How to restore factory setting in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Follow these Step-by-step instructions to restore factory setting in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Method 1:

Step 1: Login from your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone
Step 2: Select Apps Apps icon on the home screen
Step 3: Tap on Settingssettings icon option

Apps > SettingsRestore factory setting in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Step 4: In Settings menu, four options are available –
• My device
• Accounts
• More

Step 5: Tap on Accounts  ( It contains the list of apps or accounts to which you have logged in using your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android device)
Step 6: In Accounts menu, under backup options, tap on backup & reset to select it
Apps > Settings > Accounts > backup options > backup & resetBackup restore factory setting in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone

Step 7: Under personal data, tap on factory reset

Method 2:

Step 1: Hold and press Volume up + Power + Home button simultaneously.Restore factory setting in Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phone

Step 2: A small menu pops up

Step 3: Navigate to “Wipe data/Factory reset” using volume keys

Step 4: This option should restore your mobile to its default settings

Factory reset option will remove all the data from your Android device. After reset, your Samsung Galaxy device S7 Android phone will be like a new phone. It is advisable to create a backup of files (that includes videos, images, contacts and other information) to avoid loss.

The over use of Android devices is the main reason for it to lag behind in its functioning. It slows down the processing of the phone and leads to overheating. Factory reset is the key solution to most of the problems in your smart phone.


Does factory reset remove all the cache, saved password and history from phone?
Yes, factory reset will clear all the browsing data along with passwords and other details and data from your phone. The apps that you have installed, the customization of phone will all be deleted.

Is there any option for auto backup in Samsung Galaxy S7?
Yes, there is backup and reset option, by using this you can create backup of all your data including contacts, calendars and more at your account. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Go to Apps > Settings > Accounts > backup & reset > Backup my data

* Can factory reset be done in a rooted android phone?

Yes, rooted android phones can be reset to factory settings. But the phone would still remain a rooted phone. To erase all existing files and create new system partitions, you will have to flash a new STOCK ROM.

 * Isn’t restore factory reset harmful to your smartphone?

No it is not. Restoring factory settings in Android phone simply brings the phone back to the state it was when you purchased it. Though rooted phones remain rooted, factory reset erases all data, gets rid of other issues like lagging issues, frees up phone memory and more.

Note: Though factory reset erases all data; there is still a possibility where a tech savvy person can retrieve it. Always make sure to encrypt your phone when you plan to give it away to someone else.

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