Top Ten ICO Listing Services

A cryptocurrency is a coin which is either backed by other cryptocurrencies or the value of the startup which offers it. The coin could later be traded and as the value of other currencies and the startup’s change so does the value of the coin. A blockchain based startup can issue cryptocurrency after publishing the whitepaper and attracting the potential investors. The startup can then raise the necessary capital it requires. After a startup successfully published the white paper it needs to issue cryptocurrency on an ICO listing service.

Whether you are a startup founder who wants to list their ICO on an ICO listing service or you are a tech enthusiast who’s interested in investing the next bitcoin. These ICO services list the newest ICO’s on the market.

Below is the list of the ICO listing services:

1) Best Coins

It is a listing service which provides a fresh list of ICO’s. The listing service offers cryptocurrency investors and technologists and founders to be up to date with every new ICO’s that are happening all over the world currently. The website has various sections so users can browse through the list and differentiate ICO’s from one sector to another such as ICO’s in finance, trading, VR, Machine learning etc.

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2) Top ICO List

This listing service analyses over hundreds of ICO’s. The company has a team of expert blockchain ICO analysts. The company focuses on thoroughly checking and analyzing the white paper and the individual ICO before listing it on the service. The company after objectively reviewing the white paper and its potential will test if the token model stands properly for the running of the business. This thorough checking makes the listings on the top ICO list to have a certain credibility.

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3) Smith  & Crown

Smith and Crown are Portland, a US-based blockchain research organization. The company has been researching into blockchain since 2013. The company provides a list of ongoing and upcoming ICO sales. The company also provides research into various blockchain related news and trends. The company provides a thorough list of ICO sales.

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4) CryptoCompare

The CryptoCompare is a company based in the UK with offices in Hungary, Romania, Portugal, and Germany. The CryptoCompare provides a comprehensive list of all the ICO’s and provides the accurate ICO prices and the market trends and research. CryptoCompare. The website provides a complete list of all the important coin’s exchange prices on its website.

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5) ICObazaar

ICObazaar provides a list of the ongoing and the upcoming ICO’s which are taking place in the market currently. The company offers insights and solutions based on its various research whether a cryptocurrency ICO worth investing in or not. ICObazaar along with providing a comprehensive list of guides whether a person is entering the ICO space or a seasoned cryptocurrency investor.

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6) Coingecko

Coingecko is an ICO listing website. The website provides a complete list of all the altcoins. Coingecko analyses the coins both quantitatively and qualitatively. Coingecko benchmarks the value by comparing the altcoin to its peers and determines its value through its algorithms. The website provides a comprehensive list of the current price of the altcoins and keeps updating it on the website.

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7) Coin list

Coin list provides a simple web interface so the users can easily browse through its content and see its various ICO’s and their tokens and read the documentation of these ICO’s. The website provides a list of all the ongoing and upcoming ICO’s. The website also has introduced a new additional feature of ICO exchange where investors can buy the token.

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8) ICOdrops

It is an independent ICO token sale database. ICOdrops is not affiliated with any project or company. It is focused on generating a strong and proper database for the upcoming and ongoing ICO’s. The website focuses on generating accurate and thorough information. ICOdrops has constantly three lists under works, that is of Upcoming ICO’s, active ICO’s and ended ICO’s/

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9) ICObench

It is a rating platform which is supported by ICO investors and the financial experts. The platform thoroughly analyses ICO’s. The icobench provides a listing of the upcoming and ongoing ICO’s. ICObench offers complete service from beginning to end result of initial coin offering. ICObench provides services for startups’ to publish their coins through their portal.

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10) ICOdaily

It provides a daily news service of tracking upcoming and ongoing ICO’s. The service provides a thorough and clear information of all the ICO’s that are going on. The listing platform also provides a list of ended ICO’s. ICOdaily provides as relevent news of everyday news related to ICO’s and keeps a track of the ICO’s.

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