How to remove a Credit Card in Uber App?

Uber has been in the news for things good and bad over the past few weeks now. However, this article is about  one of the most basic problem a user faces while using the app. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to remove a credit card in Uber app.

Its a strategy built into the app by Uber of course, in hopes of customer retention, but it also irks some users.

How to remove Credit Card in UBER app? 

People ask questions like “I get the error, Something went wrong when I try to remove the card on Uber app nothing happens. Help!”.

If you’ve tried and failed, you know how extremely frustrating it is when the app throws the error without telling you what is actually going on. The problem faced by many people is that when they try to delete their credit card details from the app, it doesn’t allow it to do that. How much soever you try, you won’t be able to delete the only primary card. So, what can be done?

Hey! if you’re in a hurry, we’ve made a quick Video walkthrough on How to remove credit card in Uber app? It’s even, under 1 minute. Saves you time. 🙂 

Here’s how to delete the Credit card on UBER app

Uber has some very strict rules when it comes to using its features and services. It’s primarily to prevent fraudulent usage on the platform. Which is why they have your card on file. If you have added a credit card and that is the primary card, you can’t delete it. So, what else can you do?

  • Open the Uber app and click on the Payment Methods.
  • Add an alternate credit card that you want to add under the tab “Add Card” section.
  • Once done, you can make the new card as your primary card and delete the old card from the app.

I’m afraid this is the only way to do it. You could also choose other payment methods that are available in your country. Uber might have integrated the payment options accordingly.

Or you can pay with cash if you’re concerned. You can also try deleting your app. Once deleted, re-download it and login with another account credentials.

If that is not the primary card and you want to delete any other card, then simply tap on the edit icon on top of it and click on delete. It will be deleted.

How to use Uber App add credit card

Once you are done, you can start using the app as you were doing already.

Which is best payment mode for Uber? Pay using Paytm Wallet or Google Pay or UBER wallet or Pay with Cash?

Frankly, you could choose whichever mode is convenient for you. But invariably the best mode to be chosen for the payment is Uber Wallet. Why is it?

  • The payment has already been done, you save yourself time and the frustration of getting small change.
  • The driver won’t haggle you for not paying the exact amount.
  • When the payment is already done, he won’t bother you by taking long routes and thus charging you for the same.
  • On the bright side, you don’t have to carry cash with you all the time. Keeping your wallet light.

We’ve also written about these, do check it out. 🙂

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