Top 10 Bootstrap single product woocommerce themes

The concept of ‘Ecommerce online store’ has become tone of the most important factors when it comes to running any eCommerce business. If you own a store but do not own an online site to show for it, chances are that you are already losing out on a lot of potential customers who could have earned great revenue for your company. In this article lets look at the Top 10 Bootstrap single product woocommerce themes.

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This is the reason why every top company, be it a fast food joint, cloth retailer or even a simple cafe, has a website today. People are spending more and more time on the internet and it is easier for them. Instead of standing in line for a product or for a service, everyone prefers to take the easy way out. Either book reservations for a restaurant or buy a product online.

So, if you are already a start up and have decided to take the risk and go ahead with your business idea, then the one thing that you should be prepared along with your products and store is a great website. There are plenty of options to get a website. Either create one with the help of a web developer (pretty expensive these days) or go for the simple and inexpensive way of buying a theme online.

There are plenty of frameworks and CMS sites which will help you in designing your website with the right customization and everything. The CMS site which is globally popular is WordPress. Since the inception of WordPress, many other sites have been developed which are helping businessmen all over the world realize their dream of creating an online website.

WooCommerce is fulfilling the same purpose. It is an open-source plugin which is meant especially for ecommerce sites. Since it is a plugin which is only meant for ecommerce sites, the features and the updates that are done with this plugin are customized for the ecommerce sites only. Also, Woocommerce is meant for WordPress and thus, only WordPress sites can use the features of Woocommerce. There are plenty of templates and themes of Woocommerce which are popular on WordPress. Moreover, many online ecommerce sites have templates and themes which embody the features of both WooCommerce and WordPress.

WooCommerce caters to asmall fraction of the ecommerce world. All the merchants and business companies that are catering to a small audience only can make use of the features provided by Woocommerce. The reason why the templates and themes of Woocomerce have garnered such huge popularity can be attributed to simple interface. Anyone can start an ecommerce website with woocommerce. It is easy to install and does not come with any coding hassle. Around 380,000 online retailers have been using Woocommerce for maintaining and starting their online store.

Bootstrap and Single product themes

WooCommerce provides the plugin behind the eCommerce websites, then Bootstrap is the front-end web framework. Based on HTML and CSS, the templates designed with Bootstrap are better compared to any other framework. When it comes to designing websites, it is important to use the best framework, language, and plugin out there.

Single product websites are the new trend because everyone wants to focus on one thing when they are shopping online. Instead of having a grid view which shows nothing, it is important for the buyers to scan the products properly and this is possible with the new and updated themes that are made by WooCommerce.

Since WooCommerce is made by WordPress and WordPress works best with BootStrap, WooCommerce and Bootstrap are also interrelated and enhance the features to give us an ecommerce site that does the entire job for us.

Woocommerce gives a lot of benefits to its users. If you are going to pick a theme for your WordPress ecommerce site, then you should give Woocommerce a try. There are plenty of reasons why Woocommerce qualifies as the best plugin software when it comes to handling themes of WordPress ecommerce sites.

  • Completely functional and open source.
  • Can work with almost every type or WordPress
  • It is highly flexible and customizable which make adding and removing functions pretty easy.
  • Unlimited products can be placed along with the option of multiple payment methods.
  • Inventory management along with amyriad of shipping methods are also there.
  • Management of reports and taxes is also taken care of.

These are pretty much everything you look for in an eCommerce theme and if you are satisfied with the benefits of Woocommerce, then have a look at the top 10 single product woocommerce theme that would make your ecommerce site stand apart.

  1. StyleShop

A beautifully crafted Woocommerce theme is StyleShop. It has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of an online e-commerce store. And if you are planning to start a fashion clothing line or any store that requires plenty of graphics and other such features, then Styleshop is a great choice. The theme comes with options to manage advertisements, colors, layouts and other such things. And for people who do not understand a single word of coding can take help of the shortcodes feature of Styleshop. It holds the first position in our list of Bootstrap single product WooCommerce templates.

Bootstrap single product woocommerce themes

  1. Storefront

Storefront is one of the many themes that are heavily dependent on WordPress. It is not only flexible but intuitive as well, therebygiving you an interface which shall be clean yet exemplary. It is a responsive theme which gives you a great online ecommerce store when it is compiled with the plugins of Woocommerce. Instead of having predetermined plugins, the good part about this theme is that, you are free to choose any type of plugin for your ecommerce store. You not only get full control of your website but also get the creative edge whether to choose a header or slider or not. But, the features that are already there and will enhance your website are the CSS grid and multiple widget areas.

