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  • Every app submitted will go through a strict review process before being passed on to the editorial team.
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What can a “How to” article do to your Mobile app?

  • We have a community of very matured audience who enjoy trying out new ideas & apps.
  • A “How to” article is a step beyond a normal “Review” article. Generally, only apps that are a bit famous already have “How to” articles on the web.
  • As per stats, However user friendly a Mobile app is… atleast 45% of users don’t understand How to use it at the first try( the main reason for the high bounce rate after installation ). Reports say, these people search the web for help as the last resort. Believe-it-or-Not, as per Google Keyword reports… even extremely user friendly apps like UBER, Tinder etc. has millions of searches every month on “How to use it”.
  • Its always better for a USER to write an “How To” for your app than You writing it. Only he can write it in a manner that another USER would want it to be. We are those User’s who will try your app, understand it & then write the “How to”.