9 Tinder pick up lines that will work out instantly!

10 Haha.. just works!
9 Very clever
10 Used them
8 This is cool

On a scale of 9 to 1, present below are a list of Top Tinder pick up lines that we have hand-picked for you 🙂  Lets start with the 9th one first.

9) No words. Just get straight to the point!
Best Tinder openersThis one is real clever 🙂
– Makes you seem like a man of very little words.
– Gives you the tempting ‘ Man of action ‘ figure!
– Paints you as the macho cool guy everyone is after.
– Portrays that ‘I dont give a damn’ picture.
Holds the 9th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines 🙂

8) Create a Confusion. Then break the ice.
Best Tinder openers This one is a great conversation starter.
– Uses the element of confusion. A confused persons always replies 🙂
– The answer gives a sweet relief. Makes you look ingenious.
– Its a joke hidden beneath a question. Makes the person want more!
– Quickly helps the other person build a personality of you.
Holds the 8th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines 🙂

7) A famous statement. Customized 🙂
Tinder chat up linesThis is a compelling opener, in its own way 🙂
– Employs a famous movie dialogue ( Liam Neeson narrates this in the movie TAKEN ). The dialogue is customized to suit her.
– Gets your crush thinking. Yes, in a subtle manner you are provoking her to think, and you are tagged inn those thoughts 🙂
– The dialogue is chosen carefully. A dialogue delivered by an Alpha male, but customized strongly to impress her. It gives the ‘Aww’ feel!
– Every time she hears this famous movie dialogue, you got her thinking about you and what you said 🙂
Holds the 7th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines 🙂

6) Makes her give you the Number!

Tinder conversation starters This one is specifically tailored to get her Number.
– There is a subtle puzzle hidden in this approach that makes it exciting to read & think about.
– The perfect bait. Makes her await to see the puzzle un-fold into a proposal 🙂
– Makes you look bold.
– Gives the humor filled clever guy look, who gives a serious effort to impress.
– Creates a closed loop for the girl. Makes it tough for her to resist.
Holds the 6th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines 🙂

5) Nothing can STOP you!

Tinder conversation starters This one is a perfect ice breaker.
– Just dismisses the ONE big condition she has mentioned on her profile. Makes it into a JOKE!
– ‘Damn, this guy knows what he wants’ is the first opinion this Tinder conversation starter gives.
– Gives you that bold yet clever look.
– You just made the most common line put up by any girl – meaningless. Paints you as the un-stoppable force in the readers mind.
Holds the 5th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines 🙂

4) Play it CUTE.

Tinder pick up linesThis one works with a lot many girls.
– Girls like anything cute. While a lot many guys try bold & out right Tinder openers, you chose to say it in a calm and cute manner. This gives you a brownie point.
– There is LOVE in you conversation starter. Girls like it.
– While many openers dont praise the lady – you are doing it. Has its own benefits 🙂
Holds the 4th position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines.

3) Show you are Smart!

Best Tinder openers This one is unique.
– First it gives the reader an instant feel that she is dealing with someone smart.
– Her ego pushes to reply smart. Only, to realize that you are smarter in the next reply 🙂
– Creates a sense of intellectual competition that gives you a brainy image.
– ‘He wont leave until he gets what he wants’ is the thought you are putting in her mind.
Holds the 3rd position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines.

2) You are the perfect Pickup artist!

Tinder pick up lines This one is special and out right.
– Gives you the perfect BIG BOY image. Works perfectly for Tinder hookup strategies.
– Saves you time. Either its a YES or NO. So you can fish somewhere else.
– With this, you pull her into Murky waters. Makes her un-comfortable…but interesting!
– The naughty picture at the end of the conversation gives you the perfect edge to dictate things further.
Holds the 2nd position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines.

1) You are the clever alpha wolf – none can resist!
Tinder pick up lines

This one is the smoothest of all.
– Your tinder opener, is amde to look like you just came up with that ( as you can change it based on the name )
– You are speaking about her name & she likes it!
– Then you pull the rabbit out of her very own question. Something people find very irresistible!
– And finally you ask that question with a twist that makes her smile 🙂 that is SMOOTH!
Holds the 1st position in our list of best Tinder pick up lines.

Hope you enjoyed the curated list of the most awesome Tinder pick up lines used ever. Please do let us know more interesting Tinder conversation starters that you might have come across in the comments section below.

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