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React Native is a fast spreading technology & is developed by Facebook. The technology is catching heat among developers as it proves to be the best way yet to create Mobile apps for both IOS & Android while maintaining the experience that real native apps give. In this article lets look at the list of Top React native template & react native theme for eCommerce and general apps.

  • Beostore React native ecommerce template ( get it HERE )

The BeoStore React native template for ecommerce is a beautiful experience. The entire theme is done using the latest React-Native coding standards & encapsulates all the required mobile app screens any ecommerce store would need. If ou are developing an ecommerce mobile app and would like to save time on building the UI part, you can get this theme instantly and complete your work. You would need to integrate it to your existing ecommerce store ( like Magento, woocommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, meteor etc. ). While this post is written, we see the template already has a woocommerce version coming up. The Beostore react native theme comes as a suite with some stunning screens like the Home screen, Track order screen, Wishlist, Notification screen, My Orders, Shopping cart screen, Checkout screen, Success screen, Best sellers screen, Categories screen, Product screen, Product list screen, Splash screen, Order summary screen, Expanded product image with scroll screen, Login & sign up screen etc.

React native template

Ok folks, since there are not much React native template’s for ecommerce, we will be covering general React native templates as well from this section. As and when we see more React Native ecommerce themes coming up, we will keep this section updated.

  • React Native Theme for Kitchen Sink

    Ok, This is more of a tutorial theme for creating a React native template. This app uses the essential components for developing a React Native app like: Redux, NativeBase, React Native Navigator, React Native Router etc. This basic boilerplate app introduces to develop rapidly using the essential components like:
    Anatomy, Badge, Button, Card, Checkbox, Deck Swiper etc. A newbie to this technology can instantly get started with the most essentials like Mobile Menu creation, loaders, Tabs, Splash screen, buttons etc. using this DIY React native template kit.

React native template

  • Pepperoni React native template kit

    You can call Pepperoni a good starter kit for building React Native apps instantly. The boilerplate takes care of all the bells and whistles you wold need to spend time on when building your initial React Native apps. This Blueprint is Open Source and it is Free to use & helps in accelerating your React Native app development. It has all the basic & essentials building blocks for building those very common mobile app features for each app you develop ( like Notifications, Login, Authentication, Group messaging, . The team behind Pepperoni has also promised a back end powered by Node JS and PostgreSQL soon to its kit. You an get your apps hit the market fast using Pepperoni React Native template kit.

React native template theme

React Native Review:

As discussed earlier React Native by Facebook Inc. is one of the most happening & hot technologies in the market today. So far the technologies that were used to create hybrid mobile apps did not solve the purpose as much ( as the experience of the built apps were nowhere near to the ones built on Native Android Java SDK & Apple IOS swift SDK ). But with this new technology in hand, the experience seems to be equally fascinating as any Native app. This technology is already gaining heat and huge momentum among developers & yes its a WIN! We can also soon expect such a cool Hybrid app builder from Google Inc. which promotes its home made Angular JS which is a equally fascinating technology that provides a WOW front-end experience.

We hope the above list of Top React native templates & Themes for eCommerce and general verticals was of some help to you. Yes, we know its a very limited list. We will keep updating this essentials list with Templates, Themes, Kits, Boilerplates, SDKs etc. as we keep coming upon new releases. If you have any questions, please contact us in the comments section below.

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