Add an extra revenue channel to your UBER like ride-hailing app.

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Are you a Car-Rental Entrepreneur?

If Yes, this post will give you valuable information on adding some powerful revenue channels to your business.

The Problem: Its not easy to scale a car rental / ride hailing business beyond your geography or location. Because you initially provide rides and services only in your location or city. If you would want to expand to another city, you would need to do the ground work & establish your vehicles in the new city as well. So the only revenue channels available for your business are:

  • Ride fare collected from your passengers ( in the cities you are present)
  • Airport rides / Scheduled rides & Car rentals ( again in your city only)

But are you aware that your Business is present on the internet & its accessible to everyone on the web. So how can you take advantage of this & not limit your revenue to only people using it in your city?

The Solution: Very simple. You need to tweak your ride-hailing app with this little extra feature:

  • If people use your app in your city and request a cab, the app dispatches your On the other hand, if someone downloads your app from any part of the world & requests a cab ( or if your cabs are not available)…. it connects to UBER or LYFT API’s and delivers them a UBER or LYFT car.

Did you know? UBER & LYFT pays $5 to $7 affiliate commission for each ride you refer! check here & here ( its not just UBER & LYFT that pay. Every big ride sharing app in every country pay )

Here are a few simple ways to get this done instantly:

  • Ask your developer to build in a feature to achieve the above result ie. once a passenger requests a ride, the app checks to see if one of your cars are available. If no car is available, it passes the request to UBER or LYFT api and populates the screen with cars from these services. Ask your developer to bring all this experience inside your app itself ie. the passenger should be able to book-ride-finish the ride without leaving your app.

I recommend an even better way to get it done. This one is interesting & more money:

  • Bot: Build a chat-bot inside your taxi booking app & give a never-before-like experience for your passengers to book a cab just via. chat. Check how this business has implemented this.

Booking a cab via. a Chat Bot

Booking a cab via. a Chat Bot

But why a Bot?

The advantages are limitless! The era of apps are nearing the end. Bots are gaining momentum. Check this research article

  • Comfort: Study says users are very comfortable booking various services, shopping etc. via. a chat interface. That is by just asking a bot or virtual assistant to do it.
  • More revenue: Now imagine, your user has booked a cab via. your bot. While he is riding, you can program your bot to provide him some good shopping deals (  Amazon affiliate). Or Hotel options to book ( via. affiliate ). Or Food menu to order ( via. Grubhub affiliate ). The moment he orders or books something, you earn!
  • Huge Market: As people start using your bot, you can next deploy your bot on Facebook Messenger ( Skype, Slack, Telegram etc. ). And there are millions of people out there ready to install your bot. As I mentioned earlier, the era of apps is nearing the end. Every big company like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple etc. are opening their BOT STORES. And you can submit your BOT’s in there. Be early and get in now!

How easy is it to get a BOT done?

If done with the right experienced people. It is easy & quick. At Smart Car Tech, they have such a powerful BOT ready already! You can just get it & deploy it.

You can also contact them at: [email protected]

All the best!

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