Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins – 2020

In this post we take a look at the Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins.


1. Oh Crop

Available on: Android

On the top of our list is this highly addictive game, in which players are to dodge multiple projectiles and avoid being killed by the evil pants in the gameplay. During the game you havee to collect game tokens and power ups which help you to survive and kill the enemy plants. The primary goal of the game is to survive as long as possible with the highest amount of points. This simple and intuitive game relies on the in-games accelorometer (virtual joystick) for movement of your in-game character. This is not only a great smartphone game, but the fact that you can earn Bitcoins as a reward while playing makes it even that much more addictive.

In order to claim your Bitcoins, you need to make it to the top 15 strongest players on the leaderboard. Don’t worry if you don’t make it at first, as the game has cycles that last several days, where the leaderboard is reset after each cycle.

Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins - 2019

2. Spells of Genesis

Available on: Android, iOS, Desktop

The longest running Bitcoin RPG to date, Spells of Genesis is everything you ever wanted in a Bitcoin RPG game and more. You can play this amazing RPG on both desktop and mobile devices. This RPG mixes the trading card game genre, with a strategy based game, as well as implementing arcade style gaming elements.

You’ll need to collect, trade, and combine orbs in order to build the strongest gameplay deck you can in order to test them against other opponents while exploring the vast world of Askian. Unlike other free Bitcoin RPG games, players are able to actually own their in-game items and cards outside of the game itself on blockchain. Now keep in mind that you can exactly earn Bitcoin directly within the game, however you do build up a collection of rare cards, which when fully upgraded, can be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain utilizing Counterparty protocol.

This in turn allows you to trade with other players on the decentralized exchange. If you’re lucky enough to snag a rare or powerful card, you’ll have no problem finding another player willing to purchase it on the exchange.

Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins - 2019

3. CryptoAssault

Available on: Web

CryptoAssault is a warfare game where every unit owns the land in a radius around them. The more territory a player owns, the more they are rewarded. Everyday the players are rewarded with Ethereum based on the amount of land they owned throughout that day. Also, a satellite will drop from the sky once a day that contains a huge reward. If that satellite lands within a player’s territory, they will receive a ton of Ethereum!

You can use Ethereum to buy units on the blockchain! Every unit is a unique, tradeable ERC-721 token. Purchase units from our Early bird Sale below and get a headstart on building your army. Units can be combined together to form more powerful units. They also will not be destroyed if they die in battle! They will just go back to your inventory to be repaired for a few hours.

Enter a huge 3D world with thousands of players. Units will be moving in real-time to capture territory, mine resources and battle other units. Units from your inventory will start at the edge of the map. A unit must refuel for 3 hours after every move and has a max distance that it can travel at a time. Ground units will need to avoid water, trees, mountains and other ground units while aerial units will be able to fly over most obstacles.

Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins - 2019

4. Steem Monsters

Available on: Web

Steem Monsters is a collectible card game. All card ownership information and game result data is stored on the Steem blockchain.

As is typical for card collecting games, the main focus of the gameplay revolves around battles. Winners of low-level tournaments can expect to earn experience points and booster decks. Higher-level tournament winners will be paid in Steem, Steem dollars, and rare cards. You’ll also find a marketplace. You can buy, sell, and trade cards with other players. Steem is the market’s currency.

Steem itself is a well-established crypto token. On occasion, it has been a top 10 coin by market cap. Today, it’s a top 50 coin. One Steem token is worth approximately $0.40. Its all-time high is $7.31.

Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins - 2019

5. Alien Run

Available on: Android, iOS

If you enjoy classic arcade games, Alien Run is definitely worth checking out. The gameplay is simple but addictive: You take the role of an alien who needs to jump, dodge, and run its way to safety, all while avoiding the objects heading your way.

As you progress through the levels, your alien will power up and learn new skills. More importantly, you’ll also be able to claim rewards for each completed level. The difficulty of the levels progresses over time, but so too does the amount of Bitcoin reward on offer.

Top 5 Games To Earn Cryptocurrency And Bitcoins - 2019

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