Bootstrap single product woocommerce themes

  1. eStore

Talk about an ecommerce theme that provides you better and free plugins and eStore is the name that pops up. Another single product Woocommerce theme for creating and maintaining an online eCommerce store is eStore. The free plugins that you can definitely use on this website are eShop and PayPal. Customization is totally worth it in this theme. Everything will be under your control as you get to choose quite a huge number of products to be displayed to the order in which they will be displayed. It has plenty of color choices and theme options as well.

  1. Divi

No ecommerce website is complete without a proper shopping cart and Divi is one of the themes of Woocommerce which gives you plenty of options to customize just the shopping cart. You can create multiple pages for the shopping cart as well the checkout page. Also, the checkout page is extremely important because this is where the actual conversion takes place. Hence, it becomes important that there are not glitches on this page.

Also, this theme gives the owner of the site the freedom to handle their display page. How many products should be displayed on a single page to the types and whether it should be placed according to its popularity or not! It holds the fourth position in our list of single product Woocommerce themes

  1. Strollik

This one of the dedicated single product woocommerce themes. In order to attract a huge pool of customers, it is important to flaunt your best products in great light. And to achieve this purpose, there are plenty of designs available in this theme. And along with the zoom in option, this theme gives you the better version of single product display – 3600 view. This feature ensures that your customers are engrossed in your website for a longer period of time. Also, this view helps the customer to make a better decision which ultimately becomes your profit. It is highly responsive and has been the best single product theme on Envato.

single product woocommerce themes

  1. Enlink

A highly responsive and beautiful theme from Woocommerce is Enlink. It appeals to the visitors with its unique layout and designs that won’t be found anywhere else. Since it is flexible and smooth, there are no qualms about adapting to mobile or any other screen of smaller size. Also, it comes packed with plenty of features which will make maintenance of your ecommerce store a piece of cake. These features include 2 layout design, option for creating amega menu and mobile menu, full-width slider, parallax background image for that special effect, CMS tab with theimage. Also, since it falls under single product woocommerce themes, there is also the option of zooming in the products to see them in detail. Other features which will definitely be useful are the drop down cart option and brand logo slider.

  1. WOOW

Made for the person who wants to start their own ecommerce store, WOOW is another theme by Woocommerce which gives you all the features you have been looking for. If you are a small business and looking for a way to create a website that will not burn a hole in the funds of your company, then this theme will be perfect for you. It is highly flexible and for this reason, there are plenty of layouts to choose from – be it for the blog of your website or the product page. Remember, the landing page and its layout matter a lot.

If you want to give your visitors and potential customers a smooth shopping experience, then WOOW is the best theme for it. The design is clean and minimalistic which ensures that there are no distractions or popups on your website. It has plenty of in-built features to take care of the inventory of your website to the data of the customers. All this is managed by the framework and the template.

  1. Mercor

You know that a theme is going to be great when it is already on the best sellers list. And this is where Mercor has been for the last few years. Moreover, Mercor is one of those single product woocommeerce themes which were recently reinvented. It has been refurbished with plenty of new features that shall keep it at par with the new technological advances. The new features on this theme include revolution slider, a fully supported wishlist plugin and the much-needed zoom in feature on single product pages. All this and an incredible support from the developers of the theme give you an excellent ecommerce website.

  1. Shopscape

A theme that is built just for single products and comes with the features of WooCommerce is Shopscape. It has plenty of features which will help you in getting your site the best conversion rates. Highly customizable and comes with retina ready and fully responsive interface. Shopscape is as good as a single product woocommerce theme can get. The best part about this theme is that it is tailor made to suite the requirements of an ecommerce site. You just have to input your website’s information and everything else will be ready within minutes. The theme allows multiple page options with graphics that will display your products in full glory.

And if this is not enough for you, then Shopscape is completely free and so are its updates. The site that you create with this theme can be optimized to any screen size, hence it is perfect for a mobile website as well.

  1. Cypress

Elegant and sophisticated are the two words that aptly describe this single product Woocommere theme.The features of this amazing theme are enough to ensure that visitors come to your site and buy your products. The single product display is made even better thanks to the Zoom in, anoption that enhances theproduct. A prompt call to action gives the buyer a nudge to buy from your website. It also gives the developer an option to create a mega menu with the help of its WP menu editor. If you are planning to open an ecommerce store for selling clothes and other fashion accessories, then Cypress is the perfect theme for it. Built on Bootstrap, it easily adapts to every device you open the website on. To top all these features, you can also put up a video on your website and the parallax view is an added bonus.

If you have any question about the above list of Bootstrap single product woocommerce themes, please let us know in the comments section below.

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