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Simple App Ideas for 2017

Here is a list of Simple App Ideas for 2017 🙂

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  1. Doctor Appointment

People are bond to get sick every now and then, be it a minor cough and cold or a bone fracture. Find the perfect doctor for your need may be a problem especially if you are in a new city all by yourself. Apps to find doctor within a convenient distance from you, which allows you to book suitable appointments with them can be very handy and easy. Reviews from former patients will allow the user to have an insight on the quality of the doctor. A doctor appointment app was a must for our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017.

  1. Music Identity

Second(not ranked) on our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017. Even though there are many apps in the market which identifies music for you like Shazam, one can develop an app that not only identifies music by listening to it but via other ways like through certain keywords and by just humming the tune by your mouth. I know the humming part sounds complicated, but if such a technology were available it would be so much easier for music lovers. Other than being primarily developed to identify music, the app can also give information about the artist and the song, lyrics and links to download the music.

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  1. Utility app

A utility app will help the user find help when needed, be it a plumber or an electrician. Searching for these technicians can be tiresome, therefore this app would come in handy. The app would allow you to contact movers and pick-up truck owners in case you are shifting from one apartment to another, call a plumber to fix your sink, contact the AC repair guy or contact the electrician in case of a short circuit. A predictable choice for our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017.

  1. Grocery

Next on our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017!

Buying fashion online has been there for quite some time now. With the ease and convenience of the internet grocery shopping can be made easier. With home delivery facilities, shopping for grocery online can be very popular. But as grocery is preferred fresh, one should keep in mind that for a grocery shopping app to be successful the services should be quick and maintain a high standard.

  1. Photography

Photography app have been in the market for a long time, and fortunately for app developers it doesnot look like it will go away anytime soon. In fact, photography and editing has undergone some vast improvements in recent years. Developers can still be innovative and create a unique app with attractive features. The popularity of photography as a hobby has skyrocketed by the emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Especially, Instagram as it is almost entirely focused on photos and videos.

  1. Simple Recipe

Number six on our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017 is dedicated to food!

This app would be useful especially for lazy college students. I’ve come across recipes that involve a lot of technicality and ingredients to cook. Many of us don’t have both the technicality and the necessary ingredients to do so. So an app that directs you to cook simple yet tasty meals for your every day products can be very helpful. The app should not have complicated recipes, but just simple and quick instructions.

  1. Fitness

An all-in-one fitness app would be a dream for a fitness guru. A fitness app essential would need to calculate the number of steps you walked in a day or the amount of calories burnt in a day. Along with these calculations, instruction on how to go about your daily exercise would be very helpful. Diet is an essential part of your workout, therefore the app should direct your meals and their timings with notifications. And what would make the app an ultimate fitness app is its feature to locate gyms in your locality and sort them out according to their membership cost and ratings.

  1. Games

Games will never get old. It can be a simple one touch game or a complicated strategic game. There will always be kids around to try out the games. I personally think it is important to keep these games free of cost after accounting the success of mobile games such as Temple Run, Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

  1.  City Guide

An app summarizing the entire city. The app is to have all the information on the city which includes the tourist hotspots, best restaurants and pubs, location of taxi stands, local news, weather, etc. This app would be helpful not only to the tourist but also to the locals of the area. City guide can also include location of ATMs and bank and give information whether they are open or not.  The guide can also include interesting articles of history about the place and tales that only the local would know about.

  1. Taxi

Finally on our list of Simple App Ideas for 2017! Even though the taxi section of apps in the market is overcrowded with app like Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure,etc. Developers can come up with taxi apps as transportation is an everyday need for the population. Lower taxi rates can attract customers. Features that show you the traffic on the road can be useful.

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