How to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro to a Computer

Follow these steps to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro to a computer 🙂

Step 1 : From the Home screen  >  tap on AppsE241

Step 2 : Then chose the contacts option E242

Step 3 : Tap options button, the left button in the lower panel and then choose Import/Export

Transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro to a Computer

Step 4 : Then select “Export to SD card

Step 5 : Then click ok and your contact list will be backed up on SD card in .vcf format as a single .vcf file having all contacts.

Step 6 : Upon connecting to the pc, this file can be seen in the root folder as 000XX.vcf. This file can be now used for backing up contacts and restoring them later.


– I dont use a PC, I use a MAC. Is it the same process?

– Is it possible to just transfer the contacts from my phone to computer via. Bluetooth? How?

– I want to check if all my contacts are present in my Google account ( on my Laptop screen ). How should I go about doing it?

– Is there any restrictions to the number of contacts I can sync in my Google account?

– Can I share all my contacts directly from my Google account to another Google -or- Microsoft -or- Apple account? How?

– What all other information can be stored to a contact apart from their phone number & name?

– What is a .VCF format? Are other formats allowed?

– How to sync contacts to my Google account?

Just go to Settings > Accounts >Google >tap on account of your choice
check that contacts option is turned ON.

– What do you mean by “syncing your accounts with Google”?

When you allow your device to sync the contacts with your Google account it means that Google stores all your contacts online synced with the account that you logged in with. Now you can access these stored contacts from any other device simply by logging in from the device. This is basically a security system that allows a user to keep their contacts data synced and backed up.

– How can I see my saved file on a PC?

The file that you received upon exporting the contacts to your phone memory is of the .vcf format it can only be viewed by using specific software like windows contact viewer or Microsoft’s outlook. You first need to import the file using the software (MS Outlook) and then you can view it on your personal computer.

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