How to change music using Spotify during a Uber trip?

Tired from work, or heading towards a destination that is far away, you need some relaxation. While booking a cab you really seek for comfort and who doesn’t like a light music to play?

But what if your cab doesn’t have enough songs to play or a playlist that is outdated or different than your taste!!

Uber had already launched it’s tie ups with Spotify, the music app. Very easily you can get your hands on and enjoy the music on your way back home or an energetic ride to work. But how does this work?

  1. Book your ride with Uber
  2. When your driver is en route, you will receive notification stating that you can connect your Spotify to the Uber car that is upcoming. If you have already gained the subscription for Spotify Premium version then you will be able to directly connect and if not, you will be asked to subscribe. You can subscribe for Spotify and gain access to your own playlist for the ride.
  3. Click on to choose music for your ride.
  4. Once done, your playlist will automatically start colorizing the ride with beats and thumps.
  5. You can control the app, playlist or any kind of new song that you found on Spotify and keep enjoying the features.
  6. Settle back on your seat and enjoy music of your choice throughout the ride!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • You have to have Spotify Premium version to get access to Uber rides. You need to subscribe for Spotify and only then you can enjoy these features.
  • It is available only for few Uber cabs not for every cab ride
  • Available only in few cities: New York, San Francisco, Mexico City, Stockholm, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Singapore, and Toronto.

Uber has always maintained a high-class and a professional experience of riding. This is the first time Uber has actually invested in customer experience by launching ties with Spotify. This will give Uber surely an edge over the other cab service providers. This is not only a win win situation for Uber but is surely going to increase revenues and number of users for Spotify as well. Millions of users will be interested in joining Spotify and enjoy music while riding.

According to researches, people tend to listen a lot while traveling. Specially for whom it is matter of long daily commutations, it is important and very efficient.

Not only Spotify but Uber has also collaborated with Pandora to enhance the rich customer experience.

In similar ways, you can get Pandora app for your phone. The biggest advantage with partnership of Uber and Pandora is you can access this for FREE.

  • Riders can choose what song/playlist they would like to hear to.
  • You can choose the song, genre, artist or anything that helps and keep going on with playing your favorite songs on the trip.

How to do that?

  • Simply, Connect your phone to the car by AUX cable, Bluetooth or USB
  • Play the music by tapping on the left corner on Uber map
  • Adjust the volume and enjoy!!

This is available for only US, New Zealand and Australia.

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