Uber Claims That, It Can Also Deploy Cars Without A Driver By 2019

With many automakers setting 2019 as their deadline to launch the perfect driverless/autonomous car – Uber has also joined the fray by claiming that it could also be ready to deploy cars without a driver as early as 2019. Eric Meyhofer, head of Uber’s Advanced Technology Group, told the Associated Press in an interview that the company’s autonomous technology is developing at a pace similar to the rest of the industry.

Meyhofer also clarified to the fact that the company is not committing to a firm timeline just yet.  But, whenever that happens, it’d be in a limited capacity—similar to Waymo’s ongoing pilot and GM’s plans for 2019.

Uber’s fleet of Volvo XC90s are currently being prepped to handle driverless tasks, although the testing is likely to be done only in warm-weather areas that don’t get snow. The Ride-Sharing giant is still working on getting their autonomous cars to a point where they can handle driving in snow covered lanes and other harsh terrains.

Uber Claims That, It Can Also Deploy Cars Without A Driver By 2019

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