Top 7 Blockchain Jobs to Look Out in 2019

The top blockchain jobs to look for this year are:

Levelten Top 7 Blockchain Technology Jobs in 2019

1. Blockchain Software Engineer

A Blockchain company requires software engineers who can understand and apply the technology in blockchain solutions. A blockchain software engineer is the most sought after job in the industry.

The solutions for specific areas will vary according to the industry and the company which adopts the technology. Companies will generally look for the candidates’ experience in ledger technologies like Solidity and HyperLedger Fabric, as well as programming, database, cloud and other languages.

Most of the companies will look for qualified individuals with at least undergraduate degrees in computer science, computer engineering or other engineering degrees.

Some of the popular industries which hire blockchain software engineers include digital currencies, smart contracts, regulatory, banking and others.

2. Blockchain Project Manager

Blockchain companies are interested in developing solutions to optimize business processes. Blockchain Project Managers will help communicate with the client companies on what they require from a blockchain development company that can meet their complex business needs.

Project Managers are required to manage and facilitate blockchain technology projects that arise as the company takes on more work and clients. Project Managers should be qualified with an MBA degree or Masters.

The project manager is usually the primary person in an organization to communicate; if a company wants to bring in-house blockchain and adapt it to their platform. The blockchain project manager is tasked with outlining and controlling the execution of the blockchain project.

3. Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers will probably have the most robust career opportunities in the industry at present. Every industry and organizations like banks, financial firms, government organizations, insurance and technology companies want to develop by implementing blockchain platforms.

The blockchain platforms will provide better service for clients and optimize their businesses. For companies to use blockchain technology to increase efficiency and speed, platforms and programs must be developed by developers.

Today, blockchain developers are in demand, to become a successful developer it requires skills like Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C++, Javascript, Node.js, JQuery, SOAP, REST, FTP, XML, XSLT, HTML, Regression, Neural-networks, Agile Scrum, MYSQL.

4. Blockchain Technology Architect

Blockchain Technology Architect is a role that requires technical expertise. Blockchain technology architects are accountable for end-to-end implementation of blockchain solutions. Technology architects will have to engage in broad discussions on what and how technologies will be executed and often serve as the firm’s representative to customers.

Blockchain technology architect should have the knowledge and experience in the programming languages, that are required to produce blockchain applications and computer science degrees are must required for senior roles.

The architects are hired in industries like cloud services, cryptocurrency, web services and business services.

5. Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney

The blockchain technology is one of the most sought after technology and number of companies are looking forward to utilize its potential. With the increase in a number of companies with blockchain technology, the legal services are required to address regulations set by the authorities and governments.  

Many legal consultants or attorneys are in demand because to set-up business like ICO, STO and the individuals who are setting up the company doesn’t have much knowledge on regulations and laws that are governing the blockchain industry.

ICO/STO business persons also need legal advice on problems they may encounter when launching their businesses. Most of them will need legal administration as they grow and evolve, as more companies develop with blockchain technologies.

6. Blockchain Front End Engineer

Blockchain Front End Engineer is the one who creates that the end user sees, a front end engineer sets the best possible functionality on a blockchain firms’ platform. For front end engineer programming and interface, UX, UI skills experience is mandatory.

Specific programming languages will differ according to the company and its platform, but blockchain front end engineers are required to be masters of ledger technologies and programming languages like Angular, JavaScript and Redux as well as HTML and CSS.

Front end engineers educational requirements must include a degree in computer science, and computer scientists with work experience in computer design, web and programming.

Front end engineers are hired in industries like cryptocurrency, lending, banking, healthcare and more.

7. Blockchain engineer

A blockchain engineer is capable of producing and implementing digital solutions for businesses that are using blockchain technologies.

Engineers should be aware of new trends in technology and require to study the technology needs of the organizations. Blockchain engineers work on executing assets and accelerators; should analyze code.

Blockchain engineers should have skills in Hyperledger Fabric, Solidity, Ripple, Python, bitcoin, Java, Oracle Identity, as well as access management solutions.


In this article, we have explained about the top seven blockchain technology jobs to consider this year. If you want to develop your career in the blockchain industry, then the jobs mentioned above are the one you should look forward.

Blockchain Technology and careers related to it may increase more in coming years, as the technology is transforming each sector with solutions and addressing use-cases.

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