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Top 10 BootStrap single product WordPress shopping cart themes

WordPress is the popular choice when it comes to creating personal blogs or any other type of blog, for that matter. The technical definition defines it as a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Released in the year 2003, WordPress has become a top site for anyone to start a website. Right from a simple blog to even an ecommerce site to sell your small collection of artworks or handicrafts, it has space for everyone to sell almost everything. And the best part about WordPress is that it is free initially. For upgraded features and better website, one can buy its premium or business version as well. Based on MySQL and PHP, WordPress has become a CMS solution for everyone who doesn’t get the hang of the back-end coding of a website. In this article lets look at the list of top Bootstrap single product wordpress shopping cart themes.

Looking for a High Converting single product theme?

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If you are still not convinced about the viability of WordPress, then you would be surprised to find out that there are many big sites which started on WordPress. Statistics have already revealed that around 26.4% of the top 10 million websites are already using WordPress. This data is according to the surveys of April 2016.

Now, the question is whether WordPress themes are any good for creating ecommerce sites which focus on single products only. These are sites which do not have to handle big inventories and look after tons of product pages because as the name suggests, they only work with single products.

But, in order to showcase that single product, graphics and other aspects of the page have to be stellar. Since this look of the website will be the one feature that shall draw in customers from all around the world, the ecommerce site owner cannot afford any glitches.

WordPress is an excellent option when it comes to choosing a shopping cart theme but it does not do everything until there is an ecommerce framework working with it. And this is where Bootstrap comes into picture. It is known for designing websites and applications – the two most important things needed for any business. Be it a small business selling artefacts of their ancestors or a passionate jewelry maker, every business requires a website in our technology-driven world today.

Why should you opt for a WordPress theme made with Bootstrap?

Now, you know what is WordPress and Bootstrap, but what all features do you get if you decide to combine these two. The single product shopping cart themes that we are about to discuss in the coming paragraphs are not just WordPress themes but they have been built on Bootstrap framework. This makes them even more functional. Bootstrap is known for being mobile first and in a world where smartphones are the first thing that people see, this feature is important.

Bootstrap provides the backbone of the website which includes scripts and languages, and WordPress gives the much needed customization and the style. So, what are the benefits of teaming WordPress with Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap makes everything responsive and mobile first. Instead of learning how to add queries and sheets to your site, Bootstrap will add everything on its own and make your work easier.
  • Combining these two gives a cleaner, modern and attractive design to your website. The layout and the typography of the website shall become even better with Bootstrap. These attributes will make your website appealing and at the same legible.
  • Bootstrap even has access to HTML5 and this helps in styling the themes in a better manner. Instead of writing all the codes from scratch, every problem would have been saved and you would get a website that is free of any hassle. The backend becomes even easier.
  • When you are using WordPress alone, the scripts and other elements have to be sourced from some other site. But, bootstrap has a library of scripts which make everything easy. Thanks to these scripts, using animations and another type of media on your site won’t be a problem ever. Interactions like modals, dropdowns, transitions, tooltips, buttons and popovers also become easy to execute and understand. Thus, with all these features, Bootstrap makes the entire process of theme development easy and credible. Instead of relying on a developer, you could choose to handle everything on your own.

WordPress shopping cart themes to make your life easier

Since you have already seen the functionality of Bootstrap powered WordPress themes, it is the time that you should know more about the top themes that come in the category. Every theme is made with perfection and to support every type of plugin that is required to start a website that would sell and attract plenty of customers. So, the idea is not only to get visitors but also to ensure that there is a conversion happening.

  1. Unite

A modern day theme that has been built to suit every need of a new ecommerce website is Unite. When it comes to selling stuff online, you have to ensure that you are doing everything right. Be it the looks or the graphics, and even the plugins and since you are buying a WordPress theme so that you do not have to do the back-end work, choose wisely. Unite comes with a flat design that is highly responsive. Developed on Bootstrap 3, it comes with image-centric designs. Moreover, the framework also gives features like changing the footer, fonts, navigation menu and other things to enhance the look and the feel of the website. A website that needs to have creativity should definitely use this theme. Tweaking every little detail of the website is also possible with Unite.

  1. ArtDay

For all the people who are born artists and who love to have an ecommerce site to showcase their rare talent, ArtDay is just what you are looking for. It is one of the highly responsive Bootstrap single product wordpress shopping cart themes that you need in this age and hour of technology. Not only artists but other shops like paper shop, print, and poster shops can also be opened with the help of this theme. It is complete with all the features to support your innate artist – new header and slider, popup for thenewsletter, visual composer, and single product view which will do justice to your artwork.

