Top 10 Christian Phone Cases

Christian themed Phone Cases have been in the demand for quite some time now with devotees wanting to express their spiritual side very dominantly. Thereby keeping this in mind designers have come up various concepts to meet the rising demand for cases and a few them have been very catchy with either the graphical content or the text that’s displayed on the case. Here in this post we’ll cover the Top 10 Christian Phone Cases.

  • On the top spot we have an artist’s rendition of the portrait of Jesus. The spur of vibrant and extravagant colors make it very appealing and the design speaks for itself. Manufactured on a fibre base, this case offers more grip so that you have a firm hold on your phone and it doesn’t slip. The case offers you a great returns for the money you’re investing on it.( Click here to buy )Christian iPhone Cases
  • Taking the second spot on our list is a glow in the dark rendition to the Classical Cross that Jesus was crucified on. With an abstract galaxy themed background on a solid blue base, the design offers a great bit of detailing and comes with a high quality finish which makes it a great accessory to bolster your latest gadget with.( Click here to buy )Christian iPhone Cases
  •  This case makes it to second spot on our list of the Top 10 Christian Phone Cases. Taking inspiration from Matthew 3:16, when Jesus was baptized the heavens opened and the Spirit of the Lord descended upon him in the form of a dove. Dove represents peace.( Click here to buy )Christian iPhone Cases


  • This case focuses on one word particularly and the entire concept is based upon that; “Borders”! The background detailing of the concept is the World Map which acts as a backbone. This is a prayer for those travelling to unknown lands and for those going on risky expeditions, to keep them safe from any harm or danger. So if you’re travelling anytime soon and you’re a Christian who needs rest assurance of his spirit to guide you, this case is for you.( Click here to buy )



  • Featuring Psalms 116, written by King David, the verses from this chapter offers praises to the Almighty for the good works that he has done. It is delightful case with the text being written in modern calligraphy style in bold. The text is printed on a white base which offers even more attraction to the piece. This case holds the fifth spot on our list of the Top 10 Christian Phone Cases.( Click here to buy )



  • For those ladies looking for simple yet a classy design to bolster to iPhone with, this case is the perfect fit. A perfect floral design with a Cross, this design is definitely something you should look into if floral is your thing. The floral design blends in perfectly with the Cross sign. This is one design that has made a lot of noise in the market. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on it asap before stocks run out!( Click here to buy )



  • An abstract theme with a classical space expedition in the background. This case brings out the contrasting features of both the spiritual realm and the outer space realm. Focusing on every bit of the minute detailing this case pioneers the new you giving the glory, honor and praise to the one above. So if you’re looking for an offbeat case this one’s for you. This case is inspired from the song ‘Beautiful Things’, by Michael Gungor.( Click here to buy )



  • Created by Javier Martinez from the United States, this case has been inspired by the Madonna & Child stained glass window inside St George’s Martyr Church. It’s the actual image that’s found on the window. With certain altercations the image has been highly enhanced. This case makes a great fit for your phone!( Click here to buy )



  • The Crown of Thorns takes us back in time to the sufferings and the humiliation borne by Christ before his crucifixion. The spiritual context of it being that Christ, in His perfect atoning sacrifice, has delivered us from the curse of sin, of which a thorn is a symbol. Clad in red and a with a superb design this case is a relives the Christian spirit in you.( Click here to buy )



  • A perfect gift or all the women. From the book of Proverbs, this verse speaks of the remarkable things that a woman can bring into your life. The verse signifies the importance of woman and speaks fondly of her. If you think the women in your life be it your mother, sister, wife or daughter are truly remarkable; this case is dedicated to them.( Click here to buy )



We’ll keep this post updated with new series of Christian Phone Cases as and when we come across new ones. Do share your thoughts and let us know if there are furthermore better designs.



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