Top 10 app ideas 2017

Our list of Top 10 app ideas 2017. This isn’t one of those recirculated / Re-syndicated posts that comes up every year, before the New Year strikes.

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We’ve analysed the trends over the few months, spoke to developers who built some amazing products for their clients, borrowed a bit of research from our friendly App Analytics firm to write this one up.

Be assured, this is based on facts that you can pretty much rely on and it’s bound to take off in 2017.

Also take a look at the list of general Business ideas for 2017.

1. Ecommerce Bot

This is a technology wave you would really regret not catching up with, if you miss it. It’s the next big thing and its in its nascent stages.

Imagine having a salesman who works for you 24×7 365 without complaining, that’s not really possible is it?

That wasn’t the case, until now. A lot of tech savy eCommerce store owners are expressing their interest in integrating a bot that would help their customers with queries related to products, sales, pricing, discounts etc. All you have to do is pre-feed it with questions, a lot of developers are experimenting with the idea of letting the AI learn as it speak to customers to tackle questions and possibly would be in a better position to understand patterns of customers behaviour to give them discounts only when needed to increase Sales and Revenue simultaneously.

Added to that the bots can also manage your inventory, report sales and can also help you in taking sales and marketing decisions. The bots doesn’t exactly reside as a separate app, but rather as an integrated service that is embedded functionality within an eCommerce app or can communicate with your customers through Facebook, Whatsapp. Hence its on our top 10 app ideas 2017 list.

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2. On Demand Delivery apps

People want convenience and are impatient, they need to get things done from the comfort of their couches and they also expect things they buy online to be available within the next few hours. That’s possible now, we’ve seen that happen with Amazon Prime Now.

Inspired by the Amazon Prime model, a lot of brick and mortar businesses, product rental businesses, Supermarkets are in favour of going online to give their customers the convenience as they respect their time.

Compared to previous years, Its even easier to deploy that these days, there are  Amazon Prime Now clone softwares which are readily available.

3, IOT Remote Control app

A friend of mine runs a San Francisco based Consultancy Services firm, around mid 2016, there were a lot of queries for building IOT devices, now the cost of making the products and the process involved were way too high. They did what most of the companies do when handling hardware manufacturing, you guessed it right. CHINA.

Around the same time, there were a lot of IOT related startups which were prototyping their products in various form factors. You can visit some Kickstarter projects to get an idea.

But here’s the problem. There are way too many options for customers. It’s not necessary that a customer has to get a product from the same manufacturer, along with it comes the trouble of installing different apps to control all the products separately.
Since, all the apps use a specific protocol like Zigbee or other few, you can develop a single IoT remote control app which communicates with most of the devices. (Some of the products may run on custom protocols) . It solves the problem for users and manufacturers. Good enough to be considered for our top 10 app ideas 2017 list.

4. Payment Apps

Payment Processing, Cashless Transactions are set to be one of the top 10 app ideas 2017. If you’ve seen the new Macbook Pro, Apple has tightly integrated APPLE PAY in iPhone 7, Macbook Pro products.

Following the recent trends in India, Digital wallets have become a widely adopted mode of payment. It allows for easier payments without any hassle. Of Course, If you’re developing a Payment processing app for your country, you’ll have to follow their standards

5. Virtual Reality Game app

Top 10 app ideas 2017

Virtual Reality is catching up, Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, Hive VR etc, are all here. It’s only wise that there should be more content for those platforms. Virtual Reality experience for mobile is still in it’s nascent stages. Soon in a Year’s time there would be cheaper devices that would flood the market soon. Around the same time next year.

6. Virtual Assistant apps

Machine Learning is still evolving, there are services like Siri, Cortana, Google Now from Major players like Google, Apple etc. and can do only so much. Who wouldn’t love a full scale JARVIS like app that helps with most aspects of your life, controlling the devices in your home and all that jazz. Think about it, wouldn’t it be fun?

You will be seeing a lot of action in this area in the year, 2017. Definitely worth mentioning in the 6th place on our top 10 app ideas 2017 list.

7. Augmented Reality Shopping

If you’re wondering how this made it to our top 10 app ideas 2017 list, it’s because back in 2010 they tried Augmented reality based Shopping, it didn’t succeed. Wrong time, wrong place. That isn’t the case now with more supporting hardware in the picture. Local Outlets want to showcase the best offers in-store. Augmented Reality can help. Already there are a few apps trying to do that in their neighbourhood and there’s still space for more players in the segment.

One part of the problem is solved by making the app, the other part would be to on-board the stores to your platform. Takes a lot of marketing and negotiation skills to work on this. A Promising area for you to startup in this segment.

8. Games

Games are always on our list, from complex genres to the irritatingly stupid but addictive ones like the Flappy bird game. This category made it’s way to our top 10 app ideas 2017 list with ease. Mobile games have a really good earning potential if engineered right. The ads, in app purchases. (I still can’t believe I purchased that crappy Power extension pack for $20, it was addictive) . It is relatively easier to make them.

9. Dating 

Tinder, Hinge and all the services are there but aren’t perfect. People in other countries outside the US are opening up to the idea of Online Dating. Trust building, marketing, technology are some of the areas you’ll need to look into when you’re building one. And oh, Tinder is patenting the Left and Right swipe concept and are going after apps with this feature. If you do make a dating app, come up with a different concept.


10. Marketing Automation App

Have you seen KIT? The marketing automation crm that got acquired by Shopify. It’s a bot and it automates sales and marketing. It was beautiful and Shopify bought that made it available exclusively for Shopify.

The Problem? They don’t make stuff like that anymore. 🙁 I couldn’t find a service that is so perfect like that to sign up for my own store. I’ve been championing Prime Fusion for a while now and I don’t want to move to Shopify.

You see the problem, there are others like me, who are stuck with Magento, Woocommerce and would really love a service like KIT. It’s probably time you built one and let us know in the comments when you do. So we and a lot of people who need it can try it out.

These are the top 10 app ideas that want you guys to know. Fill us in if you do have something interesting to share in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

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