Top Ten Video Games on Blockchain Platform

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized public ledger in which the data is cryptographically protected. In simple terms, it means that the data is completely secure and that no one can remove or access it except the individual who created it. As blockchain is a distributed technology, hence no single entity can harm or remove the data.

Did you know? Video games by its own right are one of the major capital generators in the world economy. Video games are rapidly evolving and are available across all platforms such as mobile devices, gaming console, personal computer, and laptops. The reach and popularity of video games are huge. Video game on blockchain would bring the evolution of video games to a whole new level.  Video games on blockchain would be by its very nature cannot be destroyed. A player’s digital video game earning could either be used as cryptocurrencies or a player could sell his/her digital video game asset which he/she spent hours building for a profit. These advantages wouldn’t have been possible in traditional video games but are possible due to the blockchain. Another advantage of blockchain based games is that games are designed to be eternal as it will forever live on the blockchain. The blockchain based games offer a player the ability to play the games without having to worry whether a game could be shut down by some single company.

Below are the top ten blockchain based games

1) Cryptokitties

It is one of the first games which was designed on the blockchain. The cryptokitties being based on blockchain has the unique ability for each player to track and maintain their crypto collectible which could be traded. The game currently one of the top games played on the blockchain platform. The game basic rule is to collect two unique cats and then to breed and hatch a third completely new and unique cryptokitten. The game thus utilizes the blockchain platform and keeps the users engaged. The trading creates the cryptocurrency being used.

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2) Ethermon

The game is still in the beta version. The blockchain based game is designed after pokemon. The game is designed for users to collect ethermons and battle or trade to gain points. The game is designed to keep the data safe of user permanently on the blockchain. The users can access the game through installing metamask on the user’s browser.

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3) Cryptopets

The game hasn’t been launched yet. The game is designed with the initial goal of creating a blockchain based game. The game would have users to trade, battle, collect uniquely digital characters. The funds collected in the game will go to the real-life conservation efforts. The game is designed to provide users with a unique blockchain based game which would also solve a real-world problem.

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4) Cryptopunk

It is a game where there are 10000 unique cryptocollectibles which have a clear ownership on blockchain through its proof of concept. The game is designed to showcase each users ownership of a cryptocollectible on the blockchain permanently. The characters are stored in the ethereum blockchain. The character punk was initially free and after they were claimed, they are now traded and bid on. The game’s character images are stored in hash which can be verified against the code on the ethereum network.

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5) Cryptocities

It is a new type of strategy game which is built on the ethereum blockchain. In this game, the real towns, cities, and villages are discovered, conquered or traded. The game is designed to be played in the long run. The game is based on the value investing principles. The is designed to progress over a long run and when the value of the assets will only increase as its utility will increase. The game hence focuses on attracting more users. As more users take part so does the trade can continue in the game.

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6) Mythereum

It is a multiplayer game built on the ethereum blockchain. It is a trading card game. The trading card game is built on the blockchain which will keep a transaction of the ownership of the card and the particular unique deck. The cards can be collected, traded, transferred or sold. The game is typically fought against 2-4 players and is played through off chains which are due to IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System). The game ends when only one player remains.

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7) Axie Infinity

It is a blockchain based cryptocollectible game. The game focuses on collecting and raising fantasy creatures called “Axies”. The game is based on the ethereum blockchain platform. The game is designed so that the players can collect and raise a team of these cryptocollectibles so that they can battle or be traded for points.

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8) Fishbank

The game is designed to be a decentralized digital oceanic food chain. The game is based on blockchain which makes it very democratic as the users can collect, trade and own their crypto fish tokens as a digital asset. The crypto fish tokens can be traded at a profit or loss. The game is multiplayer. The game is based on the ethereum blockchain which uses smart contracts. The game is community driven and the fish tokens are basically ERC20 tokens which could be traded to any player anytime at a discount. The fish tokens are 100 percent digitally owned by the users which cannot be replaced, removed or destroyed as they are permanently stored on the blockchain.

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9) Cryptofighters

It is an ethereum blockchain based game. The game is aimed at collecting the cryptocollectibles which are stored on the blockchain and are uniquely identified. The game attacts users by its ability to collect, store and fighter to win more collectible fighters. The game has a wide variety of engaging characters. As a player progresses so does the character rarity increases. The players can also buy and sell players at the cryptofighters marketplace.

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10) Cryptocup

It is a prediction game on the blockchain. It is world’s first blockchain based world cup prediction game. Players can create their own tokens and set their own predictions. The tokens are unique and highly customizable as it holds the players own predictions. Players can earn points by comparing their token results with the real results. The correct number of results will lead to higher prizes. The high points from right predictions can be redeemed for prizes against the smart contacts.

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