What are the Uber Driver Requirements?

To become an Uber driver you have to match certain requirements and levels as of being a driver that leads the cab services. There are various platforms where a driver needs to focus on, let’s go through all the points:

–  General Driver Requirements:

  • He should be at an age of 21 years or more.
  • He should carry a valid 4-door model’s car license. Car of model 2007 or newer
  • He should already have a insurance on his name and a good policy
  • He should possess driving license for working in US for at least 1 year
  • A social security number is also required
  • Registration number plates should be in-state applicable and commercial ones are also acceptable
  • To ensure public safety each driver has to pass a background check that is necessary. Uber has collaborated with Checkr, a company meant to do background check of the driver into 7 years of their driving life.
  • Need to fill out some documents sent up from Uber’s side and get them filled. Those documents are:
  1. Raiser Software Sub license Agreement
  2. Addendum for BYOD
  3. CPUC- required Safety document

In what cases can you be rejected? Not for having speeding tickets, but only if you have made some serious and unethical violations, DUI, DWI, rejected completely!

–  Car Requirements:

Uber makes very clear that just not driver, but the car to be used has to also pass certain tests and that is utterly important to follow the rules.

  • The car should be properly maintained and inspected by the Uber approved auto shop or at Uber activation center in your city.
  • Even if you wish to get it repaired at some local auto shop then you will be incurred an extra cost but you need to then carry the documents of the check. The check up of the car is done to ensure safety measures are taken checking the Tyre conditions, brakes, lights and seat belts are in proper working condition or not. If the car fails the test due to any fault, correct the fault and get your inspection done again.
  • If you have taken the car on rent from someone else and the car registration is not in your name then also you need to make sure that you carry a copy with yourself but the insurance copy should have your name.
  • Uber has strict deals to follow when it comes to driving experience. You just can’t have an experience internationally outside and claim to become a driver in the US. You need to practice for 1 year for license.

These check ups remain the same, the other thing that differs is what kind of driver you are?

  • Driver Cum Owner:  You are the driver and also the owner of the vehicle then you need to produce your

-Driving License

-Vehicle Registration

-Vehicle Insurance

-Vehicle permit

  • Driver with Partner: Your partner owns the vehicle but you are the driver. You have to have these documents with you:

-Your own Driving License

  • Driving with Non-Driving partner: Your friend doesn’t have a vehicle on Uber platform but does have a vehicle and you need to drive it then carry these:

– Vehicle Registration paper

– Vehicle Permit

– Vehicle Insurance paper

If all these requirements are met, then you can probably join the league to accept being a Uber driver.

For any queries, drop in the comment section below, and we will reach you out with the solution!!

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