  1. Ulysses

Everything can go out of fashion but not the size zero figures and this is what is great about an ecommerce store which will focus on this aspect. WordPress also provides plenty of themes for companies that intend to set up a store for selling gym equipment or other health-related machines. Moreover, there are plenty of gym sites which are uploading videos on their site and Ulysses provides you space for just about everything. Modern themes which will help you achieve all your business goals. The interface of this theme is clean and balances out everything on your website.

  1. Arcade Basic

If you want a website that stands out and focuses prominently on the header page of your ecommerce store, then Arcade Basic is what you should go for. The theme comes with customizing options for the page layout, site width and the style in which you want your header to be. The theme is perfect for an ecommerce site which will require different types of videos, images and another form of media. Along with a Jquery carousel, you also get a JetPack to showcase your website’s gallery. Graphics of the single product page come in high definition.

  1. Dazzling

Another WordPress theme which is built on the latest Bootstrap 3, this theme will actually help you customize your website as per your mobile. It is highly responsive and perfectly fits the description of a single product ecommerce site. It has a full-screen feature slider which shall give your products the much-needed space for graphics they want. The design and colors of the theme are basic and simple. Mint green color and white is what the visitor gets to see when they come to your landing page. Some of its amazing features include retina ready graphics, logo upload support, font icons, and a CTA which is also customizable. All this is coupled with backend support from its highly skilled developers. What more could you ask for?

  1. StanleyWP

This is another responsive theme that is perfect for a single product ecommerce website. Produced by BlackTie, this theme is built on Twitter Bootstrap and provides great integration of color, among other things. Other features of this amazing theme are the drop down on the homepage. Portfolio types, theme options panel, font awesome 4, fluid layout design, three-page templates. All these features are enough to customize a single product page ecommerce store. Moreover, the minimal and clean interface of this theme is another reason why you should go for it.

  1. Shapely

Every customer today has a smartphone and if you don’t have an app, then the least you can do for the success of your website is to have a mobile website. Not every theme can customize itself to fit the different sizes of every device that a person uses. And this is where Shapely comes in. Built on the Bootstrap 3 framework, this theme is an all-rounder. It gives you everything, right from personalization settings to the fonts and header styles of your e-commerce store. Because, when it comes to handling stores properly, aesthetics do matter. And it is translatable as well. So, if your target audience is all around the globe, then this theme will be just perfect for your store.

  1. Off the Shelf

Multi-tasking is what humans are becoming good at, so how can we expect a theme which doesn’t provide us multiple features? And this is why we have Off the Shelf. When it comes to great Bootstrap single product wordpress shopping cart themes, this one won’t disappoint you. It is a multi-purpose theme which does most of the marketing for you on its own. When you choose this theme for your ecommerce website, you will always be backed by professionals, hence no problems. Moreover, it is flexible, fast and very much efficient which makes this an amazing theme under WordPress. The vision with which this theme was designed itself says everything about it. If you are looking for a maximum number of conversions for your ecommerce site, then this theme will help you. It gives you bold and slick landing pages which are conversion optimized. And if this is not enough for you, then the fact that Off the shelf is highly customizable will definitely do the trick.

  1. ePix

If you are a photographer, then you will understand the problems of a regular website. Every ecommerce site is built with keeping in mind the inventory and of course, the colossal customer data. But, with photography websites which are there to showcase their pictures, this is not the case. Hence, a different WordPress theme like ePix will give you all the customization for the same. It provides you space to upload full resolution pictures on your website. The niche of the photography doesn’t matter as long as you want to use it for display. The features which will definitely keep you hooked are visual page builder, stunning galleries, fullscreen slider, advanced live skin editor, parallax, full-width site layout and of course, the option to create stunning galleries. All this and much more with just a theme!


  1. Bingo

Another theme which can be termed as a good Bootstrap single product wordpress shopping cart theme for a store that believes in auctions. Yes, if you are starting an online bidding store (which comes under ecommerce), then Bingo has all the features for it. It has been checked for quality by the famous store for buying themes and templates – Envato. And you can purchase the license rights to this theme at a mere price of $59. The theme is customized for auction stores and WPML compatible. Enrich with modern design and providing full assistance to you, this theme won’t disappoint. There is also a feature in this theme which allows you to generate short codes and homepage drag. Additional plugins are also available for purchase.

Hope you enjoyed the comparison of the top 10 Bootstrap single product wordpress shopping cart themes. Please let us know your questions in the comments section 🙂