Top 10 Christian Apps for Android and IOS

There are so many apps based on Christianity available today. Here is a list of the Top 10 Christian Apps, to help you to pick the best of the bunch.

1. Jesus Film ( click HERE )

The Jesus Film app has a collection of full length and clips of Christian themed movies. The app’s main focus is to reach out to as many people as possible, therefore the movies on the app are available in more than 1000 different languages and dialects. The search tool on the app is very efficient, the user can find any movie on the basis of country, language, name, theme and title of the film depending on it’s availability on the Jesus Film App’s collection. Some of the featured films on the apps are ‘ Jesus ‘, ‘ Magdalena’, ‘ Following Jesus’ , ‘ Walking with ‘ and ‘ My Last Day ‘. You can find this app on both App Store and Google Play.

2. UNCOMMEN  ( click HERE )

UNCOMMEN is not a Christian themed app as such, but the app encourages us to live better lives. UNCOMMEN is for me. According to UNCOMMEN’s official site, ” UNCOMMEN exists to encourage men to be better leaders, husbands and dads by equipping individuals and organisations with inspiring and educational resources”. UNCOMMEN encourages the user to experience the app with friends and family, the app places challenges to user which are intended to help the user grow into a better person. There may be nothing religious about this app but the principles are alike, after all our religions tell us to be the best person we can. UNCOMMEN is available to download on both App Store and Google Play. UNCOMMEN holds the 3rd place in our list of Top 10 Christian Apps.

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3. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Read & Play ( click HERE )

Everybody loves Christmas ! Therefore a Christmas themed app was obvious for our list for the Top 10 Christmas Apps. The Grinch first appeared in the 1957 story written by Dr. Suess. The story has been adapted into movies and animated series. The Grinch is a fictional character in Dr. Suess’s story, who is very grumpy and does not like Christmas time celebrations. The Grinch is now a Christmas holiday icon.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Read & Play is a interactive storytelling app. You can choose to read the story with highlight narration or on autoplay or you can read it yourself. With colorful pictures, reading this classic story is even more fun. Furthermore, the app features different games like puzzles, word search, memory match and more! How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Read & Play is available on both App Store and Google Play.

4. Red Stamp ( click HERE )

Red Stamp is an app that allows you to create digital paper cards. You can also take photos from your camera roll or take an in-app photo for your digital cards. Color schemes are available to further personalize your card. Therefore this app is perfect to send greetings on special days like Christmas and Easter. You can send your Christmas or Easter greetings to your loved ones directly from the Red Stamp app via email, tweet, text or you can post it on facebook. So next Christmas don’t forget send greetings to your family and friends via the Red Stamp app. The app is free to download on App Store and Google Store. Red Stamp takes the 5th rank in our list of Christian Apps.

5. Bible ( Click HERE )

The Holy Bible on your phone ! Bible was a predictable choice on our list of Top 10 Christian Apps. This app allows you to read, listen, watch and share the Bible. The Bible is available is many different language on the app. Furthermore you can highlight and save your favorite verses, add your own images and private notes. Different versions of the Bible are available to download for offline reading. Audio Bibles are also available to download. Reading on this app is also very convenient, one can change the font and size of the text and also adjust the contrast for bright and low reading conditions. The option to share verses of the Bible is also available via text, email or social media. The Bible app is perfect for a regular bible reader. This modern day version of the Bible is available to download for free on App Store and Google Play.

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6. Sing Along Christmas Carols

One thing we all love about Christmas season is the carols. Listening to carols suddenly on a July Monday can bring the cheerful Christmas memories back. The Sing Along Christmas Carols app is a karaoke styled app. Enjoy the holiday spirit along with your family and friends singing on this app. You can also adjust the tempo of the carol if you prefer the carol to be slow or fast.

Love singing Christmas carol but can’t remember the lyrics ? Then this app is for you. The Sing Along Christmas Carols App is only available to download on App Store. Happy Singing !

7. Christian Calendar ( click HERE )

The Christian calendar app is a useful app to keep track and stay aware of various holidays and celebration regarding the Christian faith. This calendar notifies on special days like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday whose dates seem to change every year. The app is available to download on both App Store and Google Play. This interesting Christian calendar takes the 8th position in our list of Top 10 Christian Apps.

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8. Bible Quizzer ( click HERE )

The Bible quizzer is quick-fire quiz game. You have to correctly answer the bible related question in a given time period. This is a fun way to increase your knowledge about the most read book in the world, the Bible. The game has various modes and also contain audio tracks. You can download the Bible Quizzer on App Store and Google Play.

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9. You Version

The You Version app is similar to the ‘ Bible ‘ App mentioned above. You Version is considered as one of the best bible reading apps. You can read and share your favorite verses. Various versions of the Bible are available on You Version in more than hundred different languages. You Version is available on App Store and Google Play.


The Happiness app is one of a kind. This incredible Christian app is simple yet Powerful. The content shared is done to make your day better. The app gives you a Holy message daily. The message is a combination of a powerful God image with a striking quote from God.

The beauty of this app is the information each picture has hidden beneath it. Tapping on the “i” icon on each image, you get to learn the significance of the image. You also have good sharing options to share the image with its message to any of your loved ones instantly and make their day Happy as well. This incredible app holds the first position in our list of best Christian Apps.

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