Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Here in this article we take a look at the Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases. To give you a brief introduction about the phone; the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is powered by the all new Exynos Processor and comes with a 6GB RAM. It is available in various different colors as well.

Homer J Simpson ( Click here to buy )

Everybody loves Homer Simpson. Well if you don’t that’s because you haven’t watched The Simpsons Series yet. The All American animated sitcom parodies on the American culture, society, divisions and other human conditions. Commissioned to dozens of awards this animated series is no stranger to the american sitcom fanatics. Homer’s exclamatory catchphrase “D’oh!” has been adopted into the English language and this case offers you just that!

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Iron Man ( Click here to buy )

The hottest and the most talked about sensation in the industry now. Iron Man memorabilia seem to be selling like hotcakes and the attraction towards custom made products have been making its rounds for qute some time now. Makes a great accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Heisenberg ( Click here to buy )

The Meth Lord! The creator of the crystal blue meth can’t never really be forgotten. The wave that was brought about by this sitcom still gives you them chills. Action packed that left viewers glued to their seats, this case is for the Breaking Bad Meth fans.

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Cristiano Ronaldo ( Click here to buy )

The world’s best Number 7 is known for his runs down the flanks and undying passion to win games and score tons of goals every season in and out. The 3 time Ballon d’Or winner recently won the Champions League with his Madrid team. A true champion in every way!

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Motivation ( Click here to buy )

“Carpe Diem” in latin means, To Seize the Day and every moment of it! For you daily motivation and after burn this motivational case is sure to buzz you with some extra push that you’d need to achieve your goals and targets. Everybody needs a bit of motivation to keep pushing forward. If an anchor for your motivation is what you require this case is sure to do the trick!

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases


Captain America ( Click here to buy )

A few months back it became more evident to most of us as to whose side we were on. Was it #TeamStark or #TeamCap. What’s a more significant way to announce yourself as #TeamCap by sporting this all new blue color themed case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

Football ( Click here to buy )

For them football freaks and enthusiasts the Adidas Brazuca is no stranger. The official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup really lived up to the hype that was created around it, lightweight and defining moments around the game. Holding the seventh spot on our list of the Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases, the ball’s solid aerodynamics was the most noted feature throughout the World Cup in Brazil.

Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases


( Disclaimer: The cases listed here are a compilation of conceptual ideas put together, suggesting the various designs that could possibly look good on the titled phone model. )

These are the Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases that feature on our list. Hope the content has been meaningful and served your purpose. Do comment and share your opinions as well.

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