taking long routes and thus charging you for the same.
  • This can be adverse too! When the payment has already been done, the drivers may tend to not provide the desired services and hamper you destination and drop.

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