Top 7 Innovative Blockchain Startups To Watch For In 2019

The top seven innovative blockchain startups in various sectors to watch in this year are listed below:

Levelten Top 7 Innovative Blockchain Startups 2019


Founded: 2012

Founders: Lawrence Orsini and William Collins

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A

Categories: Renewable Energy, Environmental Consulting


LO3 Energy, a US-based firm, is developing a platform to facilitate decentralized business models and innovative technologies which are related to energy, utility systems and cleantech. The company creates tools and develops projects to encourage and accelerate the proliferation of the distributed energy, services, and computation sharing economy of the future.

The LO3 firm has broad expertise in architecture, design, development, prototyping and testing of cutting-edge distributed energy services, computing and peer-to-peer distributed consensus networks.

LO3 Energy taps the potential of the blockchain to build localized energy marketplaces. We are partnering with energy wholesalers, utility companies, distribution and transmission system operators, and communities across the world to develop customized innovations for an energy secure future.

LO3 Energy has partnered with organizations like Siemens, Braemar Energy Ventures, EPEX SPOT, Centrica, PECI.


Founded: 2017

Founder: Gregory Arzumanian

Headquarters: Switzerland

Categories: Agriculture and Food


FoodCoin Ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem, architecturally outlined to build a global marketplace of agricultural and food products based on its experience with the active 1000 EcoFarms platform. FoodCoin Ecosystem is built on the Ethereum based platform.

The firm believes that the farmers will use a broad range of FoodCoin Ecosystem component tools, farm product processors, agricultural equipment manufacturers, food manufacturers, food delivery services, cafes, restaurants, and other producers and consumers of food and related products to overcome transaction costs, achieve greater performance and optimize food systems.

The FOODCOIN ECOSYSTEM tools include

  • Smart wallet
  • Digital ID services
  • Product origin authentication
  • Crypto payment processing
  • Customizable platform for users

3. SafeChain

Founded: 2016

Founders: Chris Sauerzopf, Robert Zwink, Tony Franco

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Categories: Blockchain, Real Estate, Cyber Security, Title Insurance, Fraud Prevention


SafeChain is a blockchain firm which believes that property transactions should be flawless and completed within a matter of seconds. The revolutionary application of blockchain technology within the software behind SafeChain will counter fraud in real estate transactions.

The firm has the ability to disrupt the primitive methods of property transactions. SafeWire, which is the first product of the firm, helps title agents to handle transfers using distributed ledger technology. It provides services for title service offices, mortgage bankers and realtors.


Founded: 2014

Founders: Jack Peterson and Joey Krug

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Categories: Decentralization,  Prediction Markets, Bitcoin, DApps, Ethereum, Futures Market


Augur is an open-source, decentralized prediction market platform which is built on the Ethereum platform. It utilizes decentralized technology for eliminating counterparty risk and centralized servers/ It also creates a global market by employing cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Augur predicts the next election, short a cryptocurrency, or hedge against disaster. The use-cases of Augur are Weather Prediction, Company Forecasting, Political Forecasting, Event Hedging. Many companies have joined Augur and are using their protocol.

Some of the benefits of Augur are Low Trading Fees, User-Created Markets, Automated Payouts, Accessible to all.


Founded: N/A

Founders: N/A

Headquarters: Singapore

Categories: Digital Content Creation, Media


DACC (Decentralized Accessible Content Chain) is a platform which is transforming the media industry and digital content. It establishes a public blockchain that emphasizes ownership and access management at the base level in the media industry.

A decentralized file operation that includes the essential identity and access management (IAM) is implemented. IAM assists users and content creators to securely store, initiate and manage access permissions to their data and IP.

IAM ensures that only authorized users can access the resources they are allowed to use, and resource owners will have full command over the user authentication process. Content creators, curators, and consumers will be provided with incentives to build a community that puts content creators at the center stage.

DACC will revolutionize the digital media industry by innovative technology, distributed global community, special token model and reward system, which ultimately empowers real creators in the said industry.


Founded: 2017

Founders: Dr. Axel Schumachar, Gourish Singla

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Categories: DNA database, Healthcare, Biotechnology and Wellness


Shivom is a health-tech company which is utilizing blockchain technology to develop the world’s most extensive DNA database and healthcare services platform.

The healthcare firm leverages the latest progress in genomics, cryptography, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Shivom’s platform aims to democratize genomic sequencing in-order to render individuals with the ability to securely save their DNA data and automate their health and wellness.

7. B3i

Founded: 2016

Founder: Paul Meeusen

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

Categories: Insurance, Reinsurance, Innovation


The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative or B3i is a blockchain trading platform for insurance and reinsurance industries. It is an initiative created by 16 global insurers and reinsurers; a consortium of international insurance organizations are already onboard, including Swiss Re, Munich Re, Zurick, Aegon, Allianz, and more. In 2016, these organizations joined together to explore the potential of blockchain technology in the insurance space.

B3i has the potential to enhance industry efficiency by up to 30%. If B3i realizes its vision, insurers, customers, and industry partners will experience higher quality, improved efficiency, and faster insurance transactions, thanks to the strength of its distributed ledger platform.


We can see that various industries and organizations have adopted blockchain technology. Blockchain startups can strengthen the belief that blockchain will transform the world. From decentralization to transparency, blockchain unfolds many avenues of opportunity for both individuals and businesses.

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