Top 7 Smart Contract Development Companies

Smart contracts are the answer we have been waiting for, ever since the dawn of the civilisation. Smart contracts are a set of instructions which self-executes itself without any third party controlling it on the blockchain. Hence providing complete trust and authenticity to the transaction.

Did you know? Smart contracts combined with blockchain has the potential to disrupt most traditional industries where contract and trust plays a huge role. This especially is essential in reducing the conflicts which arise in traditional institutions such as contract law, property laws, etc. The one single example of smart contracts playing a key role would be in establishing the proof of ownership of properties and assets so the buyer can buy with the authenticity of the contract. As smart contracts are stored on a distributed ledger of the blockchain, one single party or person cannot tamper with the data which was stored with consensus. The other smaller effect and utility of smart contracts in everyday transactions are also visible, such as buying and selling of goods and services. This opens huge potential for development of applications which have smart contracts based instructions. Hence it is essential for organisations to have smart contract based applications.

Below are our recommendations for companies which develop smart contracts based applications:-

1) Blockchain Scripts

The company offers various blockchain development services. The company develops smart contracts according to the customer needs. The company focuses on developing and delivering the latest solution relating to the blockchain technology.

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1) Coinfabrik

The company specialises in blockchain based technology development. The company offers the development of smart contracts which are designed specifically for the instructions of the customers and also deploying the smart contract securely. The company also offers the auditing of the existing smart contracts in order to correct the flaws and mistakes within the smart contract and making it tamper proof. The company has over 20 years experience in building and reviewing applications in cryptocurrency field and also been very active in the cryptocurrency field.

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2) Icoclone

The company offers services related to blockchain technology. The company offers developing smart contract based applications and also auditing smart contract based applications. The company is made up of blockchain developers who have expertise in various blockchain related development projects. The company has successfully helped various startups in developing blockchain related products.

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3) Hashcode Programmers

The company specialises in technologies related to blockchain, financial technology(fintech) and smart contracts. The company offers services such as smart contract application development so to automate enforcement in rootstock and ethereum. The company also offers smart contract audit. The company focuses on improving the security and efficiency of the smart contract.

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5) Espeo

They have an exclusive team which focuses on blockchain based technology. The espeo’s blockchain team provides consultations and guides through setting up various blockchain related application. The company offers smart contract application development and auditing of existing smart contract applications.

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6) Bacancy Technology

The company develops smart contracts based applications. The smart contract based applications are designed on the basis of the organisation’s needs. They also provide smart contract audit. It is an IT organisation which is based in over 7 countries all around the world. Bacancy technology has continuously striven to offer customers more than the minimum requirement. The company continues to adapt to different development practices and provides various and up to date software solutions. The company currently also provides blockchain based development service.

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7) LeewayHertz

The company has experience in developing protocols for smart contracts. Its a blockchain development company. It develops blockchain applications on Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda and Hashgraph. The company has many years of experience in blockchain development. The company combines its expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Inter of Things and Cloud Services into developing distributed ledger applications which are faster and risk-free.

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