7 Quick ways to speed up your phone instantly

How to speed up my phone?” is the question that every single smartphone user would be having after a few months of using it.

& Here are a few Tips on How to Speed up your phone instantly:

1. Uninstall all the unused apps – The first and foremost step that is a great step in boosting up the speed of your phone is uninstalling all the unused apps. We all have the tendency to install the apps that our friends or acquaintances are using, whether we use it or not we just install them. But we forget the fact that it occupies a lot of space in our phone.
Such un-used apps occupy a lot of storage in our phone creating junk that results in slowing down the processing of our phone. So, open up your mobile phone right away & browse through all your apps > Un-install any app you feel is not required.

Android: Press on the APP icon for few seconds > The Un-Install option will appear on top > Drag the App to it.

Uninstall delete app in Android


iPhone: Tap & hold any App icon until it starts wiggling. The X lets you delete the app.

uninstall delete apps in iphone

This is one major step towards Speeding up your mobile phone.

2. Clean Cache Data – The next step after removing the apps, is to clean the cache data. Cache data are nothing but the junks and cookies or the browsing history that is stored by our browser after every time we use the internet. This feature helps to get instant passwords and recall the data when we forget. But in the long run, this hampers the speed of your mobile phone.
Therefore, it is always necessary to keep a check on cache so that there is an ample amount of memory in your phone for its smooth & fast functioning. You should clear your phone cache on a regular basis.

Android: Goto the Settings menu ( Tap the cog icon in your notifications shade ) > Scroll & Tap on “Apps” in your menu beneath the Device section > Select the required App > Hit “Storage” > Clear Cache.

Clean app cache in Android mobile phone

3. Clear up phone memory and give a quick look to your SD Card: Do you have lots of files in your phone & confused on deleting it or not? Then, create back up for the data, images, videos and messages in your phone and store it online in Google drive or transfer it to your laptop. This will keep your storage clean and secure and your phone happily working.

This is a very important step in boosting up the speed of your phone. Bidding farewell to old files & giving way to new files.

4. Software/ OS Update – Check the software of your phone. If it is outdated, then you must update it and it will solve most of the issues. You can check the status of your phone’s software by going into “About Phone” section in your android device. Updating the software of your phone is necessary because with every new update, there is some bug fixing done. It will result into boosting up the speed of your phone and adding new texture to it. There may also be some new features in the update ( that did not exist in your phone ).

5. Cut short on widgets – Widgets are programs or apps that run on your home screen ( like a clock, weather display, Calendar, animated wallpaper etc. ).

In most cases, having unnecessary widgets on your Home screen, can reduce the reboot time & also the performance of your mobile phone ( as it keeps running continuously thus eating up memory & processing resources )
If you cut down the number of widgets that are not necessary for your phone, it will boost up the speed of your mobile phone & also give an elegant look to your home screen.

Android phone widgets

6. Reboot – After all the process, rebooting or restarting your phone is a must. After a restart the processing of the phone gets better,quick & gives an overall boost.

7. Factory reset –  If you notice your mobile being slow ( even after doing all the above steps ), you can try a factory rest. Before performing this action, make sure you create back up of all the data, as once done your mobile gets restores as how it arrived as a new phone to you. Yes, once this is done your mobile phone should 100% speed up.

Android: Back up your data> Open Settings menu > Under “Personal”, tap “Backup & Reset” > Beneath “Personal Data” select “Factory Data Reset” > Read information correctly & select “Reset Phone”

Smart phones as we know, are always at your service ie. when you are hungry, looking for a cab or trying to figure out some information: be it entertainment or creating memories, recording videos, capturing pictures etc. smart phones are always at your service. Helps you to connect to the whole world & travel to any place through maps.

However we also cannot defy the fact that these are just electronic gadgets invented by humans. After all the wear and tear, it ultimately gets deteriorated. The phone loses it efficiency, becomes slow, its battery gets drained out quickly, even storage issues starts happening! So lets keep these gadgets Fast & clean to enjoy the services it provide without interruption 🙂


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  • Hrmm, you seem to be making several assumptions that just don’t hold 100% true.

    1. An unused app doesn’t slow down your phone. Unused apps with data mining software do. You also seem to think space and speed on the phone are related.

    2. Cache data isn’t required to get passwords, that’s data/data. Also think about this – every second your screen is turned on and you’re entering a password is a second more the battery is draining. The average password (secure) is going to take at least a few seconds to input.

    Clearing a cache will quite often just cause the application to rebuild it. “Oh, I’ve built all this useful data and you destroyed it? OK, well, let’s build it again” and use up quite a bit more resources in accomplishing this task.

    However, I do agree a general cache cleaning every now and then helps as some applications are garbage at cache management (facebook)

    3. cleaning up your SD card and moving things to the cloud won’t change the speed of your phone at all, especially if you have external SD cards. The only time that might improve the speed is if you’ve got some app that goes through and scans all the files.

    After moving things to the cloud you’ll be using more slow-speed data to access them.

    4. Software/OS update? No.

    I’ll go to the Apple side for this – put an old iOS against a new one on old hardware and see which one runs better – it’s the old one.

    Often times updating is good advice, but not always.

    5. Most Widgets only run when you’re looking at them on Android. So if I want to know what the weather is and I’m on that screen, bam, well coded widget will pull it and then go back into hibernation.

    Widgets running on different screens, well coded ones mind you, don’t even activate until you’re on that screen. Try putting all your widgets over to screen two and see. You’ll see next to no batter drain if you’re using a battery monitor.

    6. can be quickly disproven or proven by system benchmarking. Generally not required if the OS is actually stable and capable of doing memory management effectively.

    7. Yes, deleting everything on your phone will make it go faster as you won’t have anything on your phone.