How to Sell digital downloads online?

To start with, let me ask you what are the easy ways of making money online? Intriguing isn’t it? I am sure one of the best methods that would have have hit you now is an Online Ecommerce business. Making money online through Ecommerce is going to be an immortal method. There will be change in business flows , there will be revolutionary ideas , there will be technological advancements but the concept of selling products online and making money is going to be just the same.So narrowing this down, What method in Ecommerce exactly will give you more visibility and ROI? One of the easy options for doing that is selling and buying Digital Products online. Here is an insightful article on how to Sell digital downloads online.

Some of the major hassles that Digital Product download eliminates are.

  1. No shipment and tracking needed
  2. No threat of damage when shipped
  3. No stores needed to stock products
  4. No product maintenance needed
  5. No more seller-buyer disputes
  6. Less % of order return/cancellation
  7. Attract more sellers into the system

All you have to do is upload a file , download a file , make money and keep repeating the same process

Now, how do you start a digital download marketplace and what do you need in your marketplace to attract more user/seller base and make a fortune out of it

  1. A scalable solution built with Prime technology
  2. Good revenue models that would benefit both the site owner and the sellers
  3. SEO centred solution to give you good visibility online
  4. Hook Model theme/template that would raise eyebrows of the users
  5. CDN integration to handle all media files effortlessly
  6. More importantly a good database structure to handle all the load of the uploaded files

Here are some services that you might want to have a closer look to get an idea on how Sell digital downloads online.

  1. Gumroad

Gumroad is one of the leading services that lets you Sell digital downloads online and buy digital products that includes software , videos , photos and Ebooks.  Where they mainly stand out is, they have their own gateway integrated to avoid paypal and the transaction fee that you pay paypal for each transaction. They have a very sleek check out process to get you to a great user experience. The disadvantages you face in Gumroad is that the seller protection is a big concern as they hold the seller responsible to pay the transaction fee for all the payments when there is a refund on a product sold

Sell digital downloads online

  1. Sellfy

Sellfy, lately has proved to be the most user friendly application to Sell digital downloads online with all their features and attractive offers. They mainly target social media sales and affiliate marketing. Social media marketing and a direct buy now button on facebook is getting them more visibility and sales on one hand. On the other affiliate marketing and referral % is bringing in more user and seller base to register and thereby building a strong community of a marketplace. The only disadvantage of Sellfy is scalability. More users and products has increased the load in their database. This is leading to users facing failed transactions often and sellers facing it difficult to upload bigger size video or a media file

Sell digital downloads & Products online

  1. Get DPD

Get DPD has proved to be one of the finest and efficient digital download marketplace to Sell digital downloads online. All you have to do is open a Get DPD account , create any number of stores you need and start uploading your products. From coupons to check out set ups you have everything here which also provides 3rd party integrations like Mailchimp , sendy to keep track of all downloads and contacts in the platform. Creating /generating reports on the downloads and sales will also be one smooth experience in Get DPD. The only disadvantage you have here is the number of products you will be able to able to upload and you have different plans to set your Products limit


Having discussed about the top 3 digital download marketplaces in the world , their advantages and disadvantages would leave you in a fix as to choose which one to go about and set up your store to start selling. But having this idea aside , here is a thought.  what if you could create your own marketplace , pay no monthly subscription , no commission and run a business of your choice? Sounds Exciting Doesn’t it?

All digital marketplace would share the same core features to run a business. That is you have option to upload a product , let the users sign up , search for products , pay for the product , download. Typical marketplace features that you would see on all eCommerce sites. The tricky part here is which technology you would choose to set up your marketplace

There are many online services available to set up your own marketplace like

  1. WordPress
  2. Magento
  3. PHP based marketplace script

It will just take you 1 day to finalize a design , decide on the features you want in a marketplace put everything together , set up a server , get the software installed on your server and BOOM you are good to go!!!!

The above mentioned marketplaces have been in the services for more than 15 years now and the technology they are running with is still way backwards. Of Course they have proved to be the biggest giants of the world but when it comes to technology there  is always a saying “We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.” It keeps changing everyday and you really have to keep up with it to stay in business and survive

The latest revolution in technology is MEAN stack around which all application developers are going crazy. Mongo DB , Espress JS , Angula JS , Node JS, React JS. Even Facebook , twitter now use these technology to build their platform

Having said that, how many companies online have adopted to these technology very well , predicted the technology revolution way ahead and started using this to build their platform. I would say a very few.

  1. Prime Fusion
  2. Reaction Commerce
  3. io.

These are few that i found to be very effective building  a platform in this technology

Prime Fusion here stands out as they have gone one step ahead by not only building platforms in this technology , they also run a  platform of their own with this technology to prove how business ready it is and how Mongo Db ( database where you store all the files ) can be used to the fullest to make sure the file size you upload doesn’t create more load and slow down your server

Sell digital downloads & Products online

As said above, Prime Fusion has their  own Digital download marketplace and physical products marketplace using which they are running a real business. Apart from running a real business  What they do is, they give you the script for a minimal cost, help you not only to set up the marketplace but also give you sellers/products and traffic to start off your website and get it launched successfully.

So they help you eliminate all major problems of

  1. Going with the latest technology
  2. Setting up your own digital download marketplace
  3. Getting Sellers and products for your marketplace
  4. Bringing in traffic to your website

So here is the Gist

  • Make easy money online
  • Choose Ecommerce Business to do it
  • Go for Digital Download marketplace
  • Set up your own digital download marketplace
  • Choose the best technology in the market
  • Choose the best service provider who would build it for you
  • Choose a service who would help you with technology and setting up the business as well

Hope you learnt different techniques to Sell digital downloads online. Please do let us know of any questions in the comments section below.

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