Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

In this post we take a look at the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps


As the number of cryptocurrency users rise across the globe, tracker applications have become the need of the hour. These trackers or rather portfolio applications lend immense support to professional traders, investors and not to forget the newbies too. They provide an intricate way of monitoring currency and tokens of interest in real time. Because of the present day disruptions in the crypto market, it is important for users to keep a constant check on their portfolios. Failing to do so, might lead to mismanagement of your currencies. Using these trackers, one can keep tabs on the marketplace on an hourly, daily or even monthly basis.

As new users keep raging in with investments into the trading space, the number of apps and sites designed to track the performance of a users’ portfolio has exploded. Incredibly, right now there are more than 200 different crypto portfolio tracker apps available just on the Appstore alone. Some of these tracker apps are loaded with tons of features and it might seem a daunting task to understand which tracker is ideal for a user.

Based on our experience and other user reviews, here are the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps for you;

1. Blockfolio [ Rating – 8.5/10]

On the top of our list is Blockfolio! Blockfolio is the world’s most popular FREE Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app, with support for 8,000+ top cryptocurrencies. It is available on both the iOS and the Android platform as well. With a review score of 4.7 on the App store, this app remains highly regarded by its users. Those looking for a desktop app though will be disappointed.

Blockfolio’s charting abilities are impressive and it also boasts support for 207 exchanges, with more no doubt in the pipeline. However some common trading pairs, such as USDT, are also not available for certain exchanges. Amongst its other key features, Blockfolio’s notification functions are ideal for those looking to receive instant alerts when a specific price level is hit. A news aggregator tab provides a useful way of staying on top of the latest happenings. The new Signal feature, provides instant updates from the development teams of your portfolio teams, although some may find these notifications a little distracting.

Some of its highlights are;

  • Great charting
  • News aggregator
  • Price-based alerts

To get a detailed perspective on How to use Blockfolio’s App – Click Here

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

2. Delta [Rating – 8/10]

Second on our list, is Delta’s – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker. Yet again, this is one of the better known porfolio app that is available across all the different platforms – Desktop [macOS, Windows and Linux], and iOS/Android mobile.

With close to a Million downloads, Delta modestly describes itself as “the best Bitcoin, ICO and Cryptocurrency tracker. Everywhere.” Delta, with its software tracks – a vast array of tokens (2000+) in support of its claim to have the largest library of supported coins. It also garners consistently high reviews (4.8 out of 5 on Appstore). Exchange support (175+), API connection functionality (to 13 exchanges) and a clear interface complete what is a highly compelling package — let down only by some rather limited charting and notification options.

Some of its highlights are;

  • Large range of tokens and exchanges
  • Standalone desktop app
  • Trading fees tracked
  • Multiple portfolio support

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

3. Coinstats [Rating – 7.5/10]

Coinstats is yet another highly rated app that is available on the iOS, Mac OS and Android platform. While the user interface lacks a little of the refinement found in some of the other players, it has some great functionality on its side. It features 1800 coins, with live prices from more than 80 exchanges.

Automated exchange portfolio import functionality is available for an impressive 30+ exchanges. Its news aggregator tracks a wide range of sources (40+), including reddit and twitter for each coin. Coinstats alert settings are also a differentiator, with the ability to receive notifications based on not only price, but also market cap and volume. There is a (relatively novel) chatbot to automatically answer your coin-related queries. Pro functionality (£27.99 a year) allows multiple portfolios and useful auto alerts when coins rapidly change in price by 10%+.

Some of its highlights are;

  • Powerful alerts
  • Impressive news updates
  • Good exchange integration

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

4. CryptoCompare [Rating – 7/10]

Cryptocompare — currently available across all the three plaforms, namely website, iOS and Android— positions itself as a professional, and data-focused hub suitable for organisations and individuals alike.

There’s no doubt that the interface is very impressive, surfacing a huge amount of data on each asset. With news, articles and forum posts adding to the depth of insight and analysis available, it’s easy to see why many pro-traders rate this as a go-to site. A timeline function shows the key milestones in a token’s evolution and the influence tab provides some insight into sentiment across social-media platforms. With far too many other features to list here, this is one that’s definitely worth checking-out yourself.

Some of its highlights are;

  • Vast amount of information available
  • 5000 coins and 240,000 trading pairs covered
  • Robust, established platform

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps

5. CoinManager [Rating – 6/10]

Coinmanager is an attractive app available for iOS and Android. As well as solid alert functions (by both price and volume), it offers some impressive and unique features. Charting for example is powered by the industry leading Trading View, enabling the use of multiple indicators. With over 350,000 users, it’s an app that is essential cryptocurrency investing.

An arbitrage function tracks price differential between exchanges. Its also possible to trade directly through the app, via API links to Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb and Coinone.

Some of its highlights are;

  • Tradingview powered charting
  • Arbitrage function
  • In-app trading

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker Apps


And if, anyone of you would like to venture into this space of creating a rad portfolio tracker app, here are a couple of points/features worth noting down just in case; **DRUMROLL**

· Standalone Mobile and Desktop apps with slick UI

· All coins and exchanges tracked and easily integrated

· Great charting capability and indicators, even on mobile

· Alerts based on a range of criteria

· Customisable news and social media aggregation

And whilst you’re thinking about your quest to glory by creating the perfect tracker app, it’s clear that there’s enough choice out there in the current crop of trackers to satisfy most people’s needs — so here’s to happy tracking, trading and investing!


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