TOP 7 Blockchain Focused Startup Accelerators

The top seven blockchains focused startup accelerators are:

Levelten Top 7 Blockchain Focused Accelerators

1. H-FARM Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator (Deutsche Bank)

In cooperation with Deutsche Bank, H-Farm’s Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator program is dedicated to blockchain based innovative startups working on business solutions.

The accelerator program offers:

Industry Partners & Business Development

The program connects blockchain startups with leading industry partners ready to collaborate with innovative ventures. The industry partners organize dedicated counseling sessions and specific activities with each startup while considering feasible pilots, business development agreements, investments.

Mentorship & Workshops

Startups can attend workshops held by the program’s experts who incorporate essential themes such as Business Strategy and Development, Communication, Marketing, Coding, Dev, UX, Design, Legal and Fundraising. The startups can also meet with entrepreneurs, investors, managers and business leaders from the program’s international network.

Accelerator Team

Startups are provided with a full-time dedicated team that works closely with them during the program. The team consists of Accelerator Director, Program Manager, Operations Manager and Program Assistants. The team takes care of the startups’ stay and plan weekly meetings to monitor the progress.

Seed Investment and Demo Night

The selected team receives 20,000 Euros in cash with an opportunity for further funding from the H-FARM Investment fund at the completion of the program. Following the four months of acceleration, startups are encouraged to pitch at Demo Night to an international audience like business investors, angels, companies, and journalists.

Programs’ Tech Partners

Deutsche Bank offers hundreds of perks, like free and discounted services. The value offered by the bank is more than 450,000 Euros.

International Opportunity

Deutsche Bank is one of the principal members of the GAN (Global Accelerator Network). Once a startup takes part in the banks’ acceleration programs, it gains access to GAN Services: remote mentorships sessions, tech partners, and temporary desk space in other accelerators. Startups also have visibility to international investors.

Who can apply?

Startups working on blockchain technology-based solutions that can impact the areas like Commercial trade, Supply chain and logistics, Manufacturing, Payments (B2B), Legal & IP, IT (Cloud/Fog Technologies)

And the Startups should be working for the industries like Automotive, Food and Beverage, energy, oil and gas, construction, real estate, Finance (trading, exchange platforms, protocols, etc.), Insurance.

Headquarters: Roncade, Treviso, Italy


2. IBM Blockchain Accelerator

The IBM Blockchain Accelerator is a fee-based program designed to develop new blockchain network founders towards the aim of a successfully operating blockchain solution.

The accelerator program provides guidance, assistance, and technical expertise to lead the development of new blockchain solutions while recognizing the ecosystem of users and partners who benefit. The program is not only aiming for technology but the legal and business plans of establishing new blockchain networks as well.

IBM accelerator program will support for candidates who have an interest in developing a production blockchain network on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric. The accelerator will be considering strong teams that have the abilities to deploy a blockchain production network on an accelerated timeline.

The IBM accelerator provides:

  • Support and coaching from IBM’s Blockchain experts
  • Access to the IBM Blockchain Platform
  • Access to IBM’s pre-built blockchain software assets
  • Opportunity for co-marketing with IBM
  • Coding and architect
  • Founder learning sessions with a course designed to complement existing experiences.
  • Design Thinking Workshop in the IBM Blockchain Workshop
  • Opportunity for a six-week MVP built-on with the IBM Blockchain Workshop.

Headquarters: New York, United States


3. Adel

Adel is a cryptocurrency community technology incubator for blockchain innovation. Its community focuses on building, developing, and executing use cases involving blockchain technology that covers a wide range of digital and physical industries. The community selects blockchain projects and successful ventures are funded again for further growth and they are issued as rewards to Adel’s stakeholders.

Members vote on projects and can become profit participates when they are launched. Expertise within the community brings learning, mentoring and employment opportunities. Successful projects are funded for further development which is issued as rewards to members.

Adel is blockchain skeptic and will utilize the features of any open-ledger platform to showcase its potential. Our mission is to incubate projects that will positively change the world. The Adel Board will be in an advisory committee to give guidance to its community.

Headquarters: Douglas, Isle of Man


4. BitHub by Space Kenya Networks

BitHub.Africa is a Blockchain Accelerator that is concentrated on driving Financial and Energy access across Africa. BitHub believes that blockchain solutions will make valuable contributions to re-imagining and improving present traditional structures in the following areas:

  • Identity Management
  • Financial Services
  • Internet of Things -IOT
  • Sustainable Energy Access
  • Agribusiness

BitHub.Africa is bringing collective expertise to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain technologies with a focus on African countries; because African countries like Kenya are the innovative hub and disruptive financial technology-based solutions.

The accelerator program provides training and advisory services for businesses interested in implementing blockchain solutions across Africa and the Middle East. BitHub also guides and hosts blockchain developers at their facility hub in Nairobi producing the best pool of expertise.

Space Kenya has created a reputation by providing internet service and software solutions in Africa. Today, Space Kenya has placed itself as one of the best companies in developing and executing innovative digital technologies and solutions in Kenya and other African countries.

Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya


5. SparkChain Capital

SparkChain Capital is an early-stage VC fund focused on investing in the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations across the world.

SparkChain Capital is uniquely placed to seize opportunities across the top four blockchain markets in the world.

The fund is powered by SparkLabs Group, which comprises of SparkLabs accelerator network, Asia’s premier startup accelerators and many other places.

SparkChain Capital have investments and relationships in the U.S., Japan, China and South Korea. The firms’ network extends to financial regulators, top corporates to the best businesses in the market.

Headquarters: N/A


6. Block Chain Space

Block Chain Space is an accelerator for startups with capable visionaries building disruptive solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology.

Block Chain Space is an integrated environment favorable to creativity and collaboration, combining mentoring and coaching from industry experts. The accelerator has its presence in the global and universal level of blockchain technology.

Block Chain Space has its presence in many countries with a 12-week acceleration program to help its members benefit from the technology’s disruptive potential.

Headquarters: Hong Kong


7. Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures develops blockchain startups with entrepreneurs, corporate venturing capital partners and accelerators because the firm considers blockchains as networks, not platforms. Outlier Ventures is actively developing an ecosystem of partnerships to quickly innovate and scale well-funded startups with great teams of experienced professionals.

Outlier Ventures Ltd is the research and financial arm of the venture platform which tracks over 30 blockchain use cases. It serves as an incubator and accelerator involving venture partners, entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate partners to build a product and scale companies.

Headquarters: London, U.K



In this article, we have enlisted top blockchain focused startup accelerators which provide training, mentoring, funding for the early stage startups. The blockchain startups can present their ideas and projects to any of these accelerators and can be selected for their program.

After successful completion of the accelerator program, startups are provided a platform to pitch themselves across industry leaders, mentors, experts and more; which helps startups to expand their business and get brand attention.

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