What is going on recently with Uber?

Uber has launched many new services and has hands on in some new projects, the CEO has resigned and a lot is happening inside the company. Keep yourself updated with us with this section:

  1. Uber planning for major changes: 180 days

Uber is planning big changes. Tipping might be one of them Uber has always loved to be ahead and provide customer experience that is worth. Under this campaign Uber has launched the 180 day campaign, where Uber will bring some major changes in the features and services. From sources, tipping the driver might be the one. As this feature was lacking from Uber and had been under review for a long time! Let’s wait and watch what’s in!!

2. Internal Probe results to be launched in Uber: Happening in San Francisco, an internal probe is going on for managing misconducts and ethics. The results were to be announced today. Uber has already parted ways with other key members one of them being Emil Michael who had been involved in many questionable activities in Uber.

Last month, Uber fired executive Anthony Levandowski, who came from Google’s self-driving car unit now known as Waymo, for failing to meet a deadline to turn over information for an internal investigation.

3. Uber launching its probe to launch Driverless cars:

This is a matter of great insights involved as the case was filed by Google to have got their idea leaked and used by Uber now. The judge has mentioned to acknowledge the case more by investigating the engineer for any kind of theft of the trade scerets from Google. This will lead to a long legal battle between Google and Uber and put a hold on the concept of driverless cars being launched!

4. Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO:

As one of the  major blows to the industry, Uber’s CEO Travis has resigned from his post of being the CEO and is still confidential under the sheets. The people themseleves asked him to step down and asked him for a change in the leadership.

5. Uber began its secret tracking of Lyft operations under the name “Hell”

Yes, as bizarre as it may sound but Uber has launched its secret operation called “Hell”. Under this operation, Uber has used the software “Hell” to track down Lyft drivers. Confused enough? Well, tracking is done on the basis of fake accounts that this software “Hell” will create. After creating fake accounts they track the drivers available and location they serve in.

6. Uber banned from Italy

Out of all the contexts! Uber has been banned from allegedly carrying out any sort of operations in Italy. This happened as Italy government feels Uber indulges in unfair competition for taxi drivers. They do not even follow transportation laws and have made it difficult for Italy government to handle. They have given Uber a span of 10 days to stop all activities. If by any chance they still continue any activity they will be needing to charge 10,000 Euros for each day they keep operating.

7. Uber stops their taxi services in London

UberTaxi was the venture started by Uber in late 2014, since then Uber Black has been much in use. But coming to 2017, the number of users has considerably reduced. This has lead Uber to stop its UberTaxi in London.

8. Uber joins LGBTQ Community

Uber has launched a new campaign supporting the LGBQT community. Whether you are driving or are just a passenger, either ways Uber is going to make a mark. The effective measure is known “Ride With Pride”.

9. Uber to launch UberPass in 4 Indian metros:

 Yes, You heard it right. Uber is launching the facility of Uber Pass in all the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. By using this pass, customers will get offers to ride and use the cab services, get off on cancellation fee and get highly rated drivers only for their rides.

People will receive mails and those who do, will get to use the offers for their own benefit.

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