Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

We’ll help you discover some amazing apps which use the concept of Augmented Reality. Given below is a list of Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps. But firstly, what is Augmented Reality? We have heard of virtual reality (VR). So what is Augmented Reality(AR)?  The basic definition of the word “Augmented” means to enhance or made greater in size or value. Let’s apply the same meaning to this ‘AR’ terminology.

AR is basically a live direct or indirect version of your environment or your reality by augmenting it using tools like GPS, audio-video effects ans so on. Also, AR is the blend of Real life and Virtual Reality. There are some apps which use the concept of AR. Let’s check them out ! Here are the top 10 Augmented Reality Apps:

  1. Word Lens

Platform available: Android/iOS

This app is the most practical app on our list of Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps. This is one of the most important apps, one has to have on his/her phone. Although it has not been very prominent in the market, it is something which is very essential.

How? Ever been in a place where you did not understand the language? What if you don’t understand the signs on the board or the menu of a restaurant in some strange place where people speak a different language? The Word Lens app translates texts for you to understand. Very helpful, right ?

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

The procedure is simple. All you got to do, is point your camera at the sign, while the app is open and select the language you want it to translate to. Additionally, if the app is unable to translate for you, it has in-built dictionary for almost all languages. Comes real handy. Google has now hijacked this app and used it in Google Translate.

2. Augment

Platform available: iOS/Android

Next on our Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps list is “Augment”. This app is a boon for decorators and interior designers. This app uses AR to visualize objects in real-time and the original size. For instance, if you have purchased a new LED TV and don’t know where to put it. You could take any object as a reference and try fitting it anywhere you want. The app will give you the image of how that TV will look at that particular spot.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

As you can see in the image above, it is all about perception and ‘Your Imagination turns to Reality’. Having something like this makes your life a little bit easier.

3. Google Sky Maps

Platform Available: Android

Stargazing is a hobby which most of us enjoy. Wondering what the night sky is trying to tell us. Google Sky Maps is another great AR app which will tell you about a star and what constellation it is part of while you lay down and enjoy the night sky.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

All you gotta do is to lie down. How easy is that. Enjoy while you learn !

4. Layar

Platform available: iOS/Android/Blackberry

Finding services near you has never been easier. Layar app uses your camera and gives you over 3000 layers of digital information. This also shows twitter activity from the nearby locale. This is basically an AR browser. It works only with a working data connection. Layar is also one of the biggest and best AR and interactive print technology.

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

This app is underrated and is actually very good. Try it !

5. Zombies Everywhere:

Platform: iOS/ (Developing stages for android)

This app could potentially change the future of the gaming industry. We have all played games on our phones and every game has its own map or gameplay environment. This app converts your surrounding environment into a gaming platform on your screen with the help of your phone’s camera. Amazing, right ?

Here’s how the game looks:

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

This is on a hand-held device. Now imagine this on your high-end PC’s and PlayStation and Xbox. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

6. Anatomy 4D:

Platform available: iOS/Android(Developing Stages) 

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

Ever wanted to study the 2-D images printed on your book in a 3-D way? Obviously yes. This is a boon for all the biology students especially who learn about different kinds of anatomy. Be it the heart, brain or any other integral part of our human body, learning about it becomes much simpler now. It brings the book to life.

7.  iONRoad Augmented Driving:

Platforms available: iOS/Android(Paid app: $4.99) 

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

This app assists drivers so as to prevent any accidents by providing collision alerts and other data. The app has a ‘Visual Radar’. This uses the sensors on your device to calculate the distance and speed of the car/ traffic in front of you. Also, it takes snapshots so that it can analyse your driving patterns and assist you in driving. iONRoad is a fantastic app and it can help prevent so many accidents.

8. Mybrana 3D:

Platform: iOS/Android

For all the future filmmakers who want a feel of VFX without spending a lot of money and also people who just want to have fun, this the app for them. Small pieces of animation are called as ‘branas’ in this app. Most of the branas are available for free while some of them are paid. Imagine having dragons and all the mythical creature actually coming to life and you could create something with your imagination. So let your creativity fly.

Checkout the video above to get a real idea of Mybrana.

9. Wikitude

Platform available: iOS/Android.

It is a library for location-based AR, image processing, tracking and similar purposes. All these features are embedded in one place to give the ultimate augmented reality experience. For instance, you can search for a place like ‘Italian Restaurant’ and then just take your smartphone out and waver in the air like you are taking a panorama shot. It will give you the closest and approximate destinations that you need to go to with all the digital information. not just for restaurants, you could do this for monuments and it will give you all the information as well as the history behind it.

10. Sunseeker

Platform available: iOS/Android (Paid app: $9.99)

Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

Last but not the least on our Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps list is the app “Sunseeker”.

Each and every one of us depends on the sun in one way or another. Some more than others. We have so many professions that require intensive knowledge of the Sun: Farming, Astronomy, Meteorology, Navigation and so many more. This app provides a compass, shows the solar path, it’s hour intervals and it’s rising and setting timings . It has a practical applications for navigators, architects and many other professions.

We hope that our list for the Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps was educating and helpful. Don’t forget to try out the apps mentioned above !


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