Top 10 US Election Apps

The US presidential elections of 2016 is constitutionally prescribed to occur on the 8th of November. It will be the 58th US presidential election. As the election heats up, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 US Election Apps. With the help of these apps you can follow every update, topic and debate of the election.

  1. 2016 Election App

One can follow the US presidential election very easily on this app – 2016 Election App. The app provides you with the latest news on debates and primaries. Complete debate schedules for Republicans and Democratic candidates are available on the app. The app also features a selection of news on all the candidates in an unbiased manner. The app alerts the user with the help of push notifications to notify them about debate timings and debate videos. Links to debate live streams and full videos are available on the app. The 2016 Election App provides the user withe the primary schedule, delegate count, debate schedules and debate ticketing information. This app very efficiently provides the user with all the information on the election in an organised manner.

Top 10 US election apps

2. US Elections 2016 – Latest news, Polls and Campaign Updates

US Election 2016 provides news feed to it’s users covering the top political stories in the US from the top news source. The feed does not feature repeated stories. User can subscribe to push notification on select parties, candidates and topics. Links to YouTube channels that features debates, appearance and other election are readily available on the app. You can also save stories on the app to read later. The app allows the user to personalize his/her news feed, where you can choose to follow specific news, block topics that do not interest you and choose topics you want to get notifications from. If you want to voice your opinion then you can comment on any article you want. Collapse mode is available exclusively for iPhone users which allows the user to skim through their new feed and decide which article to read, save or share.

Top 10 US election apps

3. CNN Politics

CNN Politics is a data-driven app that tracks the latest polling, delegate, voting and fundraising data behind the 2016 Presidential Election race. Users can personalize their feed with selected alerts and notification. CNN Politics features exclusive data-driven stories that give the readers an idea of who is leading the election. Exclusive CNN videos are available on the app. Social polling segments feature on the app to reflect the reader’s sentiments.

Top 10 US election apps

4. Voter – Matchmaking for Politics

This is one of the most interesting app on the list. The app Voter uses a concept similar to that used by dating sites like Tinder. Voter is an app that matches the politically concerned citizen with their best suited candidate. Voter analyzes political data like public stances, voting records and speeches. The app presents the user with simple questions about their political opinion. Issues regarding the country are presented to the reader. Bullet points regarding the various subjects and discussions are presented with their pros and cons.

The major issue about the politics today is that the voters are not fully aware of the situation, take the BREXIT for example. This app is designed to educate and raise awareness among the voters by providing easy access to a candidates position and a quick summary of their political history, finances, speeches, debates and contributions. The Voter app provide an enjoyable experience to it’s users. This app is the Tinder for politics !

Top 10 US election apps

5. White House Run

White House Run is an app created by Reuters. White House Run lets you create an avatar and create their ideal candidate to compete with friends on Facebook. Users will first have to answer initial setup questions which include gender, ethnicity, religion, party affiliation and top policy priority. Players have to voice their opinion on issues ranging from gun control, immigration, terrorism and environmental problems. The knowledge of the players will be tested on current events on ” press conferences “, “debates” and “talk shows”. White House Run is an innovative app that encourages public participation and allows players to connect to Facebook to compare scores with your friends.

Top 10 US election apps

6. 270 to WIN

The candidate who receives the absolute majority of the votes i.e 270 votes is elected to the White House. The app allows users to make predictions on the presidential elections. Users have to decide which state will go to the Republican Party, which ones go to the Democratic party and which ones are leaning, likely or undecided on the map. The app has an impressive record on the history of American politics. This feature show how different states voted, their number of votes, issues prevalent and voting information. Data on the states their number of electoral votes, voting history, state history and whether they voted for the eventual winner is also available.Top 10 US election apps

7. Election HQ 2016

Election HQ is a news based app. The app provides you with all the information regarding the presidential elections. Election HQ provides coverage of  2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The app also gives you an idea which candidate your opinion aligns with regarding certain political issues. Live streaming of the conventions are available on the app. Users can score the candidates while watching their debates with a simple thumps up or thumps down. After the debate, the user will receive a ” Debate Scorecard “, informing them which candidate they align with the most. You can even follow live blog and tweets from famous personalities on the app.

Top 10 US election apps

8. All Politics

Another news based app on our list of the top 10 US election apps. all Politics is an app that presents the user with all political news from US and the rest of the World. This app compiles original news from various source like FOX, Politico and others. The radio facility is available on the app, if you are not to keen on reading. All Politics also features humorous political satire and cartoons.

Top 10 US election apps

9. Election Day

Election day is an interesting game play app, where the user can play as one of the twelve candidates. You can choose to be a Republican or a Democrat and make them take over the White House. The player has to voice his/her opinion on current issues and debate with other players. Issues like gun control, terrorism and immigration are the most discussed topics. You can also resort to dirty play by running negative ad campaigns against your opponents. Overall, the app is very interesting one should check it out !

Top 10 US election apps

10. Polltracker

Last but not the least on our list of the top 10 US election app is Polltracker. It is similar to a few apps mentioned above with it’s features of covering the political scenario minute by minute and updating it’s users. The app provides it’s user with a brief overview and detailed look at individual polls. The app alerts user via push notifications on the latest news. Polltracker will keep you up to date and informed on the political scene in the country.

Top 10 US election apps

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