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Top 10 Android Phone Cleaner Apps

Phones are the best companion that we have in the present time. All of us build an attachment with our phone. This device after all the use, turns out to be slow and lags in its processing & this becomes a great hurdle in the normal processing of phone. The main cause that leads to slowing down or over heating of the phone is all the unwanted junk and cache, the long unending browser, cal log and message history. As there is no lock without a key,  there is no problem that comes without a solution. Here’s a list of top 10 Android phone cleaner apps that will enhance the quality of your phone.

 1. Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) :

Price: Free       Rating: 4.7

Clean Master App helps to accelerate and clean up phones. It is one among the most trusted apps used for cleaning up your phone and boosting its speed. It is ranked #1 by AV- Test for the seventh time. Nothing can define it well as the number of users. This app has more than 6 million downloads! It provides real time protection with #1 Antivirus engine. This app forms a shield against virus, malware and Trojan. The added feature of this app is that we can use it to protect the privacy of other apps as well. The iSwipe feature gives quick access to other apps by going back to the home screen. This is one incredible feature that helps users save a lot of time.

CPU Cooler, app manager, game booster, auto start manager prevents apps from restarting automatically. The app is presented to you by Cheetah Mobile.

With such great efficiency in its functioning, we do not find any reason that can hamper its way from being the #1 Android phone cleaner app.

 2. Nova Launcher:

Price: Free       Rating: 4.6  


It is one of the most customized and performance driven app. By using this app you can customize the home screen of your mobile phone and get complete control over it. You can customize animations, change icons and layouts according to your choice and preferences.

You can get various icon themes, color controls for labels, folders and give your home screen a different appearance that will reflect your personality.

The features present in the paid version are: Sub grid positioning; color control; customize tabs horizontally or vertically on basis of your desire.

It gives you the choice to group apps that allow better functioning of your phone. It allows you to create multiple scrolling docks where you can scroll between various docks.

Nova “Prime version gives you an enhanced version with more options to better your experience.

With these features, Nova holds #2 Android phone cleaner app.

3. History Eraser

Price: Free / Paid       Rating: 4.6

This app helps you protect your privacy in just one click. It allows you to free memory space and boost up the speed of your phone. No root permission is required.

It is basically used for clearing browsing data of G-mail, Facebook and YouTube, to enhance performance & for security benefits, clear call logs, delete and remove SMS conversations, clear Google search history, clip board data and more.

The app is similar to CCleaner, but with awesome history protection and privacy features.

The “Pro” version of this app has made life and security even easier.  So History Eraser holds the #3 Android phone cleaner app.

 4. 3C Toolbox (requires root)

Price: Free / Paid      Rating: 4.6

It is a must-have app for every android phone and root user. This app provides a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for users and empowers the features of many other apps. Available in both free and paid version, it compromises of all the tools required to monitor, control and fine-tune your android devices with advanced auto backup facility.

The pro version of 3C toolbox has the highest rating of 4.8, and provides various other extended features. You can create multiple schedules, watchers and profiles. The auto update app and notification features gives great advantage for users and saves time.

The added benefits of this app are – special support, device manager, application manager, CPU and task manager, highly configurable widgets, monitoring and recording, system and network manager feature, File explorer, tool integration and many more.

 With such awesome features 3C ToolBox becomes the #4 Android phone cleaner app.

5. Greenify (requires root)

Price: Free / Paid      Ave. Rating: 4.5

Greenify is available for free as well as a paid version. The free version gets a rating of 4.4 & this app maintains the smooth functioning and durability of your phone in its unique way. It reduces the battery consumption of your phone even if lots of apps are installed. Greenify maintains the luster of the phone as good as a new phone.

You can put the apps on hibernation mode, when not in use to prevent leeching of battery. Hibernate ,lock screen gesture and pull up option is available on the home screen.

This gives Greenify the 5th most popular Android phone cleaner app.

  6. Avast Cleanup – speed booster :

Price: Free       Rating: 4.5

Avast itself is a brand and doesn’t require much introduction. Like the avast antivirus for desktop, there is one for phones as well. This cleaner app for android cleans up the cache, disposable files and thumbnails to free space for storage and boost’s performance of the phone. You also get a detailed overview of all the data on your phone.

Via. Categories you can check and organize files, uninstall and clear unwanted apps & the Ignore List  helps you mark data you don’t want to delete.

The Transfer to Cloud feature enables you to transfer data to other cloud storage. It sweeps out all accumulated junk through a digital broom or sweeper. So, Avast holds the 6th position in the list of popular Android phone cleaner apps.

 7. Wondershare MobileGo :

Price: Free       Rating: 4.4

Wondershare MobileGo is as wonderful as its sounds 🙂 With its flawless functioning, this app has attracted around 5,000,000 users worldwide. The smooth user experience has made this app a very renowned one. Apart from cleaning, this app allows you to boost the speed of your phone up by 70%.

This app flaunts itself with features like – low battery consumption, easy sharing of data, personal information protection etc. Also it can assist you in erasing your personal videos and images permanently.

Wondershare MobileGo is a best alternative for CleanMaster & stands as the 7th most popular Android phone cleaner app.

 8. CCleaner:

Price: Free       Rating: 4.4

Become the master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning app for your android. This crap cleaner optimizes and cleans up your phone- deletes call log and messages individually, in bulk, by age or by contact. It reclaims the storage space of your device, making it work more efficiently.

CCleaner is brought to you by the famous PC and Mac cleaning software maker “Piriform.” Easy and convenient to use in just a few clicks, simple with accessible features, monitors the CPU usage, keeps track of RAM and internal storage space. This app gives you complete freedom from advertisements.

It is the 8th popular Android phone cleaner app in our list 🙂

  9. SLW Cache Cleaner Widget :

Price: Free       Rating: 4.3

SLW stands for simple light weight cache clear widget. It displays the storage space used up by application cache files on your device. It just occupies 17Kb space in your internal storage and updates in every 5 minutes. Because of less memory consumption, it stops your device from lagging behind and doesn’t hamper its normal functioning. So, with just a simple click you can enhance the working efficiency of your phone.

 10. AVG Cleaner – (Phone Clean-up)

Price: Free       Rating: 4.3

Get more space, immense power back up and greater boost, reduce data usage, just set and forget.

AVG Cleaner is used to clean-up your phone, monitor the battery consumption, erase, clear and clean junk files, remove un-wanted pictures and apps from your devices internal memory to improve its efficiency.

Available in both basic and advanced version, this app is free. The app enhances the RAM cache cleaning process by identifying the unnecessary cached RAM running in the background. Cleans up duplicate images and keeps the best for your memory, clears browsing data and history, manages apps. You just have to set and forget, this app will take control of the cleaning of your device automatically. AVG is in the 10th position in the list of best Android phone cleaner apps.

Do not let the efficiency of your work slow down just because of your phone. Taking care of the android phone is necessary to balance its quality. Because of the vigorous use, it may lag behind but with the list of these top 10 phone cleaner app’s, you can experience uninterrupted and smooth functioning of your device.

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