Guide to Root Android Moto X Phone effortlessly

Take the following steps to root Android Moto X Phone:

Step 1: You would first need an apk file to Rooting Android Moto X phone. Visit the site HERE to get the apk.  > Download apk file appropriate for your Moto X version.

Step 2: Plug in your Moto X Android phone via USB.

Step 3: Copy the downloaded apk to the root directory of your phone ( Check FAQ at the bottom to find root directory ) >  Unplug your device.

Step 4: Go to Settings > Scroll down to Security and tap on it ( under the Personal section ) > Scroll down to Unknown Sources and make sure its turned ON.

Root Android phone

Root Android mobile phone

Step 5: Go to Google Play Store > Download and install ES File Explorer.

Step 6: Open ES File Explorer > Tap on the downloaded apk file > Install when prompted.

Step 7: Once installed, click on Open > In the next screen, tap on SetUp.

Step 8: Your device will reboot a few times ( wait until it returns to home screen )

Step 9: Return to Google Play store > Download and install superSU.

Step 10: Open superSU > Tap on Continue > Tap on Normal > Click OK.


*Where can I find the ROOT directory of my Android phone?

*How to Root Moto X with locked bootloader?
Step 1:  Download the required apk file HERE > Download apk file appropriate for your Moto X version.
Step 2: Place the downloaded file on the Fastboot.
Step 3: Go on the Fastboot folder > Open a command prompt window > Press the Shift key followed by a right click on mouse > Select Open command prompt from drop down.
Step 4: Connect your Moto X with the computer via USB cable.
Step 5: Type: adb install -r PwnMyMoto-.apk in commandprompt to install app in your phone >   Unplug your device > Wait for a couple of seconds
Step 6: Go to Google Play store > Download SuperSU app.

*What is Rooting Android phone?

Rooting is simply modifying the smartphone’s OS or operating system that originally came with it, allowing you overcome any functionality barriers and have complete control over the device, adjust and extend the phone’s features, upgrade the software and do much more.

*Is it safe to Root Android phone often?
*When is it required to Root an Android phone?
*What is FastBoot?

Fastboot is just a simple tool that helps you write or save data straight to the device’s flash memory. Apart from this, you can also fastbooting can also help in restoring android backups, changing the splash screen and other updates as well.

*Is Rooting Android & Jailbreak Android same?

Simply put, Rooting and Jailbreaking are pretty much the same. They only differ based on the operating platforms they are used in. Jailbreaking is the term usually used in iOS devices while Rooting is used in Android devices.

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