Top ICO Dashboard Scripts

When a blockchain based startup wants to raise funds without having the need to sell their stocks or company interest they can do that by issuing initial coin offering. A startup issues a coin which is either back by other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. Another way to issue ICO is through issuing coins which are backed by the value of the company. As the users will be able to trade the coin based on the initial value of the startup. This provides a startup with enough funds to continue its operations.

To manage an Initial Coin Offering a startup needs to have a system to manage the arrangement of how and where to manage its operations. To manage the various functions which are involved in the coin offering a startup requires an ICO dashboard which makes the whole arrangement easier. An ICO dashboard provides the necessary support which a startup will face in the initial coin offering. The ICO dashboard could handle the operations such as how much and where and to whom all to offer the coins. The exact limit of coins and various such operations.

Below is our list of best ICO dashboard services company

1) ICO Dash by Bitexchange

The company provides various services which are related to the cryptocurrency. The company makes sure that it provides all the necessary features which are required for a successful blockchain startup to succeed. The company along with offering ICO dashboard service, smart contract and decentralised application building along with white paper writing services.

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2) ICOmap

It’s an ICO listing platform. The ICO platform helps to monitor the virtual and real-time movement of the ICO. It’s easy to manage and provides a fully responsive and fully dynamic script which will handle all the necessary functions such as the ability to publish on Facebook and other social media share options. It also manages cryptocurrency lists, etc.

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3) MYICO – Initial Coin Offering Platform

This is an ICO script which provides a fully responsive and dynamic system.  The script support nearly 7 automated payment options. The ICO includes ICO whitepaper, calendar, team, roadmap and testimonial section. It is developed on PHP laravel and can be easily installed. The company provides speedy and faster solutions to your ICO needs.

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4) AltPRO – ICO Lending & Altcoin Platform

AltPRO provides a complete ICO management service. The script also has the option of lending of coins. The script offers the users to collect payment on various different platforms. This script is perfect for a startups ICO launching and management needs.

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5) ICO Dashboard

It is a provider of ICO platforms to various startups cryptocurrency launch needs. The platform is white label platform provider. It provides services such as multi-currency payment options and ICO compliance. The platform also provides KYC & AML tools, air drops and bounty campaigns. The platform also provides affiliate management tools.

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6) ICOadmin

ICOadmin offers one stop shop solution for your startups’ complete cryptocurrency needs. The ICO admin a completely versatile platform. The company offers highly secured cryptocurrency platform. The platform also includes fully customisable investors dashboard and smart contracts. ICOadmin is a tech company which provides innovative and secure software solutions for ICO’s.

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7) Cryptonia

Cryptonia provides a complete and fully responsive ICO cryptocurrency dashboard. Cryptonia is diligently designed to have clear visuals across all the device platforms. It is designed in such a way that corporate and financial firms can benefit rapidly from using this ICO dashboard. Along with a strong design the template consists of important features such as crypto profile, trading platform, and e-wallet along with ICO.